Will the Colts make a run at Lamar Jackson?

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
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Earlier this week, Stephen Holder of ESPN.com reported that the Colts haven’t ruled out making a run at Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. The next question is whether they will actually do it.

Some have said that the acquisition of Gardner Minshew takes the Colts out of the running for Lamar. But Minshew’s deal (one year, $3.5 million) is a low-end backup deal. He won’t be the starter; the starter could be Jackson — or whoever they select with the fourth overall pick in the draft.

The move could come after the upcoming draft. What if someone trades up to No. 3 and the Colts see their top three quarterbacks gone before they’re on the clock at No. 4? The Colts could use that pick on another position (or trade down), and then focus on Lamar after the draft ends.

They’d need more cap space (currently, they have roughly $21 million) to make it happen, especially since they need enough cap space to pay their rookies. That can be done, if they decide to try to get Lamar.

The Colts also would have to assume the risk that the Ravens will match the offer sheet, making the entire exercise a waste of time.

Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on — especially since owner Jim Irsday’s “likes” on Twitter include an item regarding the possibility of the Colts pursuing Jackson.

In the end, a move to acquire Lamar will originate with or be approved by ownership. And Irsay has proven he’s willing to break ranks with his partners, given his public comments against Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. If Irsay is willing to suffer cold shoulders and/or dirty looks from other owners, maybe he’ll make Lamar the kind of offer that the Ravens can’t, or won’t, match.

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  1. Another game of Sportswriter Telephone. Reporting on what an owner liked on Twitter counts as information, so other writers can now honestly say “There are rumors that Colts’ ownership is interested in signing Lamar Jackson” . . .

  2. Supposedly, Lamar Jackson’s production company plans to release a video describing this situation soon.

    Wouldn’t it be great if it was modeled after Zach Galifianakis’ Between the Ferns?

  3. It’s interesting that there are only 32 NFL team owners and a fair amount of them are nuts.

  4. A team picking high in the 2023 draft (e.g., the Colts) would be smart to wait until after the draft to make an offer for Lamar and give up 2024 and 2025 picks. Presumably, you would have a much better season in 2023 with Lamar at QB, so the first rounders you’d give up in 2024 and 2025 would be near the bottom of the draft. Grab a foundational piece in 2023 with the 4th pick, then go get Lamar.

  5. He’s a great RB who throws an average ball. He’s not worth 2 first round picks. He’s definitely not worth 200 million guaranteed money. He’s injury prone and he quit on his team and he’s shown that he’s a paycheck player. The Colts would be better trading up a spot in the draft..it’s cheaper

  6. As long as we are speculating, the more interesting team to sign Lamar is Pittsburgh. Their first round picks are always in the high teen – low 20 range, so they aren’t giving up as much. Their QB is nothing special and on a rookie salary. And they would be messing with the Ravens.

  7. No they have Minshew making nothing and will draft a QB in the first round.

    Not sure why anyone needs to keep pretending they are going to trade for Lamar just because they didn’t scream we NOT doing it.

  8. It seems to me that the team that should most want to sign Lamar Jackson is the team that built their entire offense around him, knows him best, and doesn’t have to give up two first-round picks to acquire him. If that team doesn’t want to give him what he’s asking, why should any other team want to?

  9. Why would the Colts want Jackson anyways..they have a very good O line and they already have one of if not best RB in the league..I’m fairly sure that Jonathan Taylor throws a better spiral too…

  10. “The Steelers should look at this guy because their QB is nothing special?” I just fell out of my chair, laughing. Not to mention that Jax isn’t worth more than a single 2nd round draft pick.

  11. When every team passes on Lamar because of his known liabilities, will these articles stop? There is no outrage, no conspiracy, no collusion. He’s just not worth two number 1s and the outrageous contract he’s asking for. He’s worth orders of magnitude less and actually I think every team in the NFL including the Ravens understands this, but for some reason Ravens fans can’t or won’t accept it.

  12. Most of the horses in the Lamar Jackson derby have pulled out, having set and signed their QB, or have made their intentions clear and that doesn’t include making a run at Jackson. At this point it’s clear that the demand for his services doesn’t match the price, money and draft picks and having to rebuild their entire offense, that such a deal would cost. But this is the silly season where everyone makes the most absurd rumors are taken seriously.

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