Wednesday’s comments from Aaron Rodgers actually make it easier for the Packers to hold firm

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At first, it seemed foolish for the Packers to let the Jets speak to Aaron Rodgers without having a clear and firm commitment as to what the Jets would give up for him. Now, it’s looking more and more like a genius move.

With Rodgers bearing his soul and airing his grievances earlier today, the nuclear option is off the table. Rodgers won’t be showing up and saying to the Packers, “I’ll take my $60 million in tens and twenties.”

Rodgers is done. He’s out. He said so. The Packers won’t be faced with Rodgers doing what Brett Favre did in 2008, retiring and then awkwardly unretiring and forcing the team’s hand during training camp.

So Green Bay can wait. It costs them nothing to have him on the roster. His $58.3 million option bonus can be exercised at any time between the start of the league and the start of the regular season. His cap number is and will remain $31.6 million until he’s dealt. If the Packers trade him before June 1, the 2023 cap charge actually increases, to $37.4 million.

There’s no urgency for the Packers to trade him now. Rodgers has taken his shot. He has called them out.

And he’s absolutely right. They want to move on from one of the greatest players in franchise history. Why are they being difficult?

The answer is because they can. Plain and simple. The Jets need to get this done, and the Packers know the Jets need to get it done. So the Packers can wait and wait and wait until they get what they want.

It’s actually better in 2023 for the Packers to wait until after June 1, if it lasts that long. At that point, a trade would drop the cap charge to $12.98 million this year and push the remaining $24.48 million to 2024.

Again, what is Rodgers going to do? Show up and say he went back into the darkened closet and decided he wants to play for the Packers? His comments from today are actually good for the Packers, because it shows both his hand, and New York’s hand.

The Packer can take the heat at this point, largely because they’ll be getting none of it from their own fans/shareholders. If anything, this will galvanize the Cheeseheads around those who are responsible for making the cheddar.

And so we keep waiting. Specifically, we wait for Jets owner Woody Johnson to have had enough of waiting, and to instruct G.M. Joe Douglas to get the damn thing done.

46 responses to “Wednesday’s comments from Aaron Rodgers actually make it easier for the Packers to hold firm

  1. 500k people tuned into Pat McAfee’s show to listen in on Rodgers. Quite a feat.

  2. I’ve learned something important here. It’s not about Rodgers or the Packers. It’s that Florio will always write an article stirring the pot even when he gets info he’s been complaining about for weeks. Mike is Newman.

  3. I hope Jordan Love is deep into preparation for the preseason and beyond. The world is his oyster.

  4. And the Jets can wait too. What, is he going to come in at last minute and not be ready? Not know Hackett’s offense?
    I don’t care if he goes to the Jets or not.

  5. The Packers have an even better nuclear options. If the Jets say that they won’t pay the price, all Gutekunst needs to do is call Aaron and say, “You can come back, but Love is the starter.” Aaron will be begging the Jets to pay any price within minutes.

  6. Rodgers can easily force the trade by showing up to all offseason activities (I know, that’s out of character for him). He’ll be a huge distraction. The Packers still have to trade him and the Jets are the only option. Both teams can wait this out but it seems easier for the Jets.

  7. Not really. If they don’t get the deal done with the Jets there is no stopping Rodgers for returning to collect his $59m. I don’t believe for a second retirement is on the table. He’s going to get paid that money even if it’s sitting on the bench relaxing while Jordan Love starts. Green Bay has everything to lose if they put themselves in position to pay Rodgers $59m, and then the prospect of them starting Love and there being struggles from their new starting QB… how fun that would be.

  8. Rodgers needs to show more appreciation of what Packers have given him instead of throwing them under the bus. He’s the one who waited so long that there’s not that many suitors left and was the main reason to drive down the price (draft picks). He’s blaming Packers for his indecisiveness with his trademark passive-aggression again.

  9. There’s no reason to sit on him when he still has a no-trade clause.

  10. Bluster is coming from all around but one thing is absolutely for sure. The Packers are not going to pay Aaron Rogers $60 million this year. Not a chance. The Pack will lose this game of chicken if the Jets hold firm.

