Matthew Stafford officially has another $57 million become fully guaranteed

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Would the Rams like to find a way to gracefully move on from quarterback Matthew Stafford? Perhaps. Have they? Nope.

With the close of business coming and going on Thursday absent a roster move for Stafford, he’ll be on the team on Friday. Which means he’ll see another $57 million become fully guaranteed.

Specifically, his $31 million base salary in 2024 will be fully guaranteed. Also, his $26 million option bonus now must be exercised.

Throw in his $1.5 million base salary from 2022 and a fully-guaranteed $1.5 million base salary for 2023, and that’s $120 million either paid or owed to Stafford since Super Bowl LVI.

And, yes, the Rams would have (we’re told) welcomed the opportunity to trade Stafford. If Aaron Rodgers hadn’t decided to join the Jets, Stafford could have become the Plan B, if he would have been willing to go to New York.

There has been some speculation that Stafford will retire, even though he has said he won’t. Beyond giving up the millions in guaranteed money he has yet to receive, he’d owe the Rams up to $48 million in signing-bonus reimbursement if he retires now.

35 responses to “Matthew Stafford officially has another $57 million become fully guaranteed

  1. Note to Stafford: get up, go to practice, don’t worry if you get hurt or don’t play well. Remember to collect $ at end of week. DONE

  2. That was one expensive Super Bowl victory that will take a while to recover from. 120 million paid or owed since 2021 for Matt Stafford is crazy in it’s self

  3. Just remain hurt and laugh all the way to the bank. Rams went from well led team to dumpster fire in 1+ seasons. Certainly as quick a crater job as we’ve seen before. Although tough to overcome all the injuries. But the crazy money to Stafford is really going to handicap them.

  4. $31 and $26 million per year for Stafford is a bargain compared to $40m for Danny Dimes.

  5. We thought Rodgers was expensive. Stafford is a washed up expensive problem for the Rams.

  6. I can think of quite a few activities I’d engage in for 48 million dollars that would be much worse than playing football for 6 months.

  7. Lions no doubt are glad they rid themselves of THAT problem. Those 2 number 1’s, and a rejuvenated Jared Goff they received in return for STAFF – along with a smart management team – have reversed the curse. They are a team to watch in 2023.

  8. Good god this man is FLEEEEEECING the Rams. It’s great work if u can get it. Stafford just isn’t the same QB anymore that he was when the Rams traded for him, he has severely declined and will definitely retire after this next season only coming back for the money and so that he wouldn’t owe the Rams $50M. With a jacked up elbow that hasn’t been repaired needing a UCL reconstruction when he retires, the concussion he suffered last year along with a spinal cord contusion/neck damage that had doctors recommending he retire n walk away while he still can physically walk away it’s only a matter of time before he is injured again with the Rams assembling the same terrible offensive line that got two QBs injured n put on IR last year. Rams are playing for the number one pick they are going to be one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2023.
    Looking back now after getting just one year of premier play out of Stafford the Lions moved off of Stafford at just the right time getting a boat load of picks in return. You’d have the say over the long run they fleeced LA and won the trade. Rams surrrreeeeee could use those picks right about now especially the 6th pick in the draft.

  9. Of course, the Detroit Lions got screwed again when Mathew Stafford was the last #1 pick to get that huge money deal day one. I believe it was the very next draft where they changed the money rookies get.

  10. Undoubtedly the best arm in a generation. It’s unfortunate he took such a beating behind a poor offensive line in those early years in Detroit. Toughest SOB I’ve ever seen play the QB position. First ballot HOFer when does retire.

  11. Matthew Stafford is as tough as they come And I’m happy he got a Super Bowl ring with the Rams, but he is a very “old” 35, in NFL football years. Can’t blame him for trying to hang in there for that kind of money, but I hope he taps out before he gets any permanent injuries.

  12. Aaron Rodgers to the Jets is not a done deal. If Stafford is Plan B, couldn’t that still be in play? Or is that out of play now due to his contract guarantees?

  13. Why retire? That’s much too much money to just leave behind. He might consider extending to add void years or maybe retire with an agreement to only get $40M.

  14. Dang, if I was just 40 years younger and a foot taller I would learn to be a quarterback.
    Good on ya Stafford.

  15. I’m a fan and it’s fun to watch him throw 50-60 yard dimes (I know he also throws a lot of INTs, don’t hate me). I own an LA Rams Stafford jersey. The first words that popped into my head after the Rams acquired him – Super Bowl!

    Having said all of that. I’m in favor of guys walking away while they can still walk. The beating he took last season, plus all those years in Detroit … he should definitely retire. But I don’t expect him to retire this year. At a certain point the need to play your professional sport looks like an unhealthy addiction. But, if he plays I’ll still watch. What does that make me?

  16. Wow! Just, WOW!
    How did the Rams let it get to this point and why in the world would Ryan let them off the hook by retiring?

  17. That’ll buy the best spinal surgeon on the market. Always respected his toughness, seems like a good guy and was kind of hoping for his sake he’d retire. How much money do you need before you start thinking your health and ability to enjoy life beyond football is worth more?

  18. They still have Cooper Cupp. (Remember him?) Why shouldn’t the Rams, who 13 months ago were celebrating a Super Bowl victory with Stafford, bring him back???

  19. This could get ugly, but there is absolutely no reason for Stafford to do anything. If he can’t play, due to injury, he can’t play. It’s on the Rams to come up with an amicable solution, if they truly want him gone.

  20. Seems like that elbow injury that was nothing, was something after all. By the time Baker showed up halk the team was hurt and Kupp was out for the year, and baker looked better than stafford. WHich shouldnt be the case with a 60 mil QB. They are just paying off the financing on the super bowl they bought.

  21. Wow, that Superbowl was amazing and totally worth it. But the piper sure is getting paid.

  22. Good for him.I wish my parents would have shown me how to throw a football instead of a fit

  23. How much has Rodgers made in the last two years? How much guaranteed salary left on his deal? How many Super Bowls has he won during his current record breaking contract? Stafford and Rams haters just shut up. Thank you.

  24. So the Rams had one bad season after an impossible amount of injuries and all of a sudden they are absolute garbage and one of the worst in the league? Yes if Stafford does not play this year they can be bad, but I’m not counting this team out yet. Kupp and Stafford is still enough for a competent offense.

  25. You can’t buy health, so he should really think about retirement. The got what they wanted, which was their SB win, so nobody should complain now. Some people/franchises go all in and don’t win anything, so the Rams and Rams fans should accept that now they are paying the price.

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