Routine Saints physical results in Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis for Foster Moreau

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Free-agent tight end Foster Moreau recently visited the Saints. As a result of the visit, Moreau learned that he has Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“Through somewhat of a miraculous process, this free agency period has been life changing for me,” Moreau said on Twitter. “During a routine physical conducted by the Saints medical team down in New Orleans, I’ve come to learn that I have Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and will be stepping away from football at this time to fight a new opponent: Cancer.

“I’m grateful for the support and thankful for people who have stood firm with me. There hasn’t been a single step I’ve taken without hundreds of people lighting the path before me, and I will continue to seek their guidance. That being said, I’ll go kick this thing’s ass and get back to doing what I love!”

A fourth-round pick of the Raiders in 2019, Moreau had been looking for a second NFL contract on the open market. He has played in 61 career games, with nine starts.

We wish Moreau the best as he commences the process of kicking cancer’s ass. And we hope his public battle will inspire others to keep fighting.

51 responses to “Routine Saints physical results in Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis for Foster Moreau

  1. I wish Moreau the best in the fight of his life, F cancer. Given he is a free agent, and only has 4 years of service in the NFL, does he have any health insurance to help cover the cost of his medical bills?

  2. Reminds me when the same happened to Eric Berry. For it to happen so young can really change your life perspective more in than the obvious ways. Fight the good fight Moreau!

  3. Wow, I feel badly for the guy, but how fortunate to learn this now. I know what a gut lunch this news is – and I hope he stays positive and confident he’ll beat this, supported by loving family and friends.

  4. Man, that’s tough. Ridin’ high one minute, finding out you have cancer the next.

  5. Prayers and thoughts to you Mr. Moreau. Hope for a quick recovery and a return to the football field some day.

  6. wow…my brother has that and a short period of chemo got it under control.. its incurable but treatable..

  7. Without a contract I’m guessing all the medical costs are on him. That’s a tough break. Good luck sir

  8. Saints also saved the life of that former Eagles long snapper some years ago, some sort of aneurysm I think.

  9. How does this work? As a free agent does he have health insurance with the NFLPA still?

  10. There is no GOOD in this story but it is GREAT ! they caught it early. Prayers Bro. (We are all God’s children).

  11. A big fan favorite in Las Vegas, prayers to you Foster from the Raider Nation.

  12. I have to comment on this. To this man. I was diagnosed the same. 1998. Non Hodgkins lymphoma. Had a lump on my neck at age 40. Was told inflamed lymphoids are common on 40 year old men. They removed it. Was told everthing looked good, till the lab report came back. That changed everthing. I was treated twice for this cancer. Was told there is no cure, but is highly treatable. I was told I would live a long life. Im almost 67 years old now. Retired. With four kids and 14 grandkids. Dude, you got this!

  13. If anybody can whip cancer’s ass, it’s gonna be a professional athlete. You got this, man!!

  14. The Saints must have the best medical staff in football. A few years ago, when the Eagles trades Dorenbos to the Saints, they saved his life too by learning he needed open heart surgery.

  15. It’s interesting that so many readers have posted comments wishing Moreau well, and one ass-hat giving each of them a thumbs down.

  16. A real football player who is one of my favorite Raiders. Get Well Foster, many prayers your way!

  17. jjfootball says:
    March 22, 2023 at 8:18 pm
    That’s it Foster kick its ass! Raider Nation

    It’s remembered forever now.

    whip it, whip it good, Foster

  18. Cancer Sucks !!!
    I wish the kid the best. It’s very treatable and a 90% survival rate,.. but the treatments can be rough. Being younger and athletic helps.

  19. Yeah you would think pros this should be caught earlier. What was that staff doing with the raiders

    best of luck man. Everyone is pulling for ya

  20. Bad deal Foster, kick ass. Looking forward to you suiting up again wherever, lot of prayers and we’ll wishes !!!

  21. Wife had this 15 years ago, after weeks of not knowing whether she was dying of lung cancer, they figured out it was Hodgkin’s, chemo squished it

  22. Godspeed. Cancer is a B, but it can be tamed in many situations. And an early diagnosis beats a late one.

  23. Awful illness but a lucky break getting an early diagnosis. I wish the kid the best of luck in his fight for life

  24. I pray for his recovery. This is why the medicals, at the combine and prior to joining a new team, have unforeseen advantages. The naysayers see such things as demeaning. The good Lord uses every opportunity to manifest His Omniscience to those who believe and adhere to His commandments.

  25. His family and friends should start a GO FUND ME page.cant imagine is your typical multi millionaire nfl player who can simply write a check to the hospital and doctors until he kicks its ass.Best of luck young man,another battle you will win.

  26. Will the NFLPA do anything to help him? Or do they ignore him because he’s not paying dues (I expect this)?

  27. Thank God that the doctors caught it. Now they can attack it and hopefully get rid of it. Best wishes for a successful fight!

  28. First, KUDOS to the Saints medical staff for catching this. Secondly, I was diagnosed in November, 2019 with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and did six months of chemo, finishing in May of 2020. I try to live each day fuller, because it was a tough fight, but I made it. It was not a glorious finish, I may have crawled across the finish line, but I crossed it. Foster, I found kindness and prayers helped my get through the touch days. You have my prayers, my friend, Godspeed!

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