Lamar Jackson teases upcoming interview of . . . Lamar Jackson

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Three days ago, Aaron Rodgers harnessed the power of YouTube to spread his word about his intention to leave the Packers and play for the Jets. Soon, Lamar Jackson will be using YouTube for his own purposes.

Jackson has teased on social media an exclusive interview of, well, Lamar Jackson. It will appear on his YouTube page.

Jackson is currently operating under the non-exclusive franchise tag. Potential topics include whether he has heard from any interested teams, whether he’s currently negotiating with the Ravens, the details of any offers made by the Ravens, the terms he’s seeking, whether he believes collusion is occurring, whether he wants to play for a different team, whether he plans to hire an agent, and/or why he won’t hire representation.

We continue to hope Lamar gets the best possible outcome. I continue to believe that will happen only if he hires an agent.

As previously explained, Bills quarterback Josh Allen finalized his second contract two years ago, and he has made more than $41 million more than Jackson over the last two years. That money is never coming back, no matter what Jackson receives going forward.

And if no other team signs him to an offer sheet, he’s looking at the prospect of playing in 2023 for $32.4 million, an amount far below his value, if he can’t finalize a long-term deal with the Ravens by July 17, the deadline for signing franchise-tagged players to multi-year deals.

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  1. Far below his value, really. I think 32 mil is good for 12 games and ranking 25th in most categories. Some may say 32 mil is to much for his past 3 yrs performance and time on the field.

  2. Prudent Business practices are not collusion. When you return to Earth you should get an agent that will tell you like it is …..

  3. The saddest part is that it will be pre-recorded and will feature himself interviewing himself because he’s too cheap to pay anyone…will be something ala Step Brothers starring Will Ferrel and John C Reilly…”Prestige Worldwide!”

  4. Lamar Jackson is losing tens of millions of dollars to try save a few million on a agent.

  5. He’s not as valuable as you pretend and the Raven’s best offer was far more than he deserved. His skillset demands a specific offense and is a walking injury liability.

  6. Can someone please just sign him already so we don’t have to hear about his contract?

  7. It sounds like another interview a la LeBron:”The decision”. or lack thereof. Lamar is delusional and needs a wake up call before it’s too late. Maybe he can discuss why he quit on his team during the playoffs?

  8. Remember when Dwight schrute interviewed himself after firing the gun in the office?

  9. I hope this entire thing back fires on him. Too cheap to hire an agent is such an idiotic decision.
    It is costing him millions !!

  10. Will there be close captioning? It’s kind of sad, watching someone self destruct their career in real time. Who would want to negotiate with him after this?

  11. I am a big time Ravens fan and I like Lamar but…

    When he tweeted he declined 3y/133MM guaranteed, it is time to move on. He showed us all his cards, it is all about the money for him. That is a life changing contract dude, now try to win SBs. Why would you ever reveal that? He forgets he was a 32nd pick for a reason. When he is done, he will go downhill fast like Russ Wilson.

    Does he think about his legacy at all? The guy is not Mahomes, Rodgers, Peyton, Brady or even Hurts, but his head is just as big. No loyalty, and no SBs. Too much risk for the money. Pay him what he wants and there will not be enough left over to build a team + his injury risk. No way

  12. Dude it’s not collusion, the problem is he is a below average thrower with all star running ability. The chances of him getting a big injury are great.

  13. why the endless handwringing and treating this man like a child who must be protected from himself? he’s doing alright and handling his business how he chooses to handle it. absolutely determined to worry? think about that fat little Kim Jong-Un with his ICBMs. you’re welcome, problem solved.

  14. If there is a Guinness book of world records for bad ideas this could be the worst idea ever. Lamar, please ignore the bad advice you are getting from D.Smith. He is a politician, he is using you and turning this into a clown show. Be your own agent then make your OWN decision.

  15. Given that it is well-known that Lamar wants a fully guaranteed contract in the mold of Deshaun Watson’s, I wonder if Steve Bisciotti had assurances from his business partners that no team would attempt to sign Lamar and that, in turn, he felt confident in selecting to use the much less expensive non-exclusive version of the franchise tag. Otherwise, without such assurances, would he have chosen the exclusive version of the tag?

