Andrus Peat takes pay cut, Saints gain cap space

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The Saints’ work to create cap space has led to an alteration to left guard Andrus Peat‘s contract.

According to multiple reports, Peat has agreed to a pay cut and the Saints converted the bulk of his remaining compensation to a signing bonus. The result is about $9.5 million in cap savings for the 2023 season.

In addition to that change, Peat’s contract is now set to void after this season. He had signed a five-year deal with the Saints in 2020, so that puts him on a quicker path to free agency while the void years on his contract give the Saints a way to stretch out his remaining cap hit.

Peat’s contract is one of many that the Saints have reworked or restructured as part of their annual dance to get their cap in order and there’s not too much juice left to squeeze from that lemon this offseason.

2 responses to “Andrus Peat takes pay cut, Saints gain cap space

  1. Peat has always been a hot to cold inconsistent player with injuries coming more frequently. He should be on the bubble.

  2. Loomis working magic again. Would love to draft his replacement.

    He is one of the last Sean pet players. He was over drafted. Never played tackle he was drafted to be. Then got overpaid for failing down to guard.

    It makes no sense until you release his daddy played with Sean and they were roommates. I would look out for my good buddies son if I could but Sean took that too far.

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