Report: Packers not looking for multiple firsts, still negotiating with Jets

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Aaron Rodgers is set to make his first public comments of the week on Wednesday afternoon and there was a report about where things stand in trade discussions between the Jets and Packers before the quarterback’s appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that talks between the two sides are ongoing and that there has been no agreement on terms of a deal that would send Rodgers to the Jets for the 2023 season.

A report on Wednesday indicated the Packers might be looking for multiple first-round picks in return for Rodgers after seeing quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Russell Wilson dealt for those kinds of packages in the past. Those situations were very different from the one the Packers find themselves in with Rodgers, however, and Pelissero reports that the team is not looking for that kind of return.

The continuation of talks makes it clear that they haven’t heard what they’re looking for and, as PFT reported, they might not feel great urgency to settle on that front at this point in the calendar.

71 responses to “Report: Packers not looking for multiple firsts, still negotiating with Jets

  1. They want a case of Miller Lite. Free tickets for life to Hamilton. 58 mil to pay off Rodgers and a gilded going away card to be signed by the team saying, “break a leg”.

  2. Market value is a factor of market demand – and right now there is no market for Aaron Rodgers. Jets. That’s it … and Jets aren’t going to bid against themselves.

  3. Interesting how the blame goes to Rodgers. But we see that GB is just as much of an impediment. (Greed)

  4. Why would you give up multiple first round picks for a guy who is clearly past his prime and he might just decide to retire next week, this summer or after the season? I wouldn’t even give up one 1st let alone two. I just want this story to go away but Rodgers loves the spotlight way too much.

  5. Jets set to sink for years! LOL!

    The Becton and Wilson whiffs are bad enough but to toss more picks and write checks, will be their death knell.

  6. I’m just wondering why there’s no outrage in the commentary here towards green bay. After yesterday trying to make the point that Rodgers should’ve made it known weeks ago his intentions so they could plan then green bay should be taking the same media hit for wanting to move on yet still squatting on his rights

  7. You can’t give up two firsts for a guy who might not even play two years.

  8. So, it’s not Rodgers that is holding the deal up? It seems like that has been the narrative I’ve seen reported. Jets and Packers are both in a position where I don’t know who has leverage. Packers want to move on from Rodgers ($60 million) and the Jets have seemingly put themselves in a desperate position. 🍿

  9. Wake me up when this is finally over. I hope its after today for Florios sake.

  10. The Jets put themselves in a bad position and will have to pay for it. They never should have even entertained the idea of signing Rodgers’ friends. Now they signed one slow WR and they have to make the deal to get Rodgers. Now the Packers can play hard ball as the Jets already showed their hand.

  11. Best QB not named Josh Allen in the division since 2000.

    No I’m not forgetting anyone, the guy you’re thinking of has ZERO winning seasons without elite coaching and was suspended for cheating. Rodgers is better. He can win games instead of being carried by his teammates to wins and taking all their credit.

  12. Seems like a third-round pick this year and a conditional pick next year depending on how he does ought to do it. If Aaron starts every game and the Jets win the Super Bowl, that conditional pick can be a first rounder.

  13. If that Packers are truly willing to do Love dirty and have Rodgers smirking behind him on the bench the entire year, then they are in the driver seat with nothing to lose. But do they have the intestinal fortitude to play that game of chicken?

  14. I would be surprised if they get 1 first round pick.

    This is basically a high risk move for a 1 year deal

  15. I don’t think multiple 1st round picks are going to happen. But I would think one 1st round and a couple of day two picks is fair.

  16. Why is this so difficult? Demand 2 first rounders. If they say no hang up the phone and keep him. We’re talking about a 4 time MVP. Anything less than 2 first round picks is a slap in the face.

  17. Give up a 3rd this year, a 4th and 6th next year, and call it a day. With Rodgers, I can see this same type of drama going on next off-season. The Jets would be insane if they give up more than this. Aaron is 39 (40 in December), not 34.

  18. Ya can’t blame the Packers for trying to get the most they can. At least they seem to realize it’s not going to be a 1st round pick..

  19. Rodgers is like the guy that sneaks up behind two people (Packers and Jets), slaps them both, then watches them blame each other.

    Rodgers is enjoying the attention. He is guaranteed to get his money regardless of whether he stays in Green Bay or leaves. And I highly doubt that he will pass on $60 million by retiring.

