Orlando Brown, Jr. joins the Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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The Bengals have had Kansas City’s number in recent years, with the exception of this year’s AFC Champions. Now, Cincinnati has one of the Chiefs’ better players.

Tackle Orlando Brown has agreed to term with the Bengals, per multiple reports that were confirmed by his agent.

It’s being characterized as a four-year, $64 million deal. That’s $16 million per year on average, well short of the top of the market for left or right tackles.

The structure will be interesting, but it looks like a good deal for the Bengals. The question now becomes whether he’ll be playing the left side or the right side.

Originally a third-round pick of the Ravens in 2018, Baltimore traded Brown to the Chiefs in early 2021. The Chiefs applied the franchise tag to Brown in 2022.

55 responses to “Orlando Brown, Jr. joins the Bengals

  1. They just inked a turnstile to be a tackle on their line. All Chiefs fans recognize they have shot themselves in their foot.

    Congratulations, Bengals!

  2. He’s playing left tackle. Williams moving to the right. Well done Bengals. Protect 9.

  3. Being a serious Buffalo homer watching all these signings is a gut-punch. Well done KC & CINN & MÍA & NYJ & DEN.

  4. OK, where are all the Bengal haters with the “THEY ARE THE CHEAP BUNGELS” comments?

  5. This is odd. Wasn’t he offered like $23m/yr last offseason and wouldn’t take it? I can’t believe kc wouldn’t have accepted these terms. Perhaps they too thought he should play on the right?

    Or he just got humbled by free agency and kc had already moved on…

  6. Wow, took less than Chiefs offered him last year. AND got less than the Chiefs gave the Jags RT this year. Wonder how humble pie taste as a millionaire…

  7. Wow, huge move for the Bengals. Protect Burrow at all costs and he will win lots of games.

  8. All I can say is WOW! Protect Joe Brrrrr. This is an amazing signing from the looks of it. Time will tell but honestly WOW!

  9. He wasn’t even one of the Chiefs better o-lineman, let alone one of their best players. I’d take Humphrey, Creed and Smith over an overpaid Brown.

  10. Lol, great guy, but massive ego that needs to be deflated. He would of been making a hell of a lot more had he signed an extension with the chiefs last year.

  11. The market for Brown wasn’t as hot as he expected. Only $31 million guaranteed compared to the Chiefs giving his replacement Jawaan Taylor double that. Losing $30million has to hard for Brown to swallow right? The question is will this affect he’s play in the upcoming season?

  12. Over/under on how many games Joe Burrow misses this year because of this turnstile?

  13. Wow! Huge “get” for the Bengals. Big loss for the Chiefs. He is a hell of a player!

  14. Well I’ve been salty that the Bengals are losing players and not signing anyone… this helps soothe my anxiety

  15. Seems odd that KC let him go if that was his asking price. I know he isn’t a top tier LT by any means. And seems to get way overrated by the press. But that’s pretty darn cheap.

  16. The Chiefs paid MORE to a worse lineman rather than paying Brown. That’s odd, but Veach and Reid have proven over and again that they know what they’re doing.

  17. This is a good signing. I didn’t think he was worth 20 plus million dollars a year but for 16 million dollars a year he’s a vast improvement over Williams

  18. Didn’t they spend a ton of money on the OL last year? Maybe if zac Taylor would run the ball and not go 5 wide 80% of the time he’d help keep his qb off the dirt.

  19. Hmm. This feels a lot like Brown overplayed his leverage and cost himself about $15 million. Jawaan Taylor (58.7 PFF grade) got $80 million from KC and Brown (75.8 PFF grade) got $64 from Cincy. KC elected to pay Taylor 60 mil guaranteed and an avg of $20 mil per season. Brown’s new deal averages 16 mil and only $31 guaranteed. Both are 4 year deals. Something tells me Brown thought he would get a lot more so he turned down KC’s offer and also didn’t want to play under the tag. So KC said Fine and slammed the door on the first day of free agency by paying Taylor presumably what they were offering Brown.

  20. Great news, Now will all you Bangles fans (and especially local media) SHUT UP. The sky is not falling, they do indeed have a plan, and they will find players to replace Bates, Hurst and Von Bell.

  21. He’s not a good as he thinks he is at left tackle. He’s just not if so he would have gotten big $$$ but he didn’t!

  22. These comments are pretty funny. Brown had absolutely no market and took less than Mike McGlinchey to play LT for the only team who offered him that opportunity. The Chiefs had no intentions of ever bringing him back, hence the reason they didn’t bother tagging him. They have had to scheme around him and limit their offense because of his horrendous pass protection. He is simply not athletic enough to play the position without constantly chipping and scheming around him, that’s really all there is to it.

    As a Chief fan who watched this guy nearly get Mahomes killed for two straight seasons, I laugh out loud at the thought of how he’ll do protecting a guy like Burrow. Bengals fans think they got an upgrade over Jonah Williams, they’re in for a big surprise. This guy has only ever played LT for Jackson and Mahomes, two of the most athletic and mobile QBs in history. Burrow is going to get his clock cleaned regularly, it’s going to be brutal.

  23. Looks to me like Orlando Brown left a big pile of money on the table in KC. Bad judgement or did he have a beef with KC ?

  24. all these Bungle fans, LOL!!!! you got lucky to beat kc 3 times, and lost the super bowl when you had a chance to get a ring. OBJ had 1 good game for kc and the was this years super bowl! He gets blown up and pushed back into the Qb damn near every pass play. Enjoy! Veach slammed the door on Brown as soon as he could. Bengals the only team to reach for this swinging gate. You’ve gained nothing on KC. Where are YOUR rings? LOL!!!!
    ENJOY!!! Glad you got him!

