Cam Newton will throw at Auburn’s Pro Day on Tuesday

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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Cam Newton hasn’t lost his swag, but what he wants is another chance.

The free agent quarterback confirmed in a social media post that he will throw during Auburn’s Pro Day on Tuesday.

“Tell me how these randoms keep getting jobs,” Newton says during the video before later adding, “Ain’t 32 mother [expletive] better than me. You dig?”

Newton, 33, has not played since 2021 during a second stint with the Panthers.

He last won a game in 2020, last passed for 3,000 yards in 2018, last started every game in a season in 2017, last started a playoff game in 2017 and last made the Pro Bowl in 2015. Newton also was league MVP in 2015 when he led the Panthers to a 15-1 record and an appearance in the Super Bowl.

He spent 10 seasons with Carolina and one with New England.

120 responses to “Cam Newton will throw at Auburn’s Pro Day on Tuesday

  1. Newton is better than some backup QBs, but I can’t think of any starting QBs he is better than. I’d take Davis mills over cam newton at this point. But no one wants to bring in newton as a backup.

  2. He’s right there are 32 mother expletives better than him in the league. There are probably 60.

  3. Not only are there 32 better than you, there’s another 20 backups that are as well. The difference between you and them is they know their role is to be a back up. You don’t. You dig?

  4. “Ain’t 32 MFs better than me. You dig” is exactly why this clown is unemployed.

  5. Now that theyre making money legally in college Scam Newton wants to go back for more

  6. @billshistorian

    Basically summed it up.

    Cam did himself no favors with that social media post. Even if he feels that way he’s gotta read the room and understand. His prime and best days are behind him and no coach or front office wants a aging QB that’s dividing locker rooms, undermining the staff, or causing media drama.

    Definitely not worth the headache

  7. That fact he still has confidence is good, but the question will be the status of his shoulder. His last couple of seasons, he wasn’t a threat to pass more than 10yrds downfield. His best bet would be to take a backup job. His pride might not like it, but someone would likely give him a shot at such a position. It would get him a job, a roster slot, and a chance to get on the field, not to mention a fair bit of money.

  8. Who in the NFL is more arrogant and delusional than Cam Newton? He could EASILY get a backup job and earn millions per year. But his arrogance won’t allow him to do that. It’s foolish.

  9. At least he hasn’t lost his classy side. But seriously, he’s sent more air mail than the Post Office. Hopefully doing the Superman pose at the mall pays well.

  10. Put one of your big goofy 🎩s on and ride into the sunset because you toast !

  11. Personally, I believe there are 31 mofo’s better than you. 6th rounder at best!

  12. Dear Mr Newton, as you say “ain’t 32 mother [expletive] better than me.” Beyond the wonderful grammar display (is this what it sounds like to be an Icon?) I would like to state I agree with you. That number shod be a lot higher.

  13. Let me guess…he wants to play, but not as a backup, and thinks teams won’t sign him because of his hair?

  14. Taking the Kap route I see. Nothing more impressive than throwing at uncovered WRs and having no pass rush to show your skills off.

  15. Gee, maybe CK will throw too….Let’s bring Peyton Manning back while we’re at it…Drew Breese too!!!

  16. The rare player who could give Rodgers a run for his money in the “Most Disliked” category.

  17. He needs to take another run at winning the Heisman trophy again. Then, I think the NFL scouts will have more confidence in him.

  18. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back for another opportunity was the interview where he talked about “Cam Newton Aura”. I have tried to be a Cam fan over the years as a Panthers fan but the dude is just too much. If he had focused on football half as much as on his extra curriculars, he could have gone don’t in history as one of the best.

  19. I dig…He needs to sell himself as the “veteran transitional” QB who just want a chance to compete for a starting position while mentoring a new QB. Even then, he likely won’t be offered a contract worth what he feels he deserves.

  20. Maybe his injuries have had time to heal. 33 is still prime age for a QB. Or maybe his bank account is just running a bit low.

  21. Probably not the smartest plan. I’d be shocked if there isn’t someone on Auburn’s roster that would put on better pure passing performance than Cam.

  22. Cam is right. There aren’t 32 QBs that are better than him in the NFL. At this point I think it is closer to 45 or 50. Some teams have decent backups!

  23. Cam, please don’t be a distraction, and in any way disrupt the opportunities of these college kids, you dig?

  24. SOOOOO… He learned to actually throw OR just going to go out there and sling it like he’s done his whole career?

  25. Can he enter the transfer portal? I hear he wants his 5th year…. In all seriousness, go away!

  26. I can picture him throwing the end of his feather boa over his shoulder as he says “you dig?”

  27. They never said what he’d be throwing… insults at others? His back out? A tantrum?

  28. Whenever I need to sound young and low-mileage, I too like to utilize the fool proof “You dig?”

  29. He has been washed for a while now, not to mention has a poor attitude. He’s done.

  30. Cam isn’t the MVP player he once was but the Jets probably would have made the playoffs last year if they had him instead of Zach Wilson.

