Cooper Rush stays with the Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush played well during Dak Prescott‘s absence early in the 2022 season. Well enough that some wondered whether he’d get a chance to compete to be a starter elsewhere in 2023.

That hasn’t happened. And so Rush will remain with the Cowboys.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Rush will sign a two-year deal with a maximum value of $6 million. This means, of course, that the base value is lower, and that Rush will have to hit certain incentives to get to the high-end number.

The first year and the signing bonus are reportedly fully guaranteed, which means that Rush could be released after 2023.

He likely won’t be. Rush has proven to be a more-than-capable No. 2 to Prescott. It’s surprising that Rush didn’t get more interest in free agency.

12 responses to “Cooper Rush stays with the Cowboys

  1. He’s not better gan Dak for the clueless but he is a good backup n a offense he knows front to back, glad they kept him

  2. He should be the starter. Prescott is a backup QB, PERIOD! This guy (Prescott) stole money, he’s not a starting QB in the NFL, maybe the CFL, but not the big boy league.

  3. Cooper Rush isn’t a grade A starter in the league, but, he’s certainly at that level among backups.

    Of course, that means that he IS better than some starters in this league.

  4. Cooper Rush earned this contract extension. He came in and did exactly what he was asked to do as a backup and won. Nothing flashy…just got the job done.

  5. 100% he should be starting over Dakota. I mean didn’t he win all the games he started? Dallas is ALWAYS doing the wrong thing well Jerruh cant fire himself as GM.

  6. I don’t understand how this guy is not a starter somewhere. Clearly coaches/GMs know more than I know, but this guy has to be as good as some starters in the league.

  7. OMG the Cowboys being the Cowboys again as a lifelong fan this move sucks ! He is a very below avg QB yea yea yea he got very lucky last year and won a couple a games but nobody is going to tell me that he even looked good in that time all he did was hand it off the defense won the games , as far as being better then Dak not even close and last year I officially gave up on Dak and admitted it’s time to move on this move proves they only care about money they were never going to release him caus he’s buddys with McCarthy and Jerra

  8. Jerry is infatuated with TCU quarterback Duggan. If he slides during the draft I expect Jerry to snatch him up.

  9. Rush got exactly in line with who he is. A backup. Just because the cowboys won doesn’t mean he was the reason. He made sure he didn’t lose it for them. It’s their D that gave the wins. Please people – Dak is better (not that that’s saying muc) and his contract says he’s the starter

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