Juan Thornhill: All of the pieces to make Super Bowl are in Cleveland

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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Safety Juan Thornhill spent the first four years of his career with the Chiefs, so he has seen a lot of team success since entering the professional ranks.

Thornhill’s torn ACL late in his rookie season kept him from playing in Super Bowl LIV, but he was in the lineup for Super Bowls LV and LVII along with another AFC Championship Game after the 2021 season. Those experiences have given him some idea about the kind of teams that make it deep in the playoffs and he believes his new team has a chance to do that.

Thornhill signed with the Browns as a free agent this week and he said at his introductory press conference that he sees the makings of a successful team.

“All of the pieces are here,” Thornhill said, via the team’s website. “They’ve got a really good quarterback, receivers, the defense is super strong. I feel like all of the pieces are here and we have that capability of getting there and making a splash in the playoffs and making it to the Super Bowl.”

The Browns will have quarterback Deshaun Watson for a full season and they added Thornhill, edge defender Obgo Okoronkwo, and defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson to a defense that will now be coordinated by another Super Bowl winner in Jim Schwartz. The hope is that the combination is able to prove Thornhill right about what they can accomplish on the field.

31 responses to “Juan Thornhill: All of the pieces to make Super Bowl are in Cleveland

  1. Definitely not super bowl level ownership. Also a reckless GM . Maybe they can overcome those things, but history suggests they won’t.

  2. How about winning the AFC North first (1989 or so since the last?) and win in Pittsburgh more than 4 or 5 times in 60 years.Go Browns.

  3. This is probably the last shot the browns have a super bowl because with DeShaun Watson’s large contract plus the extension that pushed more dead money to the following years it’s not going to be possible for the browns to field a strong team.

  4. Yeah, except Cleveland is missing the KEY piece to making a Super Bowl run: An elite franchise QB.

  5. Their QB had a completion percentage of 58% and a 38 QBR, which would rank him right alongside Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, & Russell Wilson. They may have all the pieces but they are 10 million pieces that nobody will ever be able to put together again. Thornhill took the job because they offered the most money, period.

  6. As a Browns fan for over 50+ years I would love this to be true. Trouble is I fear the curse of Haslam simply won’t allow it

  7. Yes, coming off of a 7-10 last place finish means a Super Bowl is on the horizon. The Browns were bad on offense and defense last year. Their star QB has a career record barely above .500 and looked very pedestrian those last 5 games. The Browns are almost certainly looking at another AFC North basement finish in 2023…certainly not a Super Bowl.

  8. Guess if I just left the Super Bowl champs for a nice payday I’d say that about my new team whether I believed it or not also.

  9. The defence is super strong?
    Did Thornhill watch the Browns at all last year? Cause the defence was middling at best, and at their worst they gave up a combined 69 points to elite quarterbacks named Joe Flacco and Bailey Zappe.

  10. Not many people outside Cleveland rooting for Deshaun but that fan base is beyond due for some success. Juan was really something to see before he got hurt; while he’s slowly improved since, he’s never been the same player. If that was pointed out to him and he owned it, I’d put a little more stock in his perception skills.

  11. They’ve had two playoff wins in 23 seasons, which is 1 or 2 shy of how many you need in a single year to win a SB. Never mind the fact they’ve never even been to a SB.

    So I will go with a “no” on his assessment.

  12. Unfortunately for the Browns, Watson is not the QB he was after being off the field for two years. He’s definitely lost his mojo. Seen it before like Wentz after he came back from surgery or Matt Schaub inexplicably started throwing picks right and left. It happens..

  13. Nope thats not happening in our life times. Maybe in 100 years or so.

  14. The Browns may have all the pieces but they are in the same division with Joe Burrow. He owns that division for a foreseeable future.

  15. Juan Thornhill helped us win 2 super bowl championships in Kansas City, so I wish him the best of luck in Cleveland

  16. Apparently the ink on new money is a hallucinogenic. This kid starting to sound like Tyreek. Just say you took the money. There is no reason to start lying about your new team or your old one.

  17. Dumbest QB contract in NFL history has already sunk the Browns. And to back up the truck for such a class guy… Browns will be Browns!

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