Marcus Davenport officially signed Vikings contract on Monday

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
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The drama is over. If there ever was any, there isn’t now.

Per a Vikings representative, former Saints defensive end Marcus Davenport signed his one-year contract with Minnesota on Monday. It has been submitted to the league. It should appear on the official transactions report today.

It would have been done sooner, but Davenport is traveling with his family. He returns from the trip tomorrow, and the Vikings play to introduce him on Thursday.

So there it is. Davenport is a Viking, at least for 2023. He’ll make at least $10 million, with another $1 million tied to participation in offseason workouts and another $2 million attached to per-game roster bonuses.

11 responses to “Marcus Davenport officially signed Vikings contract on Monday

  1. philmccracken says:
    March 21, 2023 at 10:28 am
    I like teams that avoid all the drama


    This is RIGHTEOUS given what rodgers is doing to the national media and single handedly making this off-season about him

  2. Maybe Davenport took his family on a darkness retreat…at least he has a family

  3. cribbage12 says:
    March 21, 2023 at 10:38 am

    Buyer’s remorse before the ink was dry. Who can blame him?

    That’s an interesting point.
    Adam Thielen talked about how he felt the Panthers gave him a legitimate shot at competing for a Super Bowl.
    The first time he’s felt that way in his career, I’m sure.
    What a breath of fresh air that must be.
    Good for him. 😃

  4. “This is RIGHTEOUS.”

    Also hilarious. Also deeply revealing. The guy’s irony proof.

  5. Davenport had one of the higher pressure rates for D-linemen in the NFL last year, just didn’t get the sacks everyone slobbers about. Sure is nice to see my favorite team’s brass actually sign players instead of doing the annual slow dance with its HOF QB to the detriment of the rest of the roster.

  6. Hopefully, he does a lot if good things for us.

    Some packer fans, you just gotta love’em like the Scarecrow in Oz, “if they only had a brain.” This guy mentioned drama. Hahaha ha, you can’t make this up. Who’s their qb this year. Take a trip into the dark abyss to find out. Lol

  7. Decent player, but not worth what we gave up to get him in the draft. Hope he does well for the Vikes.

  8. Saints fan – we had very high hopes for Davenport, and at times he showed flashes of dominance but he – just – could not – stay – healthy! Plus there were too many long stretches were he was healthy but did nothing. Hope he does well in Minnesota

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