Vikings still haven’t officially introduced Marcus Davenport

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Last week, the introductory press conference for new Vikings defensive end Marcus Davenport was scheduled, but it didn’t happen.

It still hasn’t happened.

On Friday afternoon, the team made it known that the contract was officially agreed to and done, and that it was just a matter of gathering final signatures. Through Monday, there was no announcement that the final signatures had been gathered.

If there’s an issue with the deal, it hasn’t been disclosed.

Davenport’s contract contains multiple factors that illustrate potential concerns regarding commitment and availability. Of the $13 million base package, Davenport, a first-round pick of the Saints in 2018, will be paid $10 million filly guaranteed at signing. He has to earn the other $3 million.

Per a source with knowledge of the terms, the contract includes a $1 million payment tied to sufficient participation in the offseason program. It also hinges $2 million — $117,647 per game — to Davenport’s ability to participate in all 17 regular-season games.

Four voidable years on the back end make the cap hit considerably smaller, allowing for $6.8 million of his $8.5 million signing bonus to be pushed to 2023.

Still, it’s not officially done until it’s officially done. And while he’s listed on the Vikings’ online roster, the Vikings still have not yet declared it’s officially done. And Davenport still has not had his introductory press conference.

10 responses to “Vikings still haven’t officially introduced Marcus Davenport

  1. Estatic about Brian Flores but only my Vikings and no one else could screw up a free agent signing…….

  2. They’re up against the cap… wondering if it has something to do with the Zadarius Smith situation.

  3. Davenport is Paytons biggest mistake besides bounty gate. Trading picks for an avg tackle.

  4. Maybe Davenport hasn’t shown up or signed his contract? Why is the team always blamed when it is 99.9% the fault of the PLAYER? If I were the Vikings GM I’d publicly say that Davenport hasn’t shown up to sign his contract, go ask him what his problem is.

  5. Not concerned. The dude could literally be on vacation. It’s spring break time!!

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