  16. No team is stupid enough to give a fully guaranteed contract to a quarterback whose entire football career is tied to his ability to escape the pocket and gain yards with his legs, over and over again.

    The law of averages says he’ll eventually get hurt and lose that ability to escape defenders.

    Now close your eyes and try to imagine Lamar Jackson as a pocket passer, winning games by understanding defenses, quick decision making, and fitting the ball into tight windows. Who didn’t let out a chuckle?

  17. Mr. Jackson, you are an average QB, you are a very elusive running back, you are 1-4 in the playoffs. A little humility and an agent would serve you well right now.

  18. This young man is a tire fire.. rather he’s burning cash though. He is the victim of an unfortunate set of circumstances, the Watson signing etc, his own injury history, and his very very poor judgment.
    Needless to say it’s not going to end well for Mr Lamar jackson. And that’s sad.

  19. Allen was also easy to work with. He and the bills had a conversation about what each side wanted. What can the ravens do if Lamar is difficult to get on the phone.

    Also, Allen is a better QB than Lamar, so the difference in pay can be considered justified. In the 2 years since Allen signed the contract he has 11 more games played, 3500 more passing yards, 38 more passing TDs, 8 more rushing TDs, same rushing yards, a better QB rating, and 5 less sacks.

  20. The interview thing is a joke, I’m starting to feel bad for the guy.

    The people criticizing on the field play, you’re morons. Guy has no weapons at all, trash running backs that are constantly hurt, and yet has had them in contention to win a tough division every year. I would happily take Lamar in tampa if we had money to spend.

  21. 32 million is pretty great for a QB that’s only thrown for more than 3000 yards once (3100). And won only one playoff game. Jackson needs to take a good look at his reality.

  22. It doesn’t look like to many teams are going all out to sign him or he’d be on a new team by now.

  23. Lamar doesn’t understand that he actually needs to represent himself. He is proceeding as though multiple teams are just going to send him a 1 paragraph contract offer guaranteeing him $5M more than the Browns gave Watson. It appears that there is no interest in his services.

  24. The Ravens have played this perfect in my opinion…if they really did offer him a 3 yr / 133 million contract guaranteed (44.3 million a year) and he turned it down then the non exclusive tag is the right play…pay him the 32.4 million or get the draft picks. Either way the Ravens come out on top….LJ isn’t going to lead them to a Super Bowl because he will pout and be “hurt” when it counts most and given his history then 32.4 million is not an underpay and if another team is dumb enough to sign him to some crazy amount then take the picks and start fresh with an actual QB that can throw.

  25. Lamar wants a Desean contract. Problem is, he’s not as good as Desean, and, nobody else in the league is as friggin stupid as Cleveland. Watson’s contract is absurd.

  26. Im no jackson fan but hes got to be worth more than what the Cowboys are paying 3rd stringer Dak.

  27. The reason there are stories of teams like WAS and ATL not being interested because when asked it doesn’t help themselves to say they are interested. If Lamar had an agent we would have lots of stories several teams interested because he would be talking him up. Lamar is being a child here. Go get an agent and make your money.

  28. Lamar is becoming less and less likeable with each passing day.

    He is a below par passer with a great running acumen. Not worth the guaranteed money he thinks he will get, which clearly isn’t coming

  29. Crazy how worried everyone is and assume they know better then Lamar. Dude made more then everyone who has posted and will continue. I remember him coming out and how some insisted that he play RB and make 1/4 what he made as a QB.

    With that being said, I wouldn’t want to pay him top 5 QB money and would be concerned about his injury history.

  30. Getting 3y/133MM guaranteed without an agent was a GREAT offer for someone with his skill set, injury history, and somewhat questionable behavior during the playoffs. The problem isn’t that he needs an agent, that offer was great, the problem is that his ego or the NFLPA has convinced him that he’s worth more than that!

    If anything, he needed an agent in the backend, a good agent would have said take the money and run!

  31. If he was interviewing himself and both Lamar the interviewer and Lamar the interviewee referred to themselves in third person, would one of them technically be speaking in fourth person?

