Harrison Smith, Vikings agree on reworked contract

New York Jets v. Minnesota Vikings
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Safety Harrison Smith was mentioned as a potential cap casualty in Minnesota this offseason, but he won’t be leaving the Vikings.

According to multiple reports, Smith and the Vikings have worked out a revised contractual agreement that will keep Smith with the team.

Smith had been set to make $14.7 million this season with a cap hit north of $19.1 million as part of a deal that runs through 2025. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports Smith will now make $8 million with $2 million in incentives for the 2023 season.

Smith has spent his entire 11-year career with the Vikings and made 85 tackles while picking off five passes in 14 games for the team last season. He’ll get a chance to repeat that kind of success in 2023.

40 responses to “Harrison Smith, Vikings agree on reworked contract

  1. Great news glad to have him back, excited to see what Hitman will do in a Flores defense!

  2. This is terrific news for the Vikings and Smith. The team gets a steady Eddie at safety who knows the league, can still make plays and provides leadership. Harrison Smith continues to get paid playing a sport he loves and will likely retire after playing his whole career for one team. Well done by both team and player.

  3. Huge fan of the Hitman going back to his ND days. Really glad they worked this out.

  4. Well done. Hard to see stalwarts like Kendricks and Thielen leave already (atlthough it had to be done), but I am glad to see the backend will still be anchored by The Hit Man.

  5. That’s great, I’m a big Harrison Smith fan. When Harrison Smith was drafted it was by coincidence, long story short Leslie Frazier and his staff were invited to coach the Senior Bowl after the previous coaching staff backed out. Being around Harrison Smith day and night the Vikings appreciated his work ethic/intelligence as well as his on field/off field demeanor and they used their first pick on him. He’s a great player and I think he’ll do better than people think in coach Brian Flores scheme-Go Vikings!

  6. This is a good move by the Vikings, because Smith still has something left in the tank. With Brian Flores as the new DC, the Minnesota defense should be refreshed, revamped, and re-energized. Smith will be a great leader and example for this young Vikings D. This will probably be his last year as a player, but I’m hoping he’ll finish up his career as a Viking. Skol!

  7. I’m thinking our new DC wanted to keep him. Good mentor to the other safeties.

  8. Woo Hoo! Someone to show the young defenders how to properly deliver late, cheap hits.

  9. Good… Harry may be a bit long in the tooth, but he played well last year and is an excellent tackler and a good blitzer. The hit man!

  10. This is the one guy I really hoped would return. The defense is really going to need his leadership. SKOL Hitman!!!

  11. SKOL!!! He’s been my favorite Viking player for years, and now I won’t be needing a new jersey just yet.

  12. So before knows the full specifics, based on what we’re reading this move saves approx 9 million in cap space. Could be wrong but based on initial reports that’s my takeaway.

  13. Smith was not used properly by last year’s DC and I can’t wait to see him back to his old self playing all over the field this year. Used to be the QB never knew what Smith was going to do. Last year, it was nothing but deep safety. The team is going younger but this is a veteran you wanted back.

  14. One of the benefits of being the highest rated team in every category of that NFLPA survey is that players actually want to play for you. Unlike our all pro QB who can’t get out of Green Bay fast enough. Must be nice.

  15. This is terrible news for the other teams in the NFC North. ANd the Jets, this sucks for the Jets

  16. “Viking for Life” is a noble thing to be. It’s worth something, monetarily, in community good will, post-career business dealings, endorsements. So too the phrase “took a pay cut for the team.” We’ll remember and we’ll be damn grateful. Harrison Smith is moving from “great” to “legend.” WTG Hitman.

  17. I agree with the 3 other negative posts here that he is waaaay over-rated, still overpaid.. washed imo. He is a good leader though I’ll give him that. Was hoping the D was 75% replaced.

  18. He wasn’t kept because he was useful playing 25 yards deep at the snap. Flores will definitely be using him as he is meant to be used. Just like I don’t see Hunter dropping into coverage this season.

  19. He should fit in great with Flores defensive scheme, although he won’t have a chance to intercept Rodgers twice a year. Then again, he’ll likely have a much easier chance of that with the new guy.

  20. The Vikings need to rebuild, they missed their window.

    3rd place finish this season.

  21. This looks like a huge pay cut.

    However, I suspect hidden benefits besides easy incentives. Smith is a local icon; monetizing Hitman after retirement depends on the creativity — likely also on the table.

    Meanwhile Vikes get huge cap relief.

  22. All the respect in the world for him. I only watch Vikings games when they play other NFC North teams, but he’d constantly come up and snuff out plays before they could develop.

  23. The Vikings are crazy if they think they can salvage anything with this roster. Last year was a total fluke and that was made clear in the playoffs.

  24. Amercia’sRiggedElections says:
    March 16, 2023 at 5:29 pm
    The Vikings are crazy if they think they can salvage anything with this roster
    You do know teams cannot get 53 new players in one year, right? You’ve heard of the salary cap, right?

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