Darius Slayton: It would’ve been crazy to leave the Giants just as we get the thing built

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton re-signed with the Giants early in free agency, and he said there was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to be back.

It would’ve been kind of crazy to leave as soon as we get the thing built,” Slayton said, via Newsday.

After playing his first three years on bad Giants teams, Slayton led the Giants in receiving yards last season as they went to the playoffs, and he said he’s excited about where the team is headed.

“I think just some of the guys we’ve been able to sign, it’s just a testament to what we’ve been able to build here and what [offensive coordinator Mike Kafka and coach Brian Daboll] have been able to bring to us,” he said.

Slayton was particularly happy the Giants made a long-term commitment to quarterback Daniel Jones.

“I might’ve been happier for his deal than my own deal, honestly,” Slayton said. “Just because [I’ve seen] the way that people viewed him before and the way they view him now. Anybody who follows me on Twitter knows Daniel Jones slander is not being tolerated on my timeline. That’ll be that way probably until the day I die. So I’m extremely happy for him. And I’m just glad he was able to get his deal.”

Slayton expects to be catching passes from Jones for years to come.

15 responses to “Darius Slayton: It would’ve been crazy to leave the Giants just as we get the thing built

  1. Got what built exactly? You think because you made the playoffs you guys are legit? Daniel Jones is maybe slightly better than Derek Carr. NO one in the NFL is scared of the Giants.

  2. He’s a stand up guy. He even blamed himself for getting hurt and then benched. He needs to stop dropping balls, and work on his route running, but he’s a solid teammate.

  3. I’m a D.C. fan and don’t wish the Giants success, but he’s right! I couldn’t understand what the other coaching staffs didn’t like about him! He has produced! Sure, he’s pretty much an outside receiver only, but what’s wrong with that?!

  4. Don’t drink the kool-aid that’s for the fans. Vikings didn’t belong in the playoffs and Philly I believe beat that squad three times. They are heading in the right direction but doubt Slayton will be productive when they are competing for Superbowls.

  5. If ‘built’ equals wild card contender, congrats, welcome to mediocrity. If ‘built’ equals SB contender??? Keep dreaming!!

  6. Giants aren’t a bad team, maybe ,500. The problem is they are fighting for 3rd place in their own division. And Washington got better also. Philly still runs the NFC East, Dallas is good but Dak can’t win in playoffs.

  7. “No one is scared of the Giants?”. Coming from a Green Bay fan, that is definitely an amusing comment, since I’m sure Jordan Love instills fear from every team.

  8. The kid is actually pretty good if you watch their games. He cut down on the drops last year and if he can make a little more progress on that he’ll be a bargain at the contract he just signed.

  9. Non Giant fans can’t possibly understand how bad our o-line was and how neither one of the guys had a chance before last year. It’s funny hearing people talking trash now about the Vikes when they were all in last year. Why? Because the Giants beat them therefore they must be trash. That thinking is indicative of how little people thought of the Giants and Daniel Jones and rightly so. The flashes you saw during the “Danny Dimes” era told you he could do it, but being a top 5 most sacked qb for 3 years straight told you he wouldn’t have the opportunity to prove it. Sheon, Daboll and Kafka came in in Jones’ lame-duck year and kudos to them finally put a mostly competent line in front of him and look what happened. That line is still too soft in the middle and needs further work, but once done, look out folks, because this offense could be top 10 easy. That’s the message Slayton is sending. I heard Jones fought for Slayton because they are brothers-in-arms and they went through the ringer together and they have on-field chemistry. There’s still work to be done, but things are moving in the right direction no doubt.

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