Joe Mixon cleared in March 6 shooting, but his sister was indicted

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At a press conference on Thursday, Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers made it clear that Bengals running back Joe Mixon will face no criminal charges for a March 6 shooting on his property.

He did not commit a crime,” Powers said, via Paul Dehner, Jr. of

Mixon was seen carrying a gun on his property, but he did not fire shots.

Powers said that Mixon’s sister, Shalonda, has been indicted for allegedly tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. Lamonte Brewer has been indicted for felonious assault.

A juvenile was struck in the foot but not seriously injured in the shooting.

Today’s announcement should end the situation for Joe Mixon. It’s the second incident that has come to light regarding the Bengals running back in recent weeks. He was initially charged in a road-rage situation from January, but the charges were quickly dropped and have not been re-filed.

14 responses to “Joe Mixon cleared in March 6 shooting, but his sister was indicted

  1. It’s not been made very clear nationally, but it sounds like what happened was pretty awful. Some teens are participating in dart wars (basically shoot kids from your school with nerf guns over the course of a few weeks, last team standing wins). Harmless fun. Mixon’s crew ends up firing at his own neighbor while that neighbor was in his own yard. It’s not like there was trespassing going on, or any threat to mixon in anyway. Kid got shot in the foot in his own yard and had to crawl into his own house to hide until police arrived… Because he was playing in his yard with a nerf gun. Attempted murder I’d say.

  2. This kid has been in trouble since college. He’s gonna get caught doing something on camera AGAIN. Dude needs to learn how to stay out of dumb situations.

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