  25. springfield says:
    March 15, 2023 at 11:27 pm
    He wasn’t even one of the Chiefs better o-lineman, let alone one of their best players. I’d take Humphrey, Creed and Smith over an overpaid Brown.

    You can’t really be a Chiefs fan… You named one player twice ( creed Humphrey) and forgot the best old lineman on the team. Have you heard of Joe Thuney?

    No need to apologize, I know you’ve only been following the team for two months

  26. Love the smack by some Chiefs’ ‘fans’ over this signing. Suddenly he’s garbage now that he’s signed on with their team’s toughest competitor.
    Heated rivalries are great for the NFL.

  27. malcomreynolds says:
    March 16, 2023 at 10:48 am
    Love the smack by some Chiefs’ ‘fans’ over this signing. Suddenly he’s garbage now that he’s signed on with their team’s toughest competitor.
    Heated rivalries are great for the NFL.


    Most of us thought he was garbage even when he was here, so your statement is incorrect. None of us really wanted him back if they could find a better option, which they obviously feel like they have. I trust the front office that has done nothing but win for 10 years now.

    He’s not good. Like, really really not good. I can’t even tell you how many times he was milliseconds away from getting Mahomes destroyed, only to be saved by Pat’s amazing ability to elude the rush. It’s fine, I don’t need to explain it, the Bengals and their fans will find out the hard way, just like we did.

  28. Trust us Chiefs fans. We know our team. We know who is a weak link and who isnt. OBJ needed help protecting the left side. He just about cost us the best QB in football with his poor protection. Ravens gave up on him, The Chiefs saw what they had in him and knew he was no where as good as OBJ thinks he is!!! Hope your back up QB can scramble, because Burrow is going to get hammered. If OBJ is as good as he thinks he is the Chiefs would have made damn sure he stayed in KC. You will see……

  29. Uh oh. Building a culture over there in Cincinnati. KC this has to hurt.
    Bengals fans still talking trash after watching the Chiefs beat then and watching the Chiefs win the SB…I would suggest laying low until your team has actually won something.

  30. Die hard Chiefs fan here…not happy that this young man SOOO miscalculated his value and negotiation strategy. We (true fan here) offered him a long term deal that wouldve paid him about $19-$20/yr for 4-5 years and he declined. He is great friends with The Goat and wouldve been a mainstay on an offensive line that could’ve went down in hsitory as one of the greatest of all time with 3-4 HOF’ers (Joe Thuney #1, Creed Humprey #2, Trey Smith #2b, and maybe Orlando #4) and with multiple pardes in KC a week after winning more SB’s. Instead he will be coming to Arrowhead each season in playoffs or regular season to end up on a plane back to Cincy discussing/drinking about what coulda been…

  31. I love this, KC gave up a lot for him, but they got a SB out of it too. Brown might be the worst run blocking T in the league. From that standpoint alone I’m glad he’s gone. He would engage guys but never finish a play. KC wanted to keep him, offered him more money than he got (really offering to overpay), and he turned them down. They showed him the door, and he got 30% less. Nothing like seeing a guy play hardball, and falling flat on his face. He was like Michael Scot playing poker. He went all in with a bad hand. He proved to KC for 2 years what he was and they didn’t bite. And they chose to close the door, and sign a RT instead. The bengals will suffer, you know a guy that only wants to get paid, then doesn’t get what he wants, will flake out. I bet he’s out of the league in less than 5 years. KC was playing chess, and Brown should’ve taken the deal they offered to stick around.

  32. He looked pretty darn good in the playoffs lol now chiefs fans say he is garbage. The right tackle you signed (for more money than brown received) had a PFF grade under 60. Thats awful.

  33. Orlando Brown Junior will have another few so-so performance years going forward. He isn’t going to transform into a hulking, muscle bound super athlete. He was a tub of margarine at his combine and he’s never gotten stronger, leaner, quicker or increased his stamina.

    He may ‘earn’ more pro-bowl nods (as if anyone cares at this point anymore) and he’ll have you glued to your LED’s chewing your nails off as you watch the men he’s supposed to be stonewalling – giving him the slip and then crashing into Burrow.

    Bengals, it’s your turn to freak out whether your franchise QB can survive a full season running away from the rush ends and tackles that Orlando whiffed on slowing up – at the LOS.

    But hey, you’re not paying him the $25 million a year he’s been demanding.

  34. He just isnt as good as he thinks he is. The Ben-Gals will see soon enough. The Chiefs fell for his sales pitch when we signed him, and we found out the hard way. You will too! a serviceable back up at most. Stop popping off like you got something over KC. News Flash!!!! you didnt!!!! Thanks for taking our garbage! He is a good person, but that wont help you win more games.

  35. Chiefs fans, its called chess not checkers. The Bengals waited and got value by signing him when they did for what they signed him for. 16 million a year and front loaded to help sign guys moving forward. Good for you on the ring but your time has come to move out of the way. Stop with the “he is garbage” talk we all know he graded much higher than the guy you picked up and paid more for. He also shut philly down too and we all seen it.

  36. Reno Hightower says:
    March 16, 2023 at 12:59 pm
    He looked pretty darn good in the playoffs lol now chiefs fans say he is garbage. The right tackle you signed (for more money than brown received) had a PFF grade under 60. Thats awful.
    Yeah, he looked so pretty darn good that he was directly responsible for high ankle sprain that Mahomes suffered against Jacksonville.

    Bengals fans are in for a big shock.

  37. Paying any non QB to 3+ years or 15+ million is a recipe for disaster…

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