Is Aaron Rodgers playing word games (again) when he says it’s his “intention” to play for the Jets?

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Over the years, we’ve seen multiple teams claim they have “no intention” to trade a given player. Not long before trading him.

Now, a player is using the “I” word. So when Aaron Rodgers says, “Since Friday, I made it clear that my intention was to play and my intention was to play for the Jets,” was he carving out the ability to eventually change his mind?

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t think anything of it. But “intention” has become a somewhat loaded word in NFL circles. Then there’s the fact that Rodgers once deliberately hid behind another “I” word.

So fool me once, shame on you.

Rodgers had a reason (although not a good one) to play word games during the 2021 season. He potentially has a reason for playing word games now. If the Packers continue to take a hard line in trade negotiations with the Jets, Rodgers at some point could say, “Well, my intention has changed” and show up for work in Green Bay.

They owe him nearly $60 million this year. It will be paid out either in the form of an option bonus or base salary. Either way, there’s no way for the Packers to escape the obligation without trading him.

So if the front office insists on playing hardball, Rodgers can introduce some high heat to the equation by changing his mind and showing up in an effort to force Green Bay’s hand.

Rodgers also could change his “intention” about playing at all, and retire. Once the Packers realize they’d be getting nothing for his contract, maybe they’d take whatever they can get.

Here’s the point, for now. If Rodgers is smart enough to use “immunized” in a way to dance around the term “vaccinated,” he’s smart enough to know what it means to say expressly articulate the word “intention,” not once but twice.

Again, we’ve been down the Greg Brady “exact words” rabbit hole with Rodgers before. If we don’t see it potentially coming this time around, it’s fool me can’t get fooled again.

32 responses to “Is Aaron Rodgers playing word games (again) when he says it’s his “intention” to play for the Jets?

  1. Yes, he’s playing word games. If the deal doesn’t go through, he has an out. Deep down, I still don’t think he really wants to play for the Jets, but he has no choice if he wants to play.

  2. Not sure what’s worse, Rodger’s desire to play games with the media or the media’s desire to constantly talk about him. Either way, I’m sure it will all go away when he moves to NY, ha!

  3. There’s a lot you can hurl at him, and it wouldn’t be argued. But he was definitely correct when he was bucking the covid narrative.

  4. Not even really word games here — he intends to go to the jets, but if that path is blocked, so be it, he’ll show up for his checks.

  5. Rodgers is just exhausting. Between his word-play and Lamar Jackson’s silly tweets — I can’t blame their current teams for wondering, “Have we had enough of this guy?” Seriously, some straight talk would be nice for a change.

  6. That’s not a word game. It’s plain English. It acknowledges the caveats and the fact that he can not dictate an outcome.

  7. Dude is such a drama queen. He is absolutely the worst.

    The reports from him and packers don’t add up. Yeah they want the sky and the moon to please take this nut job that reduces to work early.

    The other camp talks about how he will be traded for a song.

    This is all so we talk Aaron while player with work ethic rather than God given abilities don’t get press.

    Dude is not worth the headaches they should have went after Carr

  8. What else could he say? He can’t say he will, because it’s other people who have to sign off on it. Even if this is word games, it’s in the service of getting said people to sign on the dotted line that we all know very well they want to sign, but are just dragging it out.

  9. tigerlilac says:
    March 16, 2023 at 1:57 pm
    . . . but Sauce and Garrett verified it.

    52Rate This


    You can just tell those two are immature and will be serious trouble very soon looking for contracts well before their rookie deals are up.

    Imagine 2 rookie players on the Pats going public about possible team transactions?

  10. They should drop this idea, and grab Huntley from Baltimore. The upside seems real.

  11. Really reaching here. Just accept that he isn’t the problem in this situation that you were pretending he was.

  12. First he was being a selfish diva for not letting the Jets know his intentions at the start of free agency. This has since been debunked,but no admission on anyone’s part that they were wrong and judged him too harshly. I’m fairly neutral as it pertains to Aaron Rodgers, but it is plain to see a very strong bias against him from PFT. It is also true that I like this website primarily because PFT is not afraid to venture an opinion, but I think the bias against Rodgers is way off base. I too was not crazy about his Immunization thing, but there’s a limit.

  13. Well he’s not playing word games. His intention is to play for the Jets, however that’s ultimately up to the Packers.

  14. His “intention” is simply to always appear to be the smartest guy in the room- which is pretty easy to pull off on the McAfee show.

  15. Florio do you think he’s considering a career change and doing Wordle professionally

  16. Still think the best landing spot would be the 49ers. Not sure why they aren’t interested given the interest last year and physical condition/abilities of their 2 young QBs. And its not like the Pack is going anywhere this year playoff-wise so who cares about an inter-NFC trade?

  17. We read of post on PFT on Tuesday that all the deals made on Monday aren’t finalized until 4 on Wednesday. That the player or team can back out with no repercussions. It was McDanieks intention to coach the Colts. When the Cowboys signed Zeke, was it their intention to have him in the roster for the ‘23 season.
    Did Carr play word games when he said he’d like to be traded to the Saints, then helped his new team by ‘not agreeing’ to a contract until after the Raiders cut him. I thought he was praised for the games that helped his new team not lose draft capital? YES! Rodgers is a diva, but he’s doing what others do.

  18. Rodgers isn’t in control of his future,… unless he says he’s retiring. The Packers own his contract. What he said is technically correct. He can’t say He’ll be a Jet until a deal is done.

  19. Rodgers thinking he’s so smart. Smarter than the GM , smarter than the media, Ultimately he’s intent is STAYING with the Packers for 60 million guaranteed. Also , let’s remember he started to connect with TWO young promising WRs last year and they will only get better with Rodgers under center.

  20. Rodgers would have all the control he desires and would retire as a Packer if he didn’t disappear in the postseason eleven years in a row. Oh…..he’s a liar, too.

  21. Using the I word proves Rodgers is playing Johnson for J&J Covid vaccines.

    Rodgers does not forget or forgive.

  22. This time, he’s not trying to mislead people. He’s just saying, if this trade does not go through, NY fans and management, it’s not because of me.I give Rodgers grief for lots of idiotic or deceptive comments, but not this time.

  23. I saw a guy on Twitter say if AR wants this trade. All he has to do is show up to team facilities. Walk into the weight room. Put 500lbs on the squat rack and get underneath it like he’s going to try and lift it. Greenbay will be so scared he’s going injure himself they will make the trade. If AR gets injured Greenbay gets nothing for him and they eat all that money.

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