  20. For all the hate media put on him, and despite his obvious diva atttitude, it seems clear by now that the trade not being announced yet is because of the teams, not AR. Everyone expects a decision but AR respected the NFL calendar so far, and is depending on Packs Jets talksa

  21. wryly says:
    March 15, 2023 at 12:55 pm

    Market value is a factor of market demand – and right now there is no market for Aaron Rodgers. Jets. That’s it … and Jets aren’t going to bid against themselves.
    Um they are already bidding against themselves! This is about how high of a pick vs how much money the Packers are paying. The higher the pick the more money they will pay.
    With the way Rodgers contract is constructed his cap number doesn`t jump to 58.3 until September
    so the Packers don`t need to do it before free agency. The Jets let all the other QB`s sign elsewhere and already started signing Rodgers` buddies so they are in a bigger hurry than Green Bay. They certainly didn`t play there hand with as much strength as they could have. They have started kissing Rodgers butt WAY to soon to try and bluff now.

  22. What can one really believe? So much contradicting information out there.

  23. I think a 2nd round pick for Rodgers is fair. He has maybe a season or two left. I could see a conditional 1st pick for Rodgers based on performance or Jets making the playoffs.

  24. 108 million due over 2 years. How much is GB willing to give to dump this contract onto someone else? If the Jets go away the Packers will have to pay that 108 million. The Packers need to pony up and send the Jets at least a 2nd rounder for taking on this contract.

  25. This situation reminds me more of Antonio Brown leaving the Steelers than the Favre or Peyton Manning trades. Rodgers’ loves himself and he seems unstable, or at the very least unreliable. The Jets should beware this deal. I don’t think it will go well for them.

  26. I don’t see how the Jets pay a first round pick at all for him with his salary.

    If they aren’t getting Rodgers under a 40M cap hit, then it’s a 2nd or maybe even a 3rd at best… and the longer this drags out, the lower the picks should become (no market for Rodgers, and GB can’t afford him to stay)

  27. Two 3rd round picks, max. Same as Minnesota gave to Browns to get Kwesi Adofo-Mensah to come over and ruin the Vikings. Unlike Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, I’d love to have A-A-Ron in Minnesota, though.

    A more realistic value for A-A-Ron though is just a single 3rd. The huge contract GB is an anchor around the Pack’s neck, just like Kirk Cousins is an anchor around Vikes neck. Hopefully A-A-Ron joins Minnesota next year.

  28. rodgers is always made out to be the villain for some reason. he may be a little odd, but that doeant hurt anyone and he is 1 of the greatest qb’s ever to play, maybe the best! seems like the packers are the villain most of the time when it comes to rodgers, they drafted a qb, they got rid of the qb’s fav target, they drafted horrible……not rodgers

  29. I wouldn’t give up anything for Rodgers. The Jet are doing the Packers a favor by taking that huge contract off their payroll.

  30. Market value is a factor of market demand – and right now there is no market for Aaron Rodgers. Jets. That’s it … and Jets aren’t going to bid against themselves.


    Sure they will bid against themselves. They are desperate, especially now that they started signing all of Aaron’s friends. They have to have him, do you think they want to see Zach Wilson throwing to Lazard next season? The Packers have all the time in the world to trade him. Sure the Packer’s want it done before the draft, but if they have to wait until june they can save $25M in dead cap.

  31. Two 1st round picks for a QB on the backside of his prime? I can’t see the Jets doing that. Funny how the negotiations are still ongoing. I thought they said that was already done. LOL. There are a lot possibilities here. Draft picks, how much of Rodger’s 2023 salary will GB still have to eat up, getting the players that are on Rodger’s wish list and let’s not forget the DIVA factor. No matter what, the Jets are the ones who are at the mercy of all this. IF they don’t get Rodgers, what QBs are left to go after in FA. At the end of the day, the Jets may have mortgaged their whole future.

  32. You mean not getting. Clueless media (Cowherd) think it was. Said all along that 2 and 4 was max

  33. If I’m the Jets, I say no deal. Hell, I’d ask Brady if he wants one more shot before I’d be led around by the nose by this group. Ryan would probably play on a 1 year deal. The Jets have worked so hard to build this team and even with Rodgers, I’m not sure they get out of the AFC let alone win the Super Bowl. No way I’d give up any more than a 3rd round pick for him and that would be a conditional pick.

  34. They’re not getting multiple first round picks, he’ll they’re probably not going to get a second rounder. They don’t have any leverage, the Jets are the only team interested, Rodgers has said he wants to go, and his bloated contract is absurd for possibly only 1 year of service. So of course the jets are going to lowball, maybe a third and fifth round plus a fourth next year plus GB has to keep however much of Rodgers salary. GB fans better brace themselves for an underwhelming trade package. But hey, maybe I’m wrong and end up eating a bowl full of crow later, crazy things happen every day.

  35. Could have had multiple 1st each of the last 3 seasons.

    And people wonder why this organization hasn’t won more Super Bowls…

  36. kidcat1234 says:
    Doug pederson > Vince Lombardi
    Sure. That’s why they give out the Pederson Trophy to the Super Bowl champion.

