Jalen Ramsey on Xavien Howard: We’ve had success individually, plan more as a duo

Miami Dolphins Introduce Cornerback Jalen Ramsey
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Jalen Ramsey met the media on Thursday for the first time since joining the Dolphins in a trade with the Rams and the cornerback was looking ahead to a chance to share the field with Xavien Howard.

Ramsey’s arrival gives the Dolphins an enviable pair of cornerbacks to deploy in new coordinator Vic Fangio’s defense and it gives the Dolphins what might be their top combo since the days when Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison were in the same secondary. On Thursday, Ramsey said that he and Howard will wait to make any comparisons to that pair or anyone else until they’ve actually played some games together.

“We trying to be the best man. We ain’t trying to really worry about comparing ourselves with anybody else,” Ramsey said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN.com. “We trying to be ourselves. We’ve had some success in our individual careers up until this point. We plan to have more success now together in the same secondary as a duo . . . We just going to get after it. And then when it’s all said and done, then we can talk about — we can go over all of that and we can go over all of what people say. We’ll keep the receipts, and we’ll go back over all of that when it’s all said done, after the fact. That’s what I’ve been doing.”

Any path to success in the AFC is going to require teams to beat a series of good quarterbacks in the regular season and playoffs. The Dolphins hope that the Ramsey trade makes them better suited for that kind of run.

7 responses to “Jalen Ramsey on Xavien Howard: We’ve had success individually, plan more as a duo

  1. I might be getting too far ahead of myself,but I can’t wait to see how this turns out.I’m super excited about this.If only they made a pill that could make you fall asleep until the next season starts.I’d probably take a few of them

  2. If he can stay healthy and show the same amount of productivity as last season then it’s definitely going to help the Dolphins. You can say what you want about completion percentage and TDs when he’s the nearest defender but he still rated out as the 3rd best CB according to PFF. That’s nothing to sneeze at. The Rams were a mess last year. It’s hard to play good defense when you have an anemic offense.

  3. Wait, they had a press conference for this guy?

    If anyone is wondering why Miami hasn’t won anything since Badfinger was still around and making records, here is a good example.

    My goodness.

    They trade for a CB and then hold an actual press conference. lmao

  4. My biggest concern with Miami is the QB. I won’t be shocked if Tua gets another concussion. At that point he needs to be forced to retire. The question is, who will step up if Tua goes down?

  5. Miami secondary will be the best in the NFL this upcoming season.
    Say what you want about last season and winning the off-season. But Howard, Ramsey, Holland and Jones together is probably the best combined group in the NFL.
    This will also help Phillips, Chubb, Wilkins and Sieler get pressure on the QB.
    Miami had to make moves to keep pace with the rest of the dominant AFC.

  6. They have the potential to be the best DB duo the Dolphins have ever had surpassing their previous best Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain. Either way they should be a joy to watch on game day.

  7. Durability is the biggest question mark hanging over the Miami Dolphins. Year after year the team is plagued by key players who struggle to stay on the field. On paper, they have a really good team, but can they stay relatively healthy?

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