Competition Committee proposes spotting the ball at the 25 after a fair catch on a kickoff

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The NFL Competition Committee is proposing to spot the ball at the 25-yard line on a fair catch on a kickoff inside the 25-yard line. It follows the college rule.

Per Article 4, on a fair catch on a kickoff, the receiving team would have the choice of putting the ball in play at the spot or at the 25-yard line. Under the current NFL rule, the ball is put in play at the spot of the fair catch on a kickoff, though a touchback results in the ball being placed at the 25 for the start of the possession.

The Competition Committee has cited player safety as the reason for the proposed rule change.

The NFL has wrestled with how to make kickoffs and punts safer in recent years, with a disproportionate number of injuries occurring on special teams.

The proposed rules change for special teams on the docket this year will result in fewer high-speed collisions.

It takes the approval of 24 owners for any rule change.

10 responses to “Competition Committee proposes spotting the ball at the 25 after a fair catch on a kickoff

  1. There no point to even lining up for a kick off if that is the case. Just remove kickoffs and place the ball at the 25 after a score.

  2. So, kickers that specialize in kicking inside the 25, many times inside the 10, are penalized ?

  3. There’s nothing worse than watching a kickoff sail into the end zone and then a commercial break. Especially in domes….big surprise. It’s why the game gets boring.

  4. If it keeps going in this direction why even have special teams at all. This is a joke.

  5. It’s to the kicking team’s advantage to not get a touch back and thus kick it shorter.
    This is to increase hang time and reduce the ability to run it back.
    This rule would tend to negate that.

    The league in a clumsy heavy-handed way is trying to make kickoffs and automatic turnover at the opponent’s 25-yd line.

    There are better options that they can learn from the XFL and CFL.
    You can make special teams interesting again and also reduce injuries, look at how they handle kickoffs

  6. Improving player safety is critical in maintaining the supply of future NFL players. The image of physically and mentally permanently crippled ex-players can choke off the next generation at the high school level.

  7. We can’t have 22 men charging at each other anymore. Sad to see the game change like this…

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