  11. “Why are they being difficult?” Uh, because it’s a business, and the petulant child hasn’t done them any favors.

  12. If they can get a 2 this year and a 2 or 3 next year, they should jump all over it. Passing this incredible headache on to someone else will be priceless.

  13. I think there should be a daily over/under Vegas line on how many Rodgers stories PFT is going to do until this deal is done (if it gets done, you never know with Rodgers)

  14. troy says:
    March 15, 2023 at 4:30 pm
    The Packers have an even better nuclear options. If the Jets say that they won’t pay the price, all Gutekunst needs to do is call Aaron and say, “You can come back, but Love is the starter.” Aaron will be begging the Jets to pay any price within minutes.
    Yeah so go ahead and pay Rodgers 60 million to sit the bench.

  15. All this prognostication is missing the key component. What type of team are you trying to be? This is about culture. Belichick let Brady walk. He could have slapped a franchise tag on him, but they didn’t.

    Be classy Packers. Please be classy.

    You’re unloading those $. You’re the one that wanted to move on. Dude is close to 40 coming off an injury plagued season. Just move on.

  16. If the Packers want to get stuck with the rest of that contract, yes, the can hold firm.

    Whats another $155million between friends?!

  17. Jets need to just say, “Eff those picks!”
    Hey, it worked for the Rams.
    Kick back Brian, time is on your side, wait to get a proper deal done. 😉

  18. myvietnamwasfightingtheclap says:
    March 15, 2023 at 4:47 pm
    There’s no reason to sit on him when he still has a no-trade clause.

    That’s a great point……except he doesn’t have a no-trade clause.

  19. well, it’s more interesting than mock drafts at least.
    Rodgers doesnt have to do anything, nor to do the Jets.

  20. The Packers may be fishing for someone currently on the Jets’ roster. I can’t believe it wouldn’t be done by now if it was just draft picks.

  21. Until one of the other AFC teams is a willing trading partner GB has no leverage. What all the people who think the Jets lost leverage because other QB dominoes fell is that while the Jets walking away PROBABLY hurts the Jets, the Jets walking away KILLS GB

  22. The Packers organization is notorious for treating veteran players poorly. They have no one to blame but themselves for signing Rodgers to that ridiculous contract extension last year. They will never get a first round pick for a 40 year old QB with a massive cap hit.

  23. If I were GB I’d be asking for Garrett Wilson and 2 first round picks. What are the Jets going to do if they don’t get Rodgers at this point? Start Zach Wilson? Sign PJ Walker?

  24. I think the Jets have the leverage; if GB can’t work out a deal, they pay #12 59mil.Sure, the Jets want him but they are not liable for the 59. I say GB blinks first.

  25. Rodgers is worth a 2 and a 3 and only a 2 and a 3. He’s an aging coach-killer QB who can’t run anymore, looks at the pressure coming from the defense rather than downfield to find the open man, and his arm and judgement is leaving him (Roll tape of their first loss to Detroit in 2022). The Jets should not give Green Bay a 1 this year or next year or any year. If the deal falls apart, Rodgers goes back to Green Bay and the Packers have to pay him $a 59.6 million this year. If they trade him to the Jets, the Packers will get saddled with more than $40 million in dead cap money.

    Jets should stick to their guns. Rodgers is under contract with Green Bay and because he is, he’s Green Bay’s problem.

  26. What’s Rodgers gonna do?

    He’ll show up, cash the checks, clog their cap, and use the large spotlight trained on him to make life miserable for the Packers.

    It’s not rocket science.

    Given that the cost the Packers & Packer fans seem to think Rodgers is worth in draft compensation & cash, why not take a run at Lamar Jackson? He’s more likely to stick around for more than a cup of coffee.

  27. I almost never agree with Florio. This time is different. Despite some of the comments before mine, Florio hit this nail right on the head with this opinion. The Packer fan base will be entirely behind management. Rodgers was clearly thinking about his legacy on the McAfee show. He will not burn bridges. I hope for a quick settlement but the Jets will be the team under pressure.