  32. Actually, he’s not a top ten Qb, face it, teams figured him out pretty fast. He doesn’t throw the ball accurately enough, he’s too quick to run, and he has been hurt the last two years proves it.

  33. an agent wouldnt make him less obstinate. ppl dont get that 2 things can be true at once. yes hes asking for too much but no an agent woulsnt change anything

  34. I’m a big Ravens fan and really like Lamar’s personality. He plays for the wins and not individual stats, so, I thought. This “gotta do it for my guys” really means ” I want to look the best out there and the heck with the score as long as I look good” attitude has shown through in the negotiations. I don’t think he will ever be the same as i am sure there have been some negative things said against him in the negotiations. May as well trade him and start over with a young QB.

  35. Lamar has already earned more money than 99% of people do in their lifetimes. Perhaps he feels financially secure and is motivated by principle rather than greed.

  36. I wonder if he will be able to understand the questions. Then again I wonder if the interviewer will be able to understand the answers. Because nothing makes sense in any of this at all.

  37. The NFL isnct about football anymore, it’s about money. The owners should let all the greedy players go and start over. There will always be a Rodgers, Watson, & Jackson – the world is full of them. More money is ruining all sports these days.

  38. Long time Ravens fan here. I feel sorry for Lamar. He’s entering into a self-destruct mode. Come back to Earth Lamar because you’re not all that.

  39. Not defending Lamar but agents make 10 to 20% of the contract. Saying he’s losing millions by the not having an agent ignores the fact he’d lose millions by having one. New contracts also get front loaded payouts. When Lamar gets his new contract I’m sure the pay difference between him and Allen will close.

  40. His new contract will include a seat in the owner’s box to watch the games while he is rehabbing.

  41. Jackson isnt even worth 32.4 million.
    Let alone a guaranteed contract.
    Plus his head has gotten too big.

  42. The simple fact is he is just not that good. Certainly not worth $250 Million guaranteed. Admittedly he is an exceptionally exciting runner. But he’s a great runner because he’s not that good a QB. Not many teams want to spend that kind of money on a QB that won’t win you games form the pocket. And not many 1 read QBs can do that.

  43. The standard NFL agent fee is 3%. Get an professional agent Lamar,… or are you really that cheap ?

  44. The guy can’t finish a season anymore, he’s lost some speed, and this whole he can pass thing was just because he had 1.5 seasons of hitting well on deep balls. He isn’t worth what he thinks he is, but he would have made some decent money if he had an agent.

  45. For his style of QB, IT’s just not sustainable OR reliable… the older he gets the chances of injury rises and less value he becomes to any team…
    The Ravens got his best years out of him, so time to move on!

  46. The Bengals just added OBJ (the one still in the league) at a completely reasonable deal. One he wouldn’t accept from Baltimore or KC.

    Orlando’s misplaced perception of his own ability became Cincy’s good fortune. I wonder who will benefit from Lamar’s.

  47. He’s a running quarterback asking for passing quarterback money.

    Only a stupid it would pay him top tier passing qb money. Whole different skill set.

  48. nhpats2011 says:
    March 19, 2023 at 8:08 am

    Great runner
    Horrible Passer
    Not too bright

    Just stop. His passer rating was better than Joe Burrow”s in 2022. Lamar is not a running back. He sucks on short yardage runs and is only good in the open field. Taking advantage of broken plays don’t make you a running back. Didn’t he throw like 3 TDs when he spanked your Patriots while Mac Jones stunk up the joint. Just stop.

  49. The hand has been played. And it’s pretty good by Baltimore. They showed exactly the price and risk they are willing to take.

    Ravens offered Lamar 133M- 45M/year for 3 years, fully guaranteed. Essentially saying they are comfortable paying the franchise tag to Lamar for 3 years. They also allow Lamar to enter free agency AGAIN, earlier, to make a third contract. That’s a win for Lamar.

    Ravens will probably match to 50M, so if you Gotta beat that price, PLUS give up at least 2 first round picks? Gonna be tough to find a team that values Lamar as much as the Ravens.

    This is just like the Ray Lewis negotiation.

  50. Those who say Lame is not a running back apparently have their heads inside their bodies.

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