  31. It’s not just performance, which yours has been mediocre for years now, it’s also about leadership and humility. Maybe teams know that all 32 of those starting mf-ers care about the team more than themselves and how they look whereas you’re running around in your pastel colored goofy outfits talking about how good you are.

  32. Drafting him on a rookie salary would be hilarious. Please let this happen. Make him Mr. Irrelevant for fun.

  33. Are all 32 starters better than Cam? Maybe yes, maybe no. But I bet all 32 would pounce on a fumble with the season on the line!

  34. 33-year old using expletives in a Twitter video, questioning all 32 teams’ personnel decisions. Sounds like a guy I’d run out to sign post haste. Some of these guys will never learn how to be professionals.

  35. “Ain’t 32 mother [expletive] better than me. You dig?”

    Poetry. And you wonder why once the legs go on running qb’s, their careers fall off the cliff. There’s not enough between the ears to make up for bad legs. Lamar?

  36. Yes
    Please give this guy another shot
    This should be delightful.
    Notice how he waited 2 years for people to forget how atrocious he was at the end. 2 games in he will be slumped on the bench, towel over his head, munching on his mouthpiece.

  37. At this point Cam isn’t good enough to start, and his ego is too big for anyone to sign him as a backup. Career is pretty much over.

  38. He’s made over $133,000,000. Just retire and chill. It’s over. You’re making a fool of yourself.

  39. If he’d accept a Taysom Hill type of role somewhere, he could help a team. But, his ego is such that he sees himself as more than that. Too bad. He might be able to squeeze out 4 or 5 years if he was so inclined.

  40. The guys arm has been toast for 2 years. Last time he saw a field, I could throw a ball with more on it than him. NOthing like skipping balls across the turf. People just don’t want their dumb fan base thinking he is a starter. He clearly thinks he is, but he is crazy. NO GM wants him as a 2nd or 3rd, just would be annoying. they know he is toast and lacks potential.

  41. You are a backup now Cam…at best..and perhaps not because of your “fashion”…

    teams put up with that BS when you can play…but in reality teams want ZERO distractions…even when it is something as ridiculous as your “look at me” fashion.

    Anything that gives the media something to talk about other than TEAM…Coaches and GM’s do not want…and now that you are a shell of your former self…they ain’t havin it.

    Young guys gonna get a chance over you. Stay home and enjoy all that $$ you made.

  42. Cam could be a great veteran backup to give a QB room some veteran experience and depth. I seriously would not mind seeing the Dolphins signing him. The problem is he still thinks he is a starter, and the drama is not worth what he brings to the table. Fitzmagic should start a backup QB camp for some of these veteran guys to show them how to extend their careers and remain productive in the NFL.

  43. At this point Cam is in the Nathan Peterman, Josh Johnson class of QBs. The break glass in case of emergency group.

  44. I do not necessarily like Cam Newton, but I do not think there are 63 QB’s better than him. He should be at least someone’s QB#2. I hope he catches back on somewhere. It might help if he was not so darn eccentric. Tone it down a bit, do your job and maybe you’ll have opportunities.

  45. It’s hard to acknowledge that your career is over. Thanks for the memories, Cam, but you are done like Christmas turkey.

  46. I would love if Cam Newton were able to be a starter caliber QB in the NFL… but he’s not. He showed it at the Patriots and I doubt there’s anything he could’ve done outside of a game to become more prepared for what happens inside the game as he already seemed physically fit to me.
    Also probably bringing drama to the locker room instead of leadership at this point.

  47. Cam is only 33 years old, he can still make a come back. Geno Smith was thought to be done in the league and he made a comeback last year, why not Cam?

  48. Cam’s going to show how to overthrow guys by a mile, and also how to throw the ball into the ground. He perfected both in Foxboro.

  49. I thought you were describing Lamar Jackson, but he only threw for 3,000 yards once in 2019 and has never started every game in a season. Cam’s looking good.

  50. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    March 21, 2023 at 9:49 am
    Cam is only 33 years old, he can still make a come back. Geno Smith was thought to be done in the league and he made a comeback last year, why not Cam?

    12Rate This
    Geno was always humble and never depended on raw athletic talent. He’s gotten better as Cam has gotten much, much, much worse.

  51. This gives me the same vibe as a 40-year old dude on a college campus cruising the undergrads. It’s not a good one.

  52. Lol every highlight video of his throws on twitter are all underthrown. Ẁãşhêđ üp!

  53. Every team saw the Super Bowl Cam. I know plenty of those randoms that would have gone after a fumble in the SB.

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