Odell Beckham tells Saquon Barkley: Tell Joe Schoen to call my agent

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Odell Beckham Jr. is interested in a return to the Giants.

Beckham and Saquon Barkley, the Giants’ franchise-tagged running back, had an interaction on Twitter in which Beckham indicated he’d like for Barkley to talk to Giants General Manager Joe Schoen about a reunion.

Tell Joe call my agent,” Beckham wrote, punctuating it with a laughing emoji. “I got some more shxt left to do.”

Beckham’s Twitter activity in recent days has indicated that he’s eager to sign with a team but hasn’t been offered nearly as much money as he was hoping for. That’s not a big surprise, however: Beckham didn’t play at all in 2022 and both his 2020 and 2021 seasons ended with torn ACLs. The most important ability in football, as they say, is availability, and NFL teams may doubt Beckham is capable of staying healthy for 17 games.

So while Beckham may return to the Giants, it’s safe to say Schoen wouldn’t offer Beckham anything close to the five-year, $95 million contract he signed with the Giants in 2018.

23 responses to “Odell Beckham tells Saquon Barkley: Tell Joe Schoen to call my agent

  1. Odell x Barkley would be the perfect 1-2 punch, Barkley is basically a WR at this point anyways

  2. If the Giants GM was interested, wouldn’t he already have called? It’s not like the Giants don’t have the number or ability to get the agent’s number.

  3. Can’t land a job on your own??? Going nowhere for 20 mil. 4 mil for 1 year at best.

  4. Even with all that talent you get the feeling Odell Beckham hasn’t grown up…………..

  5. He’s not quite as bad as Rodgers, but the need for attention never stops with this guy either. He’s over 30, coming off of his 2nd ACL injury in the same knee, and the biggest Prima Donna at the WR position in the NFL. Better take what you can get, if it REALLY is about getting back on the field to play football. He’s already beyond rich and acts like $4M-$6M is beneath him.

  6. Would love to see him and Rodgers on the same team! Would make a great reality show!

  7. This guy is gonna be lumped into drama queens category like Ocho, AB, & Terrell Owens by the time he’s out of the league. He has no clue of the impressive assembly line of WRs coming into the league over the past few yrs.

  8. Nothing speaks to his undesirability to teams more than the fact that he’s calling other players to help him get a job.

  9. besides the 1 way over-rated catch with a sticky glove that any of you could have caught that ball with, what has OBJ done exactly? 
    Now at age 30, coming off back to back ACL tears…and he wants what? He’s going to get 1 yr, $6M and a chance to prove himself as someone’s 3rd or 4th WR. Anyone who has him as a 1 or 2, isn’t a serious contender.

  10. I seen this a few days ago. My initial thought: Saquon needs his own agent to call the Giants.

  11. If I’m asked to be the intermediary in getting Odell a deal, then I’m going to ask for a percentage.

  12. Barkley is the one who’s agent needs to call Joe. Chances are if they don’t come to a long term deal, Barkley is getting traded.

    They already tried to sign Foreman who wouldn’t replace Barkley but would have cut into his snaps more so than Breida. If Barkley signs the tag late, he’ll probably get traded by the deadline. If he signs in the next 2-3 weeks (unlikely), he could get traded during the draft. So Joe needs to call his agent before Beckham’s.

  13. The D.C. Defenders could use OBJ, but I don’t think they have 20 million budgeted for him.

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