C.J. Gardner-Johnson continues to be available

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Our top-10 free agents include a pair of players who are available to anyone who wants to pursue them. For one, quarterback Lamar Jackson, a pair of first-round draft picks would be the compensation if he’s signed to an offer sheet that the Ravens don’t match. For the other, safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson, he’s free and clear with no restriction or compensation.

There have been crickets this week regarding Gardner-Johnson. Typically, that’s a sign the player wants more than anyone will pay.

As one league source put it on Saturday morning, anyone who remains available at this point is overshooting the market.

Five days since the market essentially opened, it’s also a sign that big money likely won’t be there. Teams burn through their budgets fairly quickly, rarely keeping money around for a player who wanted more than he attracted at the outset of the process.

The situation points to a potential one-year deal for Gardner-Johnson, allowing him to hit the market again next year, in another attempt to cash in with a multi-year contract.

A player with a nose for the ball, Gardner-Johnson had six interceptions (tied for the league lead) in 12 games last season.

A return to the Eagles remains possible. The Broncos also could be interested, given that new coach Sean Payton worked for the Saints when Gardner-Johnson arrived via round four of the draft.

However it plays out, someone will be getting a damn good player. He just likely won’t be getting the damn good contract he was hoping to secure.

42 responses to “C.J. Gardner-Johnson continues to be available

  1. As a Saints fan, i was cussing out everyone when we traded him. He is a great player

  2. Happens every year. An agent over promised or a player misjudged his market. Someone will snatch him up but he probably will be getting a short term deal at far less than he was hoping for. Lots of good secondary help in the draft this year. Bad timing to overprice your services.

  3. Did his agent misread the market? Local beat writers in several NFL cities speculated the clubs that cover might be interested in CJGJ, but no reporting on even a nibble of a deal. A few good Safety’s (like Bates and Thornhill) have signed with new teams without monster contracts.

  4. I know the free agency season is long, and a winning roster doesn’t come together in March, but I think this offseason has been pretty shaky. They brought back 4 guys who are over 30, one guy who is 30, and they’ve brought in an oft injured RB and a second round CB who hasn’t performed well in his entire career.

    We love the 4 guys they brought back, but…age is a thing.

    The new CB appears to be for depth, which is fine. And there’s no doubt that the potential of the RB is off the charts, but…the dude hasn’t ever logged a full season.

    So if the Birds can bring back CJ, man….it’ll turn what has so far been a pretty shaky offseason into a solid one.

    Get ‘er done, Howie! We all know you’ve got a tough hand to play!

  5. CJ hurt his value with his social media use. I noticed he hasn’t used Twitter since a few days ago, so I suspect his handlers have instructed him to cool it. As it stands now, I’m sure there’s more than one team out there that views him as radioactive and will take a pass on him even if he could fill a need on the squad. Awkward mix of multi million dollar business deals and immature men is often toxic.

  6. thetooloftools says:
    March 18, 2023 at 12:25 pm
    Teams will find the $. One way or another.
    Teams CAN find cash but that doesn’t mean they WILL. If a team doesn’t feel the player is worth what he’s asking, barring an injury that makes them more valuable, their not going to do restructures to find cash. It’s not that they can’t find the cash, it’s they so far have said they wont

  7. Lamar Jackson seems to be the darling of the NFL Network and ESPN. Actually he’s a Michael Vick, he runs too damn much. Escapability is great (see Patrick Mahomes) but Lamar will never be a great quarterback-it’s too late for him to learn how to win from the pocket and perspective teams know this-that’s why there will be no offers.

  8. C J needs to come back to the Eagles and help our team win another Super Bowl.

  9. He comes with baggage. If he becomes dissatisfied with his team,coaches, or fellow players he turns into a locker room cancer in a heartbeat along with refusing to practice or put forth effort. Eagles now understand why saints shoved him out the door.

  10. He could be negotiating with a couple of teams. It’s funny how mum everything has been. I think the eagles have a lot tied up in their corners and not sure if there is enough to bring him back. Also I heard denver but would they be willing to bring him in when they are paying to dollar for Justin Simmons? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The bengals could be in play too despite signing Nick Scott. Or like the someone else posted ue overshot the market and is now looking for his best one year deal.

  11. The Bengals still need another safety, but like it is said , CGJ might have too high an asking price in mind. I hope Howie gets him on a one year deal for like $8 mill.

