SoFi Stadium may be unable to host the World Cup Final

The morning after Super Bowl LVI at the SoFi Stadium.
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SoFi Stadium is the perfect place for people to watch big-time sporting events.

As long as it doesn’t rain.

And as long as the event isn’t the World Cup Final.

According to the Times of London, via USA Today, SoFi Stadium may be unable to host the ultimate soccer match in 2026 because the field isn’t wide enough. To get there, seats would need to be removed — and that would take the maximum capacity of SoFi Stadium below the FIFA minimum of 80,000.

AT&T Stadium in Dallas, SoFi Stadium, and MetLife Stadium in New Jersey were believed to be the favorites. It’s odd, frankly, that this issue didn’t emerge before SoFi became widely regarded as one of the three potential places where the match could be played.

It may just be a leverage play aimed at getting better terms for the World Cup Final, whether from SoFi or from one of the other finalists. FIFA seems to know a thing or two about getting the best possible deal.

Allegedly. Or actually.

17 responses to “SoFi Stadium may be unable to host the World Cup Final

  1. Okay so you want to put on a soccer game it would seem the stadium owners have the upper hand since its the only game in town. They surely can do it with less people and charge mo money to make up for it, simple solution to a simple problem.

  2. Every single player, coach, fan, network all vote unanimously to play it at Allegiant Stadium.

  3. FIFA, an organization that makes the NFL look like it’s comprised of nothing but saints.

  4. Seriously, I often come on here to complain about how the NFL owners are grifters, but in reality they’re playing in a semi-pro arena league compared to FIFA grifting talents. Don’t even get started on the IOC

  5. The Non grass stadiums will convert their fields temporarily.

    why any new stadium doesn’t account for soccer is silly. Seats can be removable, if built to be removable.

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