Elijah Moore excited to play with “a legit quarterback” in Deshaun Watson

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles
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Elijah Moore is officially a Brown after the Jets traded him to Cleveland on Wednesday.

That trade should put an end to the constant change at quarterback  young receiver has played through since entering the league as a second-round pick in 2021.

On Thursday, Moore told Cleveland reporters how much he’s looking forward to playing with Deshaun Watson.

“He’s a legit quarterback,” Moore said, via Daryl Ruiter of 923TheFan.com. “It’s someone that has been doing some amazing things around the league. He has respect from everybody around the league. They talk really highly about him here and they believe in him, and man, with him being my quarterback, I believe in him too.

“So, I’m just grateful to be one of his guys.”

Ruiter noted Moore and Watson spoke on Wednesday after the trade was done and both were excited about playing together.

“When someone who’s as mobile as him, people fear with his legs as well, it just adds another element just to the whole game,” Moore said. “And you’ve been seeing that with what he does already… the games that he’s already played in. So I’m just super excited to be part of someone that can run, throw, do pretty much everything.”

Watson’s presence likely helps take the sting out of not being able to play with Aaron Rodgers, who has said he intends to play with the Jets in 2023.

“All I know is I’m a Cleveland Brown and I’m super excited to be here,” Moore said.

Moore admitted he may not have placed enough value on chemistry when he entered the league. But going through what he did in New York has changed his mind.

“I grew up in Florida and I feel like we have the mindset of kind of it doesn’t matter who’s back there,” Moore said. “So I kind of had to shift that a little bit because it does as far as chemistry. But man, if you put yourself in a position to throw with anybody and just put your trust in them — ‘cause that’s initially what it is. It really is trust. So if you trust them and they trust you, you can get anything done.

“Going through four quarterbacks I feel like was just a huge blessing for me because I got to see what that’s like, and now with being with someone like Deshaun, it’ll just make life way easier.”

Moore 43 passes for 538 yards with five touchdowns as a rookie and 37 passes for 446 yards with one TD in 2022.

45 responses to “Elijah Moore excited to play with “a legit quarterback” in Deshaun Watson

  1. these WR’s just can’t help themselves. truly the diva position in all of sports

  2. For 3 years all we heard about was “Elijah Moore, Elijah Moore, Elijah Moore”….LOL

    What a bust.

    Becton, Wilson, Moore

    Vera-Tucker and ACL/MCL Hall or up next.

  3. He isn’t lying though. Watson is better than any QB the Jets have had in pretty much their franchise history. Huge upgrade for him.

  4. Moore said ” He has respect from everybody around the league. They talk really highly about him here…” ROFL, Either Moore was making a joke, or he is delusional.

  5. In case anyone is wondering why a former round 2 pick was only worth moving up 20 spots, this comment should explain.

  6. i believe Blake Bortles has more post season wins the DWat with less lawsuits. even when he had a good team, he couldn’t win. he’s just not that good of a quarterback and the Browns got what they deserved. they’re going to lose a ton of money and games and rightfully so.

  7. Looking forward to this! No more 8 in the box to stop Chubb; not without paying for it. 😁

  8. He’s a stud, but it’s yet to be seen if DeShaun will return to his previous form. He could have talked his way into the same situation he just left

  9. No matter what matter how one may feel about Watson. Wilson is correct in calling him a “legit qb”. Zach Wilson at this point and time is not.

  10. he should just say he’s happy to be a brown and be quiet. you have done nothing in the league, he shouldnt even be interviewed.

  11. senatorblutarski says:
    March 23, 2023 at 2:41 pm
    Looking forward to this! No more 8 in the box to stop Chubb; not without paying for it. 😁

    01Thank You


    But what about that horrendous defense? lol

  12. Dude spends more time on his IG captions than getting better on the field. Good riddance.

  13. 220 million guarantee, mean DW is playing Madden and eating Cheetos this off season .

  14. This is what all skill position players say when going to a new team. And, to be fair, the Jets had Wilson and White. Wilson is a bust and White got injured.

  15. So his rather pedestrian numbers suggest his game hasn’t met his mouth. Watson showed me nothing last season.

  16. He could very well be playing alongside the best QB he’s been around since coming to the NFL. That being said, the Browns are going to Brown until they finally don’t. Watson has to prove he can get back on the track he was in in Houston (and avoid the massage room). If he’s lost ‘it’, after all the time off he’s just the next Browns QB until they have to start over; again.

  17. Yea all 4 quarterbacks were the problem. Didn’t seem to stop Garret Wilson from becoming OROTY. So, yup, it was all the QB’s fault you caught 2 passes a game, for 29 yards, riiiight.

  18. Have we seen any evidence that Deshaun Watson is any good without Dhop? He was below avg last year. His last year in Houston stats are padded with Junk Time yards.

  19. Nothing says “SLAM” like admitting you finally get to play with a “legit” quarterback.

  20. justanothermondayqb says:
    March 23, 2023 at 2:38 pm

    i believe Blake Bortles has more post season wins the DWat.


    Right, the best way to evaluate QBs is playoff wins. Which is why Blake Bortles and Jimmy Garappolo are so highly coveted and why no one could understand how the Rams would trade Jared Goff with multiple playoff wins for Matt Stafford, who had none.

  21. Was he trying to be funny? Watson is ok….but he’s not a great quarterback

  22. Jets QB situation has been nothing short of a disaster since Broadway Joe. Dude is right on. Jets better hope A-Rod has a good shroom batch and his head right.

  23. Did he actually watch Watson’s play last year? When he wasn’t throwing ground balls to his receivers any pocket pressure had him tripping over himself.

  24. Deshaun Watson legit?

    Tell us you didn’t watch the Browns play in 2022 without telling us, Elijah.

  25. “He has respect from everybody around the league.”

    Uh… yeah… about that 😬

  26. just remember this is the same guy who at Ole Miss simulated a dog on all fours lifting his leg to piss as a TD celebration…….good luck CLE

  27. I was worried the Browns might be turning the corner as a franchise, they had so many good drafts with solid young talent.

    Then they made the worst trade since the Saints giving up everything for Ricky Williams, and tied themselves to the worst QB contract ever.

  28. Wilson sided with Moore during his I want to be traded even though we are 5-2 hissy fit. Stated “I need him here”. So this is how he treats him. I don’t say this much about Jets I once routed for but we won’t miss you a bit. Why would anyone want a 5’8” receiver with no separation speed and quits on routes. Hope your having a great time someplace else.

  29. DW had a QB rating just above Mayfield and Mills, and just below Wentz and Trubisky. Great company there.

  30. If Moore is so happy to be playing with him he should offer Deshawn a massage after each game

  31. Eli Moore talents were wasted in NY …may not be a great upgrade in Cleveland BUT the situation IS an upgrade . Moore needs to remember the AFC Central teams DO have very good defenses

  32. Man a lot of bitter Jet’s fans. I thought the Oklahoma fans that troll Browns articles to pretend Baker wasn’t a horrid QB were bad. This kid had to catch passes from the who’s who of “who is that” at QB his whole NFL career and people are acting like he’s evil for calling it out. Clearly that team isn’t throwing money at Aaron Rogers because what he’s saying is wrong and out of turn. Zach Wilson wasn’t even Baker Mayfield level who is currently on his fourth team in two seasons and that’s not an exaggeration so yeah, the kid should be excited to be going to a place with an accurate QB and I’m sure Watson will be happy to not have to bounce passes off of Anthony Schwartz chest or the palm of his hands anymore. Win/win for both players.

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