Jimmy Garoppolo’s deal with the Raiders is now done

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As we noted yesterday, the free agent contract Jimmy Garoppolo and the Raiders had reportedly agreed to wasn’t actually done. Now it is.

Garoppolo finalized the agreement with the Raiders and is signing his contract this morning, and then will have a press conference in Las Vegas today, according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network.

There was no reason to think Garoppolo’s deal wouldn’t get done, but it’s always worth remembering, especially during the frantic first few days of free agency, that a verbal agreement between a player and a team is not the same thing as a signed contract.

Garoppolo and Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels know each other well, as McDaniels was the Patriots’ offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the three and a half years Garoppolo spent in New England. They both need a good year together, and with the contract done, they can get to work.

36 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo’s deal with the Raiders is now done

  1. I heard a rumor on The PFF Forecast podcast that Jimmy G failed the physical… anyone have the info on that?

  2. Jimmy G will play the entire year and then people will start wondering why so many niners get hurt.

  3. I wish JG all the personal success in the world. He deserves some good times after his time in Clara.

  4. Glad Jimmy is a raider. Pound for pound every bit the talent Carr is. The huge difference is Jimmy can move in the pocket, defenses know right where Carr sets up shop.
    Jimmy will take the big hit waiting for his open, Carr won’t. Jimmy can perform on the coldest days in Green Bay, Carr cringes in temps under 35 degrees and in inclimate weather.
    Raiders are in a better place with Jimmy due to him knowing the system well !!

  5. mongonation says:
    March 17, 2023 at 12:04 pm
    Josh McDaniels gets his guy. Next up: signing Brian Hoyer to be the backup.

    Hoyer and his family bought a house in Massachusetts a few years because they loved the area so much….I wouldn’t be surprised if he retires. He would make a great coach on the Pats staff.

  6. Oh boy! With Jimmy Glass playing 4 or 5 games before his inevitable return to the IR, the Raiders have a chance at Third Place in the AFCWest.

  7. skinsfan715 says:
    March 17, 2023 at 12:09 pm
    Is Jimmy really an upgrade from Carr? Questionable move if you ask me.

    Raiders fans would say YES.
    Stats say YES:
    Jimmy Garoppolo has a record of 5-2 in the playoffs in his career.
    Derek Carr is 0-1 in the playoffs in his career.

  8. skinsfan715 says: “Is Jimmy really an upgrade from Carr? Questionable move if you ask me.”

    Even if it’s a lateral move athletically, at least Jimmy is cheaper. It’s always about the right price.

  9. I feel bad for Jimmy G. He’s a class act and having to work for Josh McDaniel is like a punishment.

  10. I love this move for my team but will they win any more games this year? Defense and leading the league in penalties every year is the reason they lose all the time. Close games never work out for us for the past 20 -30 years. DEFENSE wins Championships.

  11. Jimmy isn’t an upgrade over Carr, but if you’re going to have the fourth best QB in your division you might as well play the guy you like.

  12. skinsfan715 says:
    March 17, 2023 at 12:09 pm
    Is Jimmy really an upgrade from Carr? Questionable move if you ask me.

    Yes, he really is an upgrade from Carr. Underrated…if he can stay healthy.

  13. Jimmy G isn’t an upgrade talent-wise, but I bet he walks in and runs the system more effectively and more efficiently than Carr did. If he plays 17 games (big “if”), the Raiders will win 10 of them…

  14. I do feel like the Raiders going from Carr to Jimmy G is a lateral move, but also Jimmy G is the reason the 49ers started winning in the first place. When considering that, this signing makes sense. He’s a good transition to winning player and buys time to find the long term solution.

  15. I think Jimmy G signing with the Raiders is their biggest FA signing since Rich Gannon. Josh McDaniels now has an extension of himself under-center who’s an ultra competitive winner, just like Gruden had with Gannon. Josh Mac just has to keep him healthy.
    But with Jimmy G you’re getting a QB who can spin the rock, quick release, vocal leader whose teammates respect tremendously. He’s just more tailor made to work out of shotgun in the spread than under-center so he really didn’t fit Shanahan’s offense like a glove,
    but he’ll thrive in Josh’s system. He’s a perfect fit for it, and that’s why he was drafted by New England. Raiders fans, you all have to relax, Outside of Tom Brady, this is the best QB for your offense.

  16. For the 1st time since Mike Shanahan’s ill fated attempts during the 1980’s, the Raiders are going with a full blown variation of the West Coast Offense with all the options, bells and whistles instead of the watered down simplified variants many teams employ. JimmyG has his work cut out for him because he won’t have the tough 48er D backstopping him. The Raider D was pretty bad during most of Carr’s tenure with the Raiders and needs to step up if they’re going anywhere. Defense wins championships

  17. The Raiders offense will make some big strides. Better fit with coach, much better thrower of the football, winner. Talking heads just spout narratives. Like Carr, Jimmy isn’t a running QB, but he’s better in just about every way a QB can be better. It’s not an accident that the 49ers were trash before Jimmy and were trash when Nick Mullens or Trey Lance had to sub in for him. Jimmy throws darts, reads defenses and makes quick decisions. His fatal flaw really has just been injuries. If he can stay healthy Raiders will be contending for a playoff spot. If they weren’t in the same division as the Chiefs they would have a shot to win the division.

  18. giambocca says:
    March 17, 2023 at 12:21 pm
    Glad Jimmy is a raider. … Jimmy will take the big hit waiting for his open, Carr won’t.
    At which point we find out how good the Raiders are with Jimmy’s backup playing at QB. Garrapolo can be a good quarterback, but during his career with two team, he has consistently proven to be rather fragile.

  19. Lets see how Jimmy does compared to Carr.
    And take into account Jimmy contract is a lot less.

  20. Jimmy Garoppolo has record of 53-21 in his career.

    Shanahan is 38-17 with Garoppolo as a starter (in the regular season) and 9-29 without him.

    Good move for the Raiders, and possibly an even better move for Garoppolo.

  21. As a huge Niner fan who has seen Jimmy G play in all the games live and on TV, Jimmy G is a very frustrating player. He will have highs and get you all excited, looking like a pro bowl caliber QB on certain drives then come out the next looking like he is a borderline XFL QB. He has happy feet, he doesn’t go through all his progressions and will stare down a WR in triple coverage no matter what. He also doesn’t have a great deep ball. With that said, he does find a way to win a lot. Not sure if that’s because he’s been surrounded by a strong team, running game, and defense. This will be interesting to see how he performs for the Raiders.

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