Ezekiel Elliott wants to wear No. 15 jersey, as he did at Ohio State

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We don’t know which jersey Ezekiel Elliott will wear this season, but Elliott did reveal what number he wants to wear: 15.

Elliott wrote on Twitter today that he wants to go back to the No. 15 jersey that he wore at Ohio State.

I want my #15 back,” Elliott wrote.

When Elliott was drafted in 2016, running backs could only wear jersey numbers 20-49, and so he chose No. 21, which he has worn throughout his NFL career. But in 2021 the NFL relaxed its jersey number rules, allowing running backs to wear any number from 1-49 and 80-89. So now Elliott could wear No. 15 again.

Of course, first he’ll need to find a team, and if that team has a player already wearing No. 15, Elliott would have to persuade that player to give him No. 15, which in the NFL typically means writing a teammate a five-figure check. Elliott is apparently ready for that expense, even though he’ll make a lot less money this year.

21 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott wants to wear No. 15 jersey, as he did at Ohio State

  1. He’ll land on a team at some point after the draft if a team doesn’t get a rookie to fill their need. He won’t get the money he wants. I hope he banked a LOT of that massive last contract because he’s going to get $3-$4mil tops.

  2. Yeah, that’s really important.

    Gee, another overrated and prima donna-based OSU product. What a shock.

  3. Lol. So, the guy who has no team and is not currently on any roster, is disclosing which jersey number he wants to wear. Millennials. Gotta love ’em.

  4. The team who ends up signing you want the guy the Cowboys drafted who wore #15 back.

  5. That’s good to know that the number’s most important. At least the Chiefs know not to sign him.

  6. I believe no. 15 is retired in Philly. Not that retiring a number means anything anymore (*cough* Peyton Manning *cough*).

  7. He can wear whatever number he wants, sitting on the couch watching football like the rest of us.

  8. He can order whatever number he wants from shop.nfl.com, no team will be issuing him one this year

  9. Get yourself a jersey for Sundays on the couch just like the rest of us. Feel free to choose any number and team. If you want to play get over yourself, talk less and just play.

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