Commanders’ free-agent deals suggest sale is indeed coming

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles
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As reported on Thursday night, there’s a belief that a sale of the Commanders is imminent. A new fact supports this timetable.

Specifically, signing bonuses for newly-signed contracts aren’t due imminently.

Ben Standig of reports that deals finalized in the past week delay the initial payment schedule. Instead of the first installment being due within 15 to 30 days after executing, the money is due roughly two months post-execution.

For example, the contract signed by defensive tackle Daron Payne provides, per Standing, for the first payment to be made by May 12, 2023. Quarterback Jacoby Brissett‘s contract also specifies that initial payment will be made by May 12.

This is a departure from the team’s past precedent. Given the circumstances, it suggests that someone else will be paying the signing bonuses.

PFT reported on Thursday night that owner Daniel and Tanya Snyder cleared out of the facility in late December, and that within the building there’s a belief a sale is imminent. Some believe it could be buttoned up quietly over the next week, and then announced at the league meetings in Arizona, which start next weekend.

In the three days since that report, there has been no effort by the team or anyone else to push back against it.

17 responses to “Commanders’ free-agent deals suggest sale is indeed coming

  1. Snyder is a cancer, and I hope he sells the team quickly. It’s going to take a lot of work (and a lot of money) to rebuild the franchise after what Snyder did to it.

  2. This is great news, but it makes me wonder why owners that have gotten in just as much moral and legal trouble have been allowed to keep their teams. I am not going to name names but we all know who they are.

  3. It’s hard not to hope this is actually going to happen, knowing what a snake Snyder is, but my fingers and toes are all crossed….

  4. If this is true, can’t the new owner void all of the contracts, including Bienemy’s?! How could Snyder obligate him to debts not on the book before ownership takes place? Of is this the anchor the other owners are planning to tie around the neck of a prospective new owner at the next league meeting? And btw; what cartel waits to deal with a problem like Snyder until a scheduled meeting instead of having an emergency session and just getting it over with?!

  5. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    “This is great news, but it makes me wonder why owners that have gotten in just as much moral and legal trouble have been allowed to keep their teams. I am not going to name names but we all know who they are.”
    Wilfs, Haslam.

  6. Weird. Is Danny negotiating with the NFL on indemnity and a quick, quiet sale vs a public battle with much dirty laundry aired? Or is Roger holding the M J White investigations over Danny’s head? We’ll probably never know.

  7. I’m not sure why them moving out in December makes a sale in March/April Eminent. Now if they moved everything last week…

    As to the contracts, the new owners would want efforts done to not have the team move backwards, by sitting out FA or not hiring a coach. So the team will transfer hands ‘as is’ at the time of the sale’s execution, as opposed to as it was when negotiations began.
    Of course a bad enough contract could cause a buyer to walk away, reduce a price, or include in the sale a clause where Synder is on the hook if a contract goes south (like giving a fully guaranteed contract to an oft injured QB then seeing him get a career ender).
    But the buyer would be buying whatever contracts are in place even if executed hours before the deal Is done. Buyer can always walk away, with caveats.

  8. Not a fan of the team, but I’m happy for those who are. He’s been a terrible owner in a lot of ways.

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