  37. It’s not Rodgers holding things up, now. It’s like when I wait for an hour in the living room for my wife to be ready and then she comes in and says “your shoes aren’t on, how come your not ready”.

  38. Maybe the Packers front office decided to spend a few days in a cave to clear their minds before making their decision

  39. I don’t see how the Jets pay a first round pick at all for him with his salary.

    Its only a $15mil hit this year if they trade for him. That is a bargain for a quarterback.

    Rodgers has said he would renegotiate the remainder his deal, I would assume they would hold him to that.

  40. C’mon, Packers, ball’s in YOUR court! Get it done to put us all out of our misery.

  41. Packers are trying to wring out what they can, but they’ll blink. If they push too far, Rodgers can just say “OK, I’ll play for you. Give me my $59 million.” A 2025 conditional 2nd that can become a 1st if Rodgers takes over 50% of the snaps in 2024. So if he plays 2 years, GB gets a 1st in 2025. GB doesn’t have an oligarch owner who might fire everyone after this year, and with breaking in Jordan Love, the GB brass should feel secure enough in their jobs to do that.

  42. If that Packers are truly willing to do Love dirty and have Rodgers smirking behind him on the bench the entire year, then they are in the driver seat with nothing to lose.

    If they get stuck paying Rodgers, there is no chance whatsoever they would let him in the building.

    The problem is, the way the options are structured to close out the deal, this dance continues the next 3 seasons.

    It is in their best interests to move him THIS season.

  43. The Jets and Packers have left themselves little room to maneuver at this point, the Jets are looking down the barrel of another completely wasted year if they don’t land the DIVA and Green Bay does not want to keep him around for $50 million+ per year. I think there are more than likely two factors at play with the timing of all of this:

    1 – The Pre-June 1 and Post June 1 impact of trading Rodgers against the salary cap. If they trade him Pre-June 1 the dead cap money is all in 2023 at $40MM and Post June 1 its spread over two years: 2023 $16MM, 2024 $24MM. The dollar amount is the same but GB is most likely considering whether deferring the dead cap money to 2024 is in the teams best interest.

    2 – Most likely some of the draft compensation is conditional on whether Rodgers agrees to play beyond this season. I could see the structure of this trade being something like a 1st round pick this year, and a conditional 3rd or 4th round pick next year if he plays or a 6th or 7th round pick if he doesn’t – that would be GB’s ask. The Jets on the other hand are more than likely trying to hedge this years comp and sweeten next years if he plays another year – something akin to a 2nd round pick this year and a 2nd round pick next year if he plays or a 5th round pick next year if he doesn’t.

    Either way, Rodgers has already become a pain the Jets ass and he doesn’t even belong to that team yet.

  44. Jets should just say “here’s our offer.” Take it or we’ll move on, but we need to know by EOB today because signings are happening.

  45. At this point the packers have themselves in a spot they need to settle. 40 year old arrogant qbs not willing to be dedicatwd on a bad contract. The packers are as delusional and arrogant as rodgwrs it would appear. It looks lime that is where rodgers gets it from. What rodgers go to NY and become a great guy.

  46. What’s the cap hit if he’s traded versus the cap hit if he sits the bench or they just tell him “you’re getting paid but you don’t have to come in”? My understanding is it’s pretty close or maybe even worse for the trade, so of course the Packers don’t need to give him away for nothing. They owe him nothing besides the money they said they’d pay him. They’re in this position because last year he held them hostage and they caved, he could already be free this year.

  47. I’d take Wilson plus a 3rd and call it a day. If Wilson can’t beat out Love then he’s truly done in the league, and the Jets don’t need Wilson being a distraction anyway.

  48. AR is an investment as a player. He is well-aware that the NFL is a business. GB is going to trade him to the Jets, which is exactly what he wants. Why is it a bad thing for GB to do what they can to get the best value in trades, etc., that they can get? No one gets hurt here. AR has not participated in volunteer offseason workouts for several years, even last year without DA and the rookie WRs (compare with TB and PM). All this passive-aggressive semi-true blather AR presented on PAF is outside the point. The contract that AR signed makes GB’s delay completely legal. Or wasn’t AR and agents smart enough to realize that possibility when he signed the contract?

  49. What’s the cap hit if he’s traded versus the cap hit if he sits the bench or they just tell him “you’re getting paid but you don’t have to come in”?

    $31~mil if he plays for GB
    $40~mil if he’s traded
    $99~mil if he’s cut… even if they split the hit, $60~mil carries over to 2024

    They really can’t sit on him. They’ll be in the exact same position with his 2024 option.

    A contract buyout probably wouldn’t be any better for their cap than the $60mil cap hit for 2024 if he’s cut… but that make him a free agent.

    A trade is the Packers best option.

