XFL reinstates Quinten Dormady

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The XFL has cleared quarterback Quinten Dormady.

The Orlando Guardians had dumped Dormady, based on allegations that he had given strategic information to opponents. The XFL intervened, and investigated.

In a statement issued on Wednesday night, the league said that a formal review was conducted and completed by an outside law firm.

“It has been determined that allegations of impropriety were unsubstantiated and there is no basis for disciplinary action” against Dormady.

Dormday has been reinstated to the Orlando roster.

3 responses to “XFL reinstates Quinten Dormady

  1. Ok… So Dormday was cleared after an independent investigation .. so why was he cut by Orlando. Why would he want to play for them. Seems a team punishment is in order.

  2. jezz if the NFL can learn one thing from the XFL it’s how to not drag out an investigation for two years. They did this one in two weeks. I guess that’s the difference when you don’t want anyone to pay attention. You release the news on friday like the NFL then drag it out so long everyone forgets and fans get sick of talking about it or hearing about it. The NFL isn’t trying to run real investigations, unless you gamble $200.

  3. Weird that the XFL can react to a situation, conduct an investigation with an outside law firm and announce the results in a matter of, what? Two weeks? Yet the NFL, which has infinite money and resources, takes years and still doesn’t adjudicate the issue.

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