Bills add former Patriots running back Damien Harris

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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With the Patriots adding running back James Robinson, it became more likely that running back Damien Harris would move on.

He has.

Via multiple reports, Harris has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills.

Harris, a four-year veteran, had a career-high 929 rushing yards with New England in 2021. Last year, he appeared in only 11 games, gaining 462 rushing yards.

The Bills need help at the position, with Devin Singletary gone via free agency to the Texans. James Cook showed promise as a rookie in 2022. They also have Duke Johnson and Nyheim Hines on the roster.

The Patriots will now rely on Robinson and Rhamondre Stevenson. Last year, Stevenson rushed for 1,040 yards in his second NFL season.

29 responses to “Bills add former Patriots running back Damien Harris

  1. Nice addition. The Bills needed a back that could get a first down on 3rd and 1.

  2. As a Pats fan that hurts… If he’s healthy that’s a great pickup for the Bills.

  3. Not sure when/how Harris and NE had their falling out. Seemed like a true blue career Patriot for a while When healthy he is a RB1. I thought Dallas would call him.

  4. Best signing possible for the Bills; just the stud back they need. NE just doesn’t run smash mouth offense. Harris will shine.

  5. Hate to see him go there, but I’m happy for him….if he can just stay healthy, he’ll be a great addition for them…
    Wish him well except when he plays us!!!

  6. This is a great signing for the Bills. This guy was amazing against Buffalo.

    Perfect complement to Cook. Beane has done really well during this FA period considering how limited the cap room is.

  7. Man, Harris is great when he is not hurt. But, he is ALWAYS hurt. Not his fault, it is a tough game …

  8. Patriots very thin on skill positions. O’Brien must be targeting some people in the draft. Jones cant get better without better players.
    Harris needs to stay healthy for Buffalo

  9. Josh Allen is still the best RB they have on the team. He gives them a bit more of a hammer than they’ve had back there in recent years but I think this shows that Derrick Henry won’t be going to Buffalo.

  10. skcrooged says:
    March 20, 2023 at 8:36 pm
    Best signing possible for the Bills; just the stud back they need. NE just doesn’t run smash mouth offense. Harris will shine.


    The Patriots run game is as smash mouth as any. That’s why Harris was there and why he did well. They tried some stretch runs last season but in the end, and going into 2023 under O’Brien, they are back to smash mouth running. He’s a very good running back and great teammate. I worry more about the effect on his new teammates more. He’s a leader. I had hoped they wouldn’t lose him. Losing him within the division is 2x bad.

  11. Funny how “BB can’t draft”, yet when the player leaves, he’s all of a sudden good.

    The disinengenuos level of non Pats fans reaches epic proportions.

  12. Was Josh McDaniels sleeping when this happened? It’s not like him to pass on a player from that club.

  13. bubfu says:
    March 20, 2023 at 9:17 pm
    As a Pats fan, I’d have prefered to keep Harris over Robinson.

    And Jakobi over JuJu.

  14. Never pay much for a RB. The smart teams like the Bills and Chiefs know that. So many plug and play RBs straight out of college or for cheap on the FA market.

  15. Good pickup.

    Really like the way this kid played when he was in the lineup. 15 tds in 2021 and started 15 games

    He was injured a lot last year and missed 6 games outright, left a couple of others early bc of injury too. If Buffalo gets the 2021 version they got a steal

  16. The Bills have a guy who will always give 100% every time he’s out there. Enjoy him Buffalo.

  17. You can say Bill has mis-managed some offensive positions but running back isn’t one of them. He has consistently drafted and traded for guys that produce and done it with limit funds.

    Antowain Smith, Corey Dillion, Maroney, Green-Ellis, Ridley, Blount, Michel, Harris and Stevenson all averaged over 4 yds a carry. Third down backs flourished, including Faulk (inherited), Woodhead, Vereen, Bolden, White and Lewis, all were key contributors.

    Not one of those backs left and did much, with the exception of Blount for one year and winning a super bowl as did Michel, both really role players for shirt money.

    I love Harris. He’s leaving early in his career but if history follows his future success will be modest but watch out for one very productive season with the Bills,

  18. BB used to have it nice when Brady was there and free agents from all over including the division wanted to come to New England and give all the secrets from their former teams.
    Now the tide had turned in the AFC East. Have fun in quarterback purgatory Pats fans.
    You’re gonna hate it

  19. Harris, McCourty, Hightower, Meyers… These are not insignificant losses to the locker room. Hoyer couldn’t stay on the field when needed but he was known as a pro at playing the opposition during practice. The additions are anemic. Ju-Ju is a #2 at best. If the Pats are truly going to rely upon the draft for talent then I would say they are calling this year a wash. Onto 2024!

  20. Dang… that is a hard loss as a Pats fan. His durability was definitely in question over the past two years with chronic hamstring issues, so I can kind of see where BB was comfortable letting him go. Still sucks. Loved the guy here in NE. Best of luck to you, Damien. I hope you can stay healthy and have a good long and successful career!

  21. Seems like maybe the bills dont wanna or frankly cant make a big splash signing or trade, but thats what happens when you have a good squad but you still have multiple needs. the trade for henry rumours were odd, they wouldnt want to give up the potential draft capital to tennessee for what theyd want. Harris will be — if healthy — a great pickup where they really need a strong tough runner for the first time in forever.

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