  50. This is somewhat amusing to me. Many Jets fans think that Rodgers can take the team to the SB (I disagree, but that’s just my opinion), but object to giving up anything of value to get him. Apparently there’s a limit to how much Jets fans want a SB, and it’s not a very high one…

    If this article tells us anything, it’s that (a) the Packers aren’t asking for the moon, (b) the Jets are trying to lowball the Packers and (c) the Packers aren’t having it.

    The Jets need Rodgers, if they want to challenge for a SB in the next year or two – which they clearly think that can with him. Rodgers wants to be a Jet. The Packers don’t want Rodgers any more but can let him sit inactive if need be (I’m sure that they’d rather not, but that’s clearly an option now that they have cap space), rather than roll over and be the Jets b**** and, as much as Jets fans might want to believe otherwise, the pressure is now on the Jets to make an offer that isn’t insultingly low. The pressure is now off the Packers, and firmly on the Jets and their GM – who will be fired if they suffer yet another season of mediocrity.

    I suspect this will end in a truly reasonable compromise, much to the disappointment of some Jets fans, but only after their owner gets irritated and intervenes…

    Derek Carr would have been a better choice, IMO – a much better QB than they’ve had for years, no draft picks, no wasting salary or roster spots on Rodgers’ mediocre buddies, your QB wouldn’t be a whiny, declining diva who wants to be his own coach and GM, and opponents wouldn’t be laughing at you.

    Some people might be laughing at the Packers too, but that’s mostly for (stupidly) not dumping him to Denver last year, when he had more value. Right now, some of us are, at least, giving them credit for not being bullied…

  51. If I am the Jet’s, I have plan B in place and I ask for draft picks back from GB to take Rodgers and his contract. Jet’s give a 4th round pick and GB gives back a 3rd round pick.

  52. lot of whiney comments here……BOTH teams have just as much incentive to move on as the other. Jets want Rodgers….GB does not want Rodgers. That’s it folks. Don’t be sucked into the ONE signing so far (Lazard)…..truth is, he replaces Corey Davis cheaper….so what leverage has GM Joe surrendered? Stop.

    What you have here is one GM playing chess and the other checkers. GB GM is guy who drafted Love instead of supporting his eventual back to back MVP winning QB and previous year participant in NFC Title game. The Jets GM is guy who fleeced SEA on Jamaal Adams and has led to the rebuild of the Jets franchise. One understands value and the other does not. GB guy needs to realize he doesn’t have leverage – Jets can still go after other QBs and GB would be stuck wasting another year of Love and paying Rodgers. Rodgers isn’t retiring and won’t help them out if they screw him over to move on.

  53. my best guess is GB wants a 1st and/or 2nds….and Jets need those picks to best support the small window with Rodgers….hence the tug of war.

  54. If I am the Packers, this is a officially happening post June 1 because of how much the cap is going up. That’s why teams are spending like drunken sailors. I wonder if part of the hold-up is that the Packers are asking for more if the Jets want them to do it pre-June 1. But c’mon, it’s not like A-Aron is planning to show up early.

  55. I don’t see how the Jets are in a bad position…

    AT ALL…

    New York still has a ton of Ammo in the draft to easily move up to to get a QB.

    Stopgap QBs are still available…

    Mayfield, Brissett,Bridgewater, and others are still there…

    There is no way in hell Ridgers is going to play on Green Bay… or even be on the Roster…

    Green Bay has No leverage in this situation now.

  56. hq2r62kd3c says:
    March 15, 2023 at 12:56 pm
    Why would you give up multiple first round picks for a guy who is clearly past his prime

    Are you talking about Stafford, the SuperBowl winner?

    That’s why.

  57. Here it is folks , Pack gets Jeremy Ruckert (Jets 3rd round pick tight end out of Ohio State from last year ) Jets get Rodgers ???

  58. The Jets should sign Drew Lock and tell the Packers to take Rogers and beat it.

  59. If the Jets dont want to give anything of value (a 1st or 2nd draft choice) then let Gute open it back up. Anybody that doesnt think San Francisco would be happy to give up any future draft pics for a year or two or Rodgers isnt thinking clearly. Packers dont want to trade him to NFC team but if the Jets leave them no choice, Packers dont have to do anything until September.

  60. You don’t get the winner of two of the last three NFL MVP awards for nothing. It’s not like those were ten years ago. And don’t give me “but last year he was mediocre”. He HAD A BROKEN THUMB!” Not to mention two rookie starting receivers and the top two offensive linemen both missed time due to injury. And they STILL almost made the playoffs.

  61. Rodgers WAS a multiple MVP winner. Emphasis on the WAS part. That is in the past. Did you see him play last year? And don’t give me excuses like a thumb. He could have sat out if he was injured, but since he chose to play, he gets no pass.

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