Report: Broncos unlikely to trade Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton

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There’s been chatter this week about the Broncos considering a trade involving one of their wide receivers, but no deal has materialized and it doesn’t look like anything is imminent either.

Mike Klis of KUSA reports that the Broncos have received calls about dealing Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton and that some of the offers they’ve heard have been “aggressive” bids to deal for the wideouts. The team has not shown interest in accepting any of those offers, however, and Klis adds that the team believes both wideouts could thrive under new head coach Sean Payton.

Jeudy set personal bests with 67 catches, 972 receiving yards and six touchdowns last season while Sutton had 64 catches for 829 yards and two touchdowns.

If Payton can get the team’s offense in gear, those numbers could be the floor for what the wideouts are able to do in Denver in 2023.

7 responses to “Report: Broncos unlikely to trade Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton

  1. All true but I think he gets moved by draft day still. Broncos need/want picks and will have to give up something to get them.

  2. Ha ha ha, how are they going to thrive with Russ “0” Wilson back there? Good luck with that! Go Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders!

  3. Reminder: Last season’s woes were the fault of a neophyte & clueless coach in Nathaniel Hackett. He didn’t know how to use Wilson.

    Hackett’s introductory press conference was embarrassing as he nervously stuttered through & even awkwardly hit on Russ’s wife.

    Then he tells the press the Broncos don’t need the preseason to practice since he wants the starters healthy for December.

    He proceeds to open the season with 3 of the most embarrassing games a head coach could possibly have, showing how overwhelmed & clueless he was.

    The GM had to bring in a retired coach, Jerry Rosburg, just to help him get organized.

  4. If Denver decides to deal (I hope they don’t) they need to keep the price high. Who cares if teams don’t like it or people say whatever about the production. It all comes down to who is available in FA and the draft and the answer is no one. They are both extremely weak this year and Denver knows this so make them pay the 1st for Jeudy or a 2nd for Sutton which no other player or picks involved. You dont like it TOUGH. Pay it or test you luck signing a multi million deal with a FA or try the draft. Your teams options are very limited and that’s why the price is the price

  5. This is a smokescreen. The Broncos are definitely trading Jerry Jeudy. Dude is immature and a locker room cancer. The Broncos can still get a 1st round pick out of him which is the peak of his value, and they don’t want to pick up his 5th year option and pay him that kind of money for a team that is planning on just running the ball. Ship this dude out and get a 1st round pick for someone that can actually help the team. Keep building up the o-line and defensive front 7, wide receivers don’t do anything for you when you have an incompetent quarterback.

  6. Considering their head coach and the quarterback performance last year I don’t think we saw the best of either player. Jeudy has great potential and must be kept. He made the most of a bad situation. Sutton I would trade for the right offer, but he was dominant before Russ came to town. We’ll see what Payton can do. If they kept Patrick and he is healthy, that is a strong WR trio.

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