Raiders, Jimmy Garroppolo deal not yet done

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The one thing to remember about deals unofficially done during the free-agency negotiating period is that they’re not officially done until they’re officially done.

The contract between the Raiders and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is not officially done.

The team actually delayed Thursday’s scheduled press conference while the deal is finalized. The expectations continues to be that it will be, perhaps by tonight.

The press conference is expected to happen on Friday.

There’s currently no reason to think the deal won’t be officially done. But, for now, it’s not officially done.

23 responses to “Raiders, Jimmy Garroppolo deal not yet done

  1. Uh-oh.The long, creeping shadow of Aaron Rodgers is back on the radar… Raiders: sure Packers, will give you a first round pick & some change. I’d love it..

  2. The deal will be finalized by tonight. Josh McDaniels is not going to let his white whale Jimmy G get away.

  3. It takes longer for ink to dry in the desert is all, it’s been damp there lately.

  4. I heard Jimmy G was injured on his way into the facility when the door hit him and is now on IR for 6 months.

    Quick get Tom Brady on the phone!

  5. You all are hilarious. Posters down on the Jets, posters down on the Packers and the usual Raider vitriol mixed in.
    I don’t have a problem with the Jets. They’re just trying to get better although I wouldn’t wish Rodgers on anyone. I don’t have a problem with the Pack. Somehow it looks like they’re going to get rid of Rodgers and his brutal contract, as long as they don’t get too greedy. As for the Raiders, I assume the deal with Jimmy G will get done. They can’t afford Rodgers so they should get the Jimmy deal done before someone else grabs him.

  6. It will be a last minute, three way, Rodgers-Lamar-Jimmy , who’s on first, who blinks first, who caves in and signs the biggest check under pressure moment in nfl history,,,,

  7. Raiders defense needs help desperately and they sign no one. GM seems clueless

  8. Notice that there are really only 6 or 7 teams that know how to properly run A NFL TEAM these days? The Raiders, Packers and Jets are definitely not one of them!

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