James Robinson joins the Patriots

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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Running back James Robinson, who performed very well as an undrafted rookie in 2020 with the Jaguars, became a free agent wen the Jets didn’t tender him as a restricted free agent.

He’s now on the move again.

Per multiple reports, Robinson will sign a two-year deal with the Patriots. The contract has a maximum value of $8 million, which means the agent disclosed the biggest possible number with the presumption that all incentives will be earned. (Eventually, the true numbers will be known.)

Robinson had 1,070 yards as a rookie, along with 10 total touchdowns. His production dipped in 2021. The Jaguars traded him to the Jets during the 2022 season. He appeared in only four games after the deal was done.

19 responses to “James Robinson joins the Patriots

  1. I don’t get it, but hey, there must be something about him that drew interest….

  2. Let me guess? This is Bill playing chess? And Robinson is 2nd coming of Barry?

  3. Nice piece and nice compliment to Mondre…More versatile then damien and contract indicates a good size role maybe as 3rd down back. May cut ty and let damien walk

  4. This is a tire kick on a depth piece. It’s neither a brilliant 3d chess move nor a folly. Those that talk of it in those extremes or try to forecast the trams future from it, or use it to explain their past, etc…have fun.

  5. Way to spend Kraft’s money, Bill. You’ve got a lock on 4th place in the AFC East for sure.

  6. I would bet this contract is loaded with incentives. So Bill isn’t spending anyone’s money without performance.

    Robinson is a receiver back at 5’9”, 219. He and Stevenson are going to punish corners and safeties coming up to make tackles.

    Patriots top pick at 14 and 2nd rounder will be the best player available because they are back filling depth. A CB, S, LT, LB, or DL. They also have a 3rd rd pick and 3 4th rounders. In the 6th round he’s picking a punter and placekicker.

    The Patriots are getter younger and quicker.

  7. RB seems like one of the positions that the Pats were in good shape. BB needs to find a couple solid WRs, a TE and some o-linemen

  8. James Robinson is a solid, hard working running back who can give you consistent performance. He is a one cut and go guy who usually gets positive yardage, even on broken plays.

  9. This guy is sneaky tough to tackle. I like the way he runs. Super low center of gravity, nice bowling ball style, less upright than Harris. I like Harris, but I also think this guy can catch better than Harris.

    He looked more explosive to me in Jax than in NY after his injury, so we’ll see, but first blush, I like the move.

    Nice little in-house signings by BB and some sneaky good ones to start FA so far.

  10. nhpats2011 says:
    March 16, 2023 at 9:38 am
    RB seems like one of the positions that the Pats were in good shape.
    Not really. If Harris leaves there’s little depth there after Stevenson. Stevenson can’t be a feature back he wears down as we’ve seen the last couple of seasons.

  11. My comment about younger and quicker above has a qualifier. They do like to have veterans for young guys to look up to and model. Slater and Andrews bring that hard work, team first mentality.

    The money in the Rieff signing surprised me until I read up on him. Quality guy who is a leader, qualities Bill loves. With the exception of Andrews the offense didn’t have that leader and Andrews was injured some. Wynn and Brown were veterans getting called for more penalties than the rookies. I think Rieff is there, along with Andrews, to bring toughness to the offense but especially the OL.

    I see all these young guys on teams talking constantly about being great that haven’t won anything. Mac Jones needs to listen to the GOAT head coach, O’Brien and leaders like Andrews and Reiff and earn the respect of his team and opponents.

  12. My God. Patriot fans are beyond delusional. The rest of the AFC East have already surpassed them. Must be something in the water up there in MA.

  13. williamshatnerstoupee says:
    March 16, 2023 at 11:11 am
    My God. Patriot fans are beyond delusional. The rest of the AFC East have already surpassed them. Must be something in the water up there in MA.


    Steeler fans! Lol! You’ll be 6-11 next year. Have they signed anyone besides a 34 year old CB yet? Your qb is the worst in the AFC

  14. James Robinson was a UDFA who came in and tore it up for the Jags a few years back, until he tore his Achilles in late 2021 on a non-contact injury. He has some fuel in the tank and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Depth

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