Josh Dobbs returns to the Browns on a one-year deal

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The well-traveled Josh Dobbs has taken the highway back to Cleveland.

His agent, Mike McCartney, has announced that Dobbs has signed a one-year deal with the Browns.

Dobbs, a fourth-round pick of the Steelers in 2017, spent most of last season with the Browns. Once starter Deshaun Watson was reinstated, however, Dobbs was waived.

The former Tennessee quarterback cleared waivers and joined the Detroit practice squad. Sixteen days later, the Titans added Dobbs to the active roster. Not long after that, Dobbs started for a Thursday night win over the Cowboys.

That performance earned for Dobbs another start with Tennessee, in Week 18 against the Jaguars. The win-and-in game didn’t work out for the Titans.

With starter Ryan Tannehill still on the roster and Malik Willis the No. 2, there was no spot for Dobbs in Tennessee. With Jacoby Brissett moving on from the Browns, the backup job behind Watson was open.

The only other quarterbacks on the Cleveland roster are Watson and Kellen Mond, a third-round pick of the Vikings in 2021.

Dobbs spent two years in Pittsburgh. He was traded to Jacksonville early in the 2019 season. He then returned to the Steelers for 2020 and 2021. He joined the Browns during the 2022 offseason.

11 responses to “Josh Dobbs returns to the Browns on a one-year deal

  1. Dobbs is better than half the starting QB’s in the league, and he was the best QB on the Titans. That’s probably why they didn’t want him around. Right now, he’s Cleveland’s best QB.

  2. Dobbs has talent and I believe he would be a solid backup QB on any team and could even develop into a starter if given the chance.

  3. Best move by the Browns yet during this Free Agency signing period. A solid backup QB.

  4. Smart move. What was his 40 time?
    Well, Dobbs had a perfect 4.0 for his degree in aeronautical engineering from Tennessee.

  5. Happy for Josh, who knows when Watson flames out, he might get some play time. Its so funny how last year he was just rusty, played 6 games, never got better than went home for 7 months for the offseason. guy is done, he isn’t going to shake it. Some people can’t be the bad guy, and he is the most hated guy in the NFL

  6. Good signing for, I assume, not much money. Pittsburgh needed a 3. Would have been happy to bring him back in that capacity. I expect that maybe he was more interested in a chance to be the 2 (or maybe even the 1 based on what Watson looked like last season).

  7. Nice gig if you can get it. His entire career since he was drafted in 2017 has found him deep at the end of the bench or on someone’s practice squad. The Titans snatched him from Detroit late in the season last year since at that point they simply needed a warm body to play QB the final two games, and they lost both games. He’ll make some good money as an inactive every week in Cleveland.

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