Tom Brady is officially a free agent

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Here’s something that happened fairly quietly on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Quarterback Tom Brady is a free agent again.

Because Brady didn’t do a one-year dummy deal aimed at spreading his $35.1 million cap number for 2023 over two years, his contract with the Buccaneers expired. He’s now a free agent.

That retirement letter he sent to the league and the NFL Players Association five weeks ago doesn’t matter. He’s now a free agent. He can sign with any team, at any time. He can talk to any team, at any time.

It doesn’t mean he will. But he definitely can.

Two of his potential destinations — the Dolphins and 49ers — likely have closed the door on Brady for 2023.

Another team to which Brady has been linked (the Raiders) has a verbal deal with Jimmy Garoppolo that has yet to be consummated.

40 responses to “Tom Brady is officially a free agent

  1. He’s returning to New England which is going to cause the planet to fall of its axis

  2. It would be hilarious to see him go to the Jets! It would be weird I know but smarter than what they’re trying to do now with Rodgers.

  3. He probably already has the Dolphin’s playbook. He will be under center before October.

  4. Could he rain on Aaron Rodgers’ welcoming parade and announce he’s signing with the Dolphins or (gasp!) the Patriots? It would be hilarious but also just a nightmare having these two around for another year

  5. Ravens anyone? I didn’t think so either, but Ravens fans need something to look forward to so badly

  6. He’s now a free agent. He can sign with any team, at any time. He can talk to any team, at any time.

    It doesn’t mean he will. But he definitely can.


    You could say the same thing about Matt Schaub. The point being, so what?

  7. What if Green Bay demands too much from the Jets.

    It would be a much less costly effort (no draft picks) to sign an even better free agent quarterback (Tom Brady).

    I know TB has stuck it to the Jets for 23 years but imagine if Brady takes a third team to the Super Bowl and wins it again.

    No way Patrick Mahomes ever catches #12 on an eighth superbowl and no one has done it and no one will ever do it with three different teams.

  8. For a Senior Citizen of quarterbacks who doesn’t like to be hit. It’s time to turn off the lights the party over. See ya in Canton 2028.

  9. Waiting for PFT to post a story that he will be signing with the Dolphins in 3, 2, 1….

  10. Don’t worry – Mr Attention will find his way back into the news whenever there’s an injured QB somewhere.

  11. or (gasp!) the Patriots?

    And that’s when I start cheering against my team for the first time ever. Thankfully that has no chance of happening.

  12. Imagine seeing the mess he made in Tampa last season without an elite coach (ZERO winning seasons in his career without an elite or even good coach) and STILL predicting more Super Bowls for this guy lololololololol

  13. Tom is done and setting his watch for the 2027 induction into the HALL OF FAME.

  14. Have him start the season, drive down the field for a TD, then hand the game over to Mac. Announces his retirement as a Patriot at half time and thanks everyone in a moving moment. Team retires number, first ballot HOF, unquestioned goat. The Patriots meanwhile don’t score their next touchdown until game 3.

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