Dan Campbell is the betting favorite to win coach of the year

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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The Lions haven’t won a division title in three decades, but they’re currently favored to win the NFC North. So it’s no surprise that Lions head coach Dan Campbell is also favored to win the NFL’s coach of the year award.

Campbell is the betting favorite to be named 2023 coach of the year at FanDuel, via MLive.com.

The odds have Campbell at +1100, just ahead of Broncos coach Sean Payton and Bears coach Matt Eberflus at +1200. Up next are Texans coach DeMeco Ryans and Panthers coach Frank Reich at +1600.

The coach of the year award usually goes to a coach whose team exhibited significant improvement from the previous season, and that may explain why the Top 5 favorites are all the coaches of teams that missed the playoffs last season. It’s easier to be recognized for coach of the year if you’re coaching a team that hasn’t been very good previously.

And the Lions, who have just one playoff win since they last won a league championship in 1957, haven’t been very good for a very long time. But Campbell appears to be building something in Detroit, and if the Lions take another step forward in 2023, Campbell should be recognized for that.

27 responses to “Dan Campbell is the betting favorite to win coach of the year

  1. Let’s see Sean Payton fix Russell Wilson.
    If he can do that and he should be coach of the year.

  2. Man does everything have to be infused with a gambling or money play. Asking a question I already know the answer too but the heavy hand of the betting world seems omnipresent, suffocating, and insufferable. We can’t talk sports without talking the line and it’s only going to get worse.

  3. With the darkness diva now out of the division, the Lions should win it and Campbell will be decorated. Detroit is tough. Vikes are soft as oatmeal.

  4. As a Vikings fan, I have no animosity towards the Lions. I’ll root for them if/when (as a true Vikings fan, it’s when) the Vikings are eliminated and if the Lions are still a contender.

  5. It’s the Lions… what possibly could go wrong with all this hype??

  6. Eberflus’ coaching just produced the worst record in the NFL, I don’t see the Bears making a giant leap this year. The Lions will be a feisty bunch again, but not a true contender.

  7. It sure looks like this could be the Lions year in the NFC-N. We all know what’s happening with the Packers, the Vikings don’t really seem to have a plan, and the Bears look like they have a plan but won’t have the talent in place to really make noise until ’24. Kudos for Campbell for staying true to himself and his vision for the team.

  8. Vegas and gamblers might have a very hard time bribing players or coaches, but – seriously – how hard is it for them to bribe sportswriters who vote on such things?

  9. I’m old enough to remember when he was the laughing stock of sports media. COTY is a joke award anyway that’s why guys like Jason Garrett and Ron Rivera have won it and the lions still have a ways to go but Dan campbell has that team fighting to win every play and that’s worth something.

  10. riggedkangaroocourt says:
    March 22, 2023 at 8:50 am
    With the darkness diva now out of the division, the Lions should win it and Campbell will be decorated. Detroit is tough. Vikes are soft as oatmeal.
    13 wins for 1st year head coach Kevin O'Connell. That's more than Dan Campbell has in 2 years. I get you are excited for your team, but lets not trash the class of the division until you get to the top.

  11. Considering the field (and yes, there is still a long way to go with FA and the draft before week 1), the Lions legitimately can be considered among the top 3 early favorites to win the entire NFC.

  12. 8-9 is more likely. Look, a 6 game run doesn’t equal a season. There is no way I would bet my own money on the Lions to win anything.

  13. whodey53 says:
    March 22, 2023 at 9:56 am
    He’s like an in shape Rex Ryan, hard guy not to like.

    10Rate This


    Who likes Rex Ryan?

  14. Campbell definitely has them moving in the right direction. I hope they win the division. Campbell sounds a little nuts at times, but that makes it fun. Would you rather watch a Belichick press conference? This is a hardcore fanbase that deserves a winner.

  15. The lions haven’t won anything yet they have to go out and prove it now. However even with the same roster as last year this team would’ve won the division. Youngest team in the NFL. Lots of players making the year 2 jump. Free agency they crushed it. 5 picks in the top 100 heaven forbid they trade back once. Not only does MCDC deserve credit but so does Brad Holmes. This team is going to be elite for many years! Still work to do but the roar is coming and all teams should take notice all roads run through Detroit!

  16. Defense has drastically improved already. Scary thing is offensively they were elite last year. That’s not even counting Jameson Williams.

  17. The Lions winning the division is probably the rarest thing in sports. I’m not sure I would want to bet too much money on it. This isn’t the first time the Lions have finished a season well and everyone was all excited about what they would do the next year.

  18. Whoo boy the Lions are getting a lot of pre-season love. High expectations can be a bitch.

  19. The Lions favored to win the division? WOW, who are these people who change their minds everytime the wind blows? Probably the same one’s who’ll totally re-arrange their draft board according to what player(s) do at the meaningless Combine! What have the Lions done to be considered the favorites?
    I’ll go with the Viking to win the NFC North just like I did last season!

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