Laremy Tunsil gets new deal from Texans

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans
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On the same day the Texans sent receiver Brandin Cooks to Dallas, the Texans sent tackle Laremy Tunsil to the top of the tackle market.

Saint Omni — a non-certified agent who made headlines last year for trying to negotiate with teams on behalf of linebacker Roquan Smith — told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that the Texans have signed Tunsil to a three-year, $75 million deal, with $50 million fully-guaranteed at signing.

Like all initial reports of deals, which are blindly passed along without scrutiny of the actual, true details, we’ll wait for the real numbers before believing it’s as good as advertised.

“Mr. Omni is prohibited from negotiating Player Contracts or discussing potential trades on behalf of any NFL player or prospective player or assisting in or advising with respect to such negotiations,” the NFL said in a memo to all teams in August 2022, after it became clear that Omni was contacting teams in an effort to cajole them into trying to trade for Smith.

Although Tunsil technically represented himself, non-agents have in the past assisted self-represented players through phony email accounts. The agent pretends to be the player, in the digital negotiations with the team.

It will be interesting to know — if we ever find out — whether Tunsil negotiated the deal in face-to-face meetings with G.M. Nick Caserio, or whether Tunsil sent and received proposals via email.

17 responses to “Laremy Tunsil gets new deal from Texans

  1. Simply put, one of the best blind side left tackles in the business. Well deserved. Hopefully, they draft Young or Stroud so he can have a legit QB to protect now.

  2. Orlando Brown Jr. must be kicking himself. Goes to a lesser franchise and has to take nearly 50% less to do so. Then a week later Tunsil pulls this off, good on him! Had Brown waited a week, he could’ve seen what top LT players are getting in 2023. But he plays more in the 10-15 top LT, so he was paid accordingly.

  3. Lamar Jackson might want to get his number and find out how he does it repping himself.

  4. Bengals a lesser franchise than the Texans…that’s pretty funny. Texans aren’t winning anything anytime soon. Good on Tunsil to get his money but he knows he’s collecting a check only and won’t be competing for anything in Houston.

  5. Not as bad as I was expecting, he is a very good pass blocking LT. Now if they can get him interested in run blocking, they’d really have something.
    They’ve got Howard and Green – both 1st rounders. And picked up Mason who is a marked improvement over Cann. They do need a center, but that SHOULD be a first class unit. We’ll see.

  6. Brown went from KC to Cinci, the lesser franchise…. KC offered him $130 million, he only got $75 from Cinci. That extra year of disproving himself cost him dearly, KC offered him less this year, he still didn’t take it, they moved on, and he got 40% less. Houston has a great LT, but what’s the point of a great LT if you have nothing else.

  7. Tunsil seems to be one hell of a negotiater. The first extension you could chalk up to desperation after they traded with no extension done. This time he reset the market with a year left on his deal for a huge mark up over what it would cost to tag him twice in 2024 and 2025 which would take them to his early 30’s. Hats off to him and/or whoever is advising him.

  8. Mike and his agent buddies do NOT like to see a player represent himself and get tons of guaranteed money.

  9. Danielle K says:
    March 19, 2023 at 10:47 am
    Lol. Chiefs fans thought they were getting him

    Something tells me Chiefs fans will be just fine, just a thought lol…

  10. I guess he made up for the money he probably lost on draft night with that gas mask snafu.

  11. After watching him get torpedoed The night of the draft by somebody with a vendetta against him, I’m actually really happy to see him get this contract. And let me be clear. I have no dog in this fight at all

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