  28. troy says:
    March 15, 2023 at 4:30 pm
    The Packers have an even better nuclear options. If the Jets say that they won’t pay the price, all Gutekunst needs to do is call Aaron and say, “You can come back, but Love is the starter.” Aaron will be begging the Jets to pay any price within minutes.


    So dumb.

    You really want Aaron Ridgers riding the pine hoping to God the QB you traded up for two years ago doesn’t implode this year?

    I don’t think you understand.

    Packer fans do not necessarily side with management.

    This team has two years to do better than Aaron does in NY or the management will be gutted all the way down to the coaching staff.

    I said it with Favre. Make the choice but if your wrong, your gone.

    McCarthy and Ted got away with it.

  29. Jets could tell the Pack, thanks but we’re going to plan b… no hard feelings!

  30. >> easygoer says: The Packer fan base will be entirely behind management. <<

    GB fans understand the team is always more important than any individual player, and there has been some tremendous talent in GB over the past 104 years.

    We appreciate what Brett did as a player. And we appreciate what Aaron did as a player. But 1265 Lombardi Avenue is far bigger than either of them or anyone yet to come.

  31. Good Pack hold FIRM demand the STARS.

    I so want this deal top fall thru as it will be an unmitigated disaster for the Jets just as the Favre deal was.

    There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how stupid Woody is being for pushing this deal,

  32. All the Packers’ lore about being the classy franchise that does it right is 100% crap. Aaron Rodgers is the best QB on their current roster, and the only reason they’ve been relevant the last 18 years. They crapped on Favre and are now doing it again. Quite entertaining for the rest of the NFC North.

  33. Contrary to what some people may think, the Packers could live with Rogers coming back one more year; they’re still going about business as usual and will be picking up Love’s 5th year option shortly. They have no plans to make any big splash veteran signings, and will be drafting by need. The Jets on the other hand have already gone all in, not to get Rodgers now would be complete and utter catastrophe.

  34. All these arm-chair GM’s with their proposed packages, it’s comical.

    Just understand that in the timeline leading up to the 2023 season, we are just days into it. A post June 1 trade is by far the Packer’s prefence because they get to spread the cap hit out over 2 manageable years. The Jets prefer to keep this years’s #1 pick (at 13) and they would prefer to offer picks next year.

    So my guess is the Packers will take an immediate player and 2024 draft picks and let the meida stew in this all the way to June.

  35. Packer fans do not necessarily side with management.

    I think the one thing we all agree on, without tons of breaks, this is not a title contender. Its a good time to move on.

    As far as Packers management, they have screwed this up royally.

    Coming off shoulder reconstruction; they make him the highest paid QB
    Coming off a season where, Rodgers and/or the Pack considered a trade; they paid him AGAIN
    Rumors suggest the last 3 seasons they could have had a huge haul. Now they move him?!

    I think worst of all, rumors are coming out that they soured on Rodgers last year.

    So you’re 4-8, you’re QB is injured and not playing well. Could there be a better time to have auditioned Jordan Love?

    Its just the height of stupidity.

    And there is a chance no deal gets done here, Rodgers counts $155million on the Packers cap the next 3 years. All he has to do is show up. I think that is exactly what management deserves.

  36. The Packers have made one giant error, in my opinion. They gave him that insane contract last March, now it’s the boat anchor around their leg. Still, he has value. The Jets told the world what they think of his value by chartering a jet to California to woo him–and now they’ve signed Alan Lazard. The Jets are all in. Can or will the packers get two 1st rounders? Not a chance, 1 is a maybe. My guess, they’ll swap 13 for 15, give up a 2nd this year. Next year will be a conditional 3rd that can become a 1 or 2 assuming Rodgers returns and how the Jets perform in 2023. Any one of Corey Davis (with a reworked contract), Elijah Moore or Carl Lawson could also be alter the final mix.

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