  12. Great players who are great teammates do not play on three different teams in three years. He’s obviously a malcontent. He’s a good, not great player, with a big mouth who can easily be replaced. More trouble than he is worth is the message around the league.

  13. Eagles probably would have franchised him if he didn’t talk so much smack. He was actually taunting Sirianni in practice last year during offense vs. defense period. He’s a good player, but his mouth is costing him money.

  14. Lamar is asking way too much for a RB that can get by with a few simple passes. Him, Kyler, Justin and others like them were always the best athletes on any team they played for so the learned one read and run. Even if guys were open they’d run. They never learned how to pass or play QB because they didn’t need to. How are those guys playoff records because I forgot!?! With the way the media talks about them it seems they must have won ten Super Bowls between them rather than being a combined 1-4 in a combined 11 seasons (Lamar-5, Kyler-4 and Justin-2). Watch out NFL these guys are scary.

  15. Didn’t he follow the whole Broncos lockerroom on Twitter a few days ago? Probably doesn’t mean nothing.

  16. WELL he did pick off rookies and backups. a third were against the dallas backup. it is not like the picks were baiting a hof guy or even a guy with a dozen starts.

    yeah he overpriced himself. he has not been offered even close to what the saints did that sent him to the eagles. dude is more hype than production as a FS. he is by far better in the slot.

    he was offered staggering money to be a slot corner by the saints and turned his nose up. he will never get close to that again

  17. As soon as the Broncos trade Sutton or Jeudy to create cap room, this is a done deal.

  18. Yes he did follow all of the Broncos players. Denver has room for one more splash and there is a free safety void since Kareem Jackson is gone. Not sure why they haven’t signed him…maybe his asking price is way too high. Only one safety has got 11 mill a year, everyone else signing is getting around 5-7 mill a year on average. That’s the market and he probably doesn’t like it.

  19. Devin McCourty retired. The Patriots need a free safety. BB has signed players with reputations for being difficult before, and many found a home there in a more structured environment where everything is out and on the table. They have some cap space. If the ask price gets reasonable, I could see them teaming up, at least for a season, if the player wants a 1 year deal and free agency again next season.

  20. Seems smart actually. I’d you get signed right at the start of FA then it’s likely you left money on the table.

  21. He started burning his bridges while he was still in NOLA. He’s continued burning them after leaving. Just dumb.

  22. Great player and a very young player but, There are a lot of teams that are set on a FS/CB/ nickel CB hybrid player that has to be a little taller (he’s 5’10) and a little bigger (he’s listed at 198 but it’s more like 185lbs) he also is a trash talker which you love if he’s on your team and hate if not. Some coaches don’t like players that talk that much and on social media. Either way he’s a player that every team needs and wants. Come Home to Philly CJGJ! Take a 3 yr deal for $45 with say 28-30 guaranteed and join the best secondary in football!

    C’mon Howie!!

  23. Howie and the Eagles can’t get anything done, they have too much wrapped up in Johnson and Slay at $50.3mil so they’ve already shot the small wad of cap money they had and they are projected to be $3.29mil over the cap once they sign their rookie draft class according to OTC!

    I could see the Bengals taking a flier on him if he’ll lower his asking price and then he’d have a good chance at getting a SB ring!

  24. Great talent. Difficult personality to give a long term contract to without knowing the impact on the locker room. Philly is the best fit for him from a team culture standpoint and knowing how he fits.

  25. It’s become obvious you’ve signed with your own agent who has ties to some of these guys. The stumping you do for some of these guys reeks of PR and agent work.

  26. kyzmyn2 says:
    March 18, 2023 at 1:04 pm
    He comes with baggage. If he becomes dissatisfied with his team,coaches, or fellow players he turns into a locker room cancer in a heartbeat along with refusing to practice or put forth effort. Eagles now understand why saints shoved him out the door
    What are you talking about? Eagles clearly want him back. They’re just not gonna over pay. They told him to go check out the market and see his value but to allow the eagles to match any offer before he signs with another team. He performed well at safety in philly and was a great locker room guy.

  27. Continues to be available because he’s one of the hardest to like players (for good reason) in recent memory.

  28. There is something more to this than is being told. i am actually shocked the Eagles let him walk.

  29. Owners being smart and paying what they think the position is worth. There will always be a Jerry Jones or Snyder that screws the rest of the owners, but CJGJ thought he was getting 10m or more per year. Clearly a sign he doesn’t know the market. I’d give him maybe 6.

  30. Dude is a monster and we missed him badly in New Orleans.

    Pay that man his money.

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