Report: Texans will pay $6 million to make Brandin Cooks trade happen

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Receiver Brandon Cooks was due to make $18 million this year, fully guaranteed. He still is. And the Texans will be paying a third of the amount, even though he won’t be playing for them.

PFT has confirmed that the Texans have agreed to pay $6 million of the Cooks salary in order to make the trade happen. The Cowboys will pay the other $12 million.

Cooks is signed through 2024. He has a base salary of $13 million and a roster bonus of $3 million next year.

The Cowboys traded receiver Amari Cooper to the Browns last year, in lieu of paying him $20 million.

Cooks has now been traded four times; the Cowboys become his fifth NFL team.

This is the second trade the Cowboys have made in recent days for a long-time NFL veteran. Previously, the Cowboys traded a fifth-round pick for cornerback Stephon Gilmore, a 2012 first-round selection. Now, they’ll send a fifth- and sixth-round pick to the Texans for Cooks.

25 responses to “Report: Texans will pay $6 million to make Brandin Cooks trade happen

  1. 1000 yards for 4 different teams tells you he isn’t a system guy, rather an all-out, intelligent athlete. Fantastic trade!!

  2. Evan Bleier of Inside Hook, wrote 3 years ago when he was traded to the Texans that Cooks had 5 known major concussions and had to see a specialist more than once up to that point. He pointed out that Cooks does a great job catching the ball, but isn’t great at protecting himself after the catch and thus takes a lot of hits that lead to serious concussions. He also didn’t show up to a couple of practices for the Texans last year trying to pout his way out of town. I’d imagine some of that showed up at other stops, too.

  3. Someone in the Houston Texans front office needs to be terminated for not conducting complete background checks prior to a personnel transaction.
    I can’t wait to see how (not if) the Texans front office screws up the 2023 NFL Draft.
    In the 2022 NFL Draft the Texans selected TWO (2) First Round picks with previous injuries that prohibited them from playing the entire season.

  4. Both trades (cooks and Gilmore) are for players past their prime. They aren’t likely to help the cowboys get past the eagles or the 49ers.
    Cowboys are not tough enough, physically and mentally.

  5. I’m not anti-Cowboys. I don’t think Jerry Jones needs to hire a General Manager. I think Jerry knows more about football than at least 90% of all G.M.’s. Jerry was a captain on his college National Championship winning Arkansas team. He’s a legit HOF owner, having won 3 super bowls, and doing it with 2 different coaches. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but neither is anyone else who’s running an NFL team. Most are much, much worse at managing a team than Jerry. However, this is an example of a not so perfect signing. I mean, are you kidding me? This Cooks guy bounces around more than a Superball (do they still make those?). He obviously wears out his welcome with each new team. Obviously not the kind of guy you want to bring into your locker room. And, receivers are a dime a dozen. You can get decent receivers off the streets, and even if you’re signing elite HOF type receivers, they don’t make any difference. Father Time catches up to all of us. Nolan Ryan lasted a long time, but eventually lost his 100 mph fastball. Al Davis lost his fastball late in his HOF career as an owner, and Jerry’s fastball isn’t breaking the radar guns anymore.

  6. Texans have to kick in 6 mil just to dump the best skill position player on their team. I stand in awe of the incompetence…,,,.

  7. “Cap Hell” is when you want a player, but can’t afford to pay 100% of his contract.

  8. Despite other comments, smart move from Texans. Houston is no where near ready to win, so why pay a non-foundational piece $18M? They’re now out from under a bad contract and can Re-build correctly.

  9. Jerry did not win the Super Bowl with two coaches. He won with one. That guys deserves most of the credit.

  10. Did Jerry just sign two players past their prime or did Jerry make some good signings?

  11. redlikethepig says:
    March 19, 2023 at 11:01 am
    The Cowboys are looking more desperate by the day.
    I’m not Cowboys/Jerrah fan, but me thinks the moves they’re making are making them look better and better. Gilmore is a huge addition to that defense.

  12. Only NBA teams pay significant portions of players salaries to make players go away! There is WAY more to the story of why Cooks gets traded so much than any reporter has had the guts to tell!

  13. Someone said Brandin Cooks was a proven commodity. Very true, since commodities get traded all the time…

  14. People who think it’s a bad idea for this trade and Gilmore fail to realize the Cowboys aren’t planning on making them the number one in their respective roles. They’re going to go in there for support. And understanding the compensation given, why wouldn’t you want a veteran in there instead of a rookie who may not even make the team. Yes both of them have lost a step, but their football experience should definitely make up for it, and in a supporting role, still better than darts on the wall with rookies

  15. I’m surprised that for a 5th and a 6th round pick, and a 12 mil salary, that a team like the Patriots, looking for a #1 receiver, did not get in on this. They are familiar with the player. Maybe they feel like his best asset is speed and they already have that with Tyquan Thornton? Hmmm….

  16. letsgonow says:
    March 19, 2023 at 1:12 pm
    Patriot fans get more nervous as another FA WR falls off the available chart.******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    Why would they be nervous? The Pats don’t have anyone that can throw him the ball.

  17. Wow, when the team you were a member of is willing to pay someone to take your trash, you know you aren’t very good.

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