Pre-order Father of Mine for $4.99

Anthony Zych

You clicked on the ad. Thank you for doing that.

Next challenge? To get you to click another time or two and buy Father of Mine.

Here’s the Amazon link. Or you can get it from Barnes & Noble. Or you can get it wherever ebooks are available.

What is Father of Mine, you ask? It’s a mob novel set fifty years ago in the small West Virginia city where I was raised. My dad worked as a bookie. He was connected to the crew that ran the town. So I picked up a few things during my formative years. And I learned a few more things while doing some research regarding the things that happened back then.

How much is it? It’s only $4.99 for the ebook. What can you buy these days for $4.99?

Seriously, what can you get for that?

It comes out on April 25. But go ahead and buy it now. If you’re like me, you’ll forget you did it — and then you’ll have an unexpected surprise when it shows up in your electronic library.

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