“Trending in right direction” for Damar Hamlin to return to action

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Nothing is set in stone at this point, but it is looking like Damar Hamlin will be back at safety for the Bills.

Hamlin has said that his goal is to return to the field after suffering a cardiac arrest on the field during the team’s Week 17 game in Cincinnati. During a Thursday press conference, Bills General Manager Brandon Beane updated where things stand with Hamlin’s bid to return to action.

Beane said Hamlin has at least one more specialist to see before any clearance will come for him to make a full return to action, but that all signs have been positive thus far.

“Everything has checked out to this point, so it’s trending in right direction,” Beane said, via Katherine Fitzgerald of the Buffalo News.

It’s not clear when a final decision about Hamlin’s return will be made, but there’s still a good chunk of time before the Bills will be getting on the field for everything to come together.

9 responses to ““Trending in right direction” for Damar Hamlin to return to action

  1. He’s a time bomb. Nobody will want to sign him after the Bills cut him. He’s done.

  2. Amazing! Such a terrible near death situation. DH seems a decent young man so it’s great news that he’ll be back when the reality was very nearly far more tragic.

  3. Everything I have read says he is no more likely to have this happen to him again than anyone else on the field. Surprising, but I trust the experts.

  4. Chris Pronger nearly died on the ice in 1998 and played 13 hall of fame caliber years to follow. We are talking about medical professionals clearing him. His own GM is saying they expect there to be a good chance he’s back on their roster.

    And yet, half the comments are saying no way, too risky, no team will take him. Does anyone read articles? It’s insane how many comments are made, not just here, but in general, when the person making the comment doesnt have the slghtest clue what the hell they’re talking about.

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