Two years, $17.5 million for Byron Murphy in Minnesota

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals
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The Vikings could have kept former Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson with a one-year contract essentially worth $7.15 million. The Vikings will instead sign another former Cardinals cornerback for roughly a million more than that.

Byron Murphy‘s two-year deal, per a source with knowledge of the terms, pays out $8.1 million guaranteed in 2023. Murphy also has $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses.

Another $4.5 million of his $8.3 million salary in 2024 is guaranteed for injury. It becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2024 league year.

The contract also includes $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses in 2024.

Murphy’s contract has an incentive package that will pay up to $2 million per year based on playing time, Pro Bowl, and All-Pro designations.

6 responses to “Two years, $17.5 million for Byron Murphy in Minnesota

  1. That’s Rob Brzezinski for you and why he’s been employed with the same team since 1999. The guy is a certified contract writing genius.

  2. Younger and able to play man coverage. Wish PP the best, but this was the right move.

  3. Kwesi is doing a great job of signing high-upside young players to inexpensive deals with a lot of flexibility. Murphy can play man on the outside and in the slot. If it doesn’t work out? Let him go and take another shot next year with a massive amount of cap space.

  4. Alot of money for a middling talent. Would have been a much better idea to resign P.Peterson. Alot of curious moves by Viks brain trust. Josh Oliver, resigning Jordan Hicks, Bradbury,Joesph & DePalma. If you want to least spend the capital on proven winners like Kendricks, Thielen and Peterson.

  5. Gotta get younger, faster, cheaper and have more flexibility. While Kendricks, Thielen and Peterson still have juice, they have neither youth, speed or low cap hits. It’s not like the Vikes didn’t try — all three wanted higher annual rates and more term. These choices weren’t one-sided.

  6. This kid can flat out cover! He is also not afraid to support the run and stick his nose in the action. Good slot Blitzer when used there too!

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