Ezekiel Elliott’s three-team wish list may not be mutual

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The news today that former Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has narrowed his list of future teams to three glosses over one fairly important fact.

This is a wish list, not a collection of finalists.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Elliott isn’t currently weighing contract offers from the Jets, Bengals, and Eagles. In fact, he may have offers at this point from none of them. And he may never get an offer from any of them.

This is simply the list of teams he wants to play for.

Maybe it will work. He’s still good enough to contribute. But he may need to expand his universe of teams, at some point — unless he truly intends to play for one of those three teams or no one.

That said, there’s a chance that his camp will successfully speak (or leak) it into existence. If it works, sources say I have narrowed my future car to three makes — Ferrari, McLaren, or Aston Martin.

40 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott’s three-team wish list may not be mutual

  1. Sources say I have narrowed my future travel destinations to three places. Paris, Fiji and Dubai

  2. I actually think he would be a great contributor on any of those teams (but in a very limited role). If he wants to be a 3rd down back, do short yardage, red zone, etc he’s still an effective player. But he’s not starting and he would probably get 80 to 120 carries a year at best. For veteran minimum he could kick around the league for a few more years. But if he wants to start or be the lead back those days are over.

  3. I had him on my fantasy team and he did well, he did what Jamaal Williams did, he scored from inside the 3 every game.

  4. sonoran71cat says:
    March 23, 2023 at 8:42 pm
    not a big market for 30-yr old RBs
    He’s 27

  5. My career choices have been narrowed down to 3: Professional golfer, NFL quarterback, shooting guard in the NBA. Waiting for the phone to ring.

  6. This is why self-awareness matters! It’s not just that he’s an old, slow, overrated running back, his reputation off the field is still fresh in everyone’s mind! Maybe people haven’t followed that he even thinks it’s funny to allow his vicious dogs to terrorize his neighbors! I guess he’ll get an incentive-laden 1 year deal from someone at some point, but he’s not in position to dictate where he wants to go!

  7. Elliott was always overrated. He’s a decent backup, but he’s not starting material. I hope he understands that, because he’s almost certainly not going to get a big offer from anybody. His big money days are behind him.

  8. sonoran71cat says:
    March 23, 2023 at 8:42 pm
    not a big market for 30-yr old RBs
    Especially when they’re 27.

  9. Zeke chose the Jets because he knows they’ll be in the 2023/24 Super Bowl. Just ask Vegas. They’ve moved up top number 6 in odds. Not bad for a team who’s only quarterback on the roster is Zach Wilson.

  10. sonoran71cat says:
    March 23, 2023 at 8:42 pm

    not a big market for 30-yr old RBs
    He’s only 27, but his legs are 47. Hard pass.

  11. Of course he picks 2 SB contenders and a team with AROD (projected). Can’t get on 9ers cause CMC. He should look for a needy team to pay him while he can. He isn’t getting on a championship team.

  12. weird very weird. like he is doing football teams a favor by telling them he will consider them. i would not he shocked if no one comes falling, too many younger cheaper backs in the draft. gotta save it where you can.

  13. So is Lamar thinking, “well heck I can screw up my career with out paying an Agent like Elliott?”

  14. I am not a genius, but I have to wonder, how is it a smart move to rule out 29 of 32 potential employers while seeking employment?

  15. The Jets PROBABLY learned their lesson from a guy named Levon Bell. Second hand RBs just aren’t worth what they think they are and Elliot has a LOT of mileage on him.

  16. Time to fire your agent, bc Zeke you look like a fool now. Thanks for bringing Dalvin and Ekeler back to earth – RB max should be 8-10M per year (6M over 30)

  17. touchback6 says:
    March 23, 2023 at 8:30 pm
    Telling he chose the Jets. Where overrated vets go to die.

    Why not try to stop hating on the Jets. Try a bit of objectivity – it would be a refreshing change. For years the Jets have been a destination that most players try to avoid. Try asking yourself why that is no longer the case. You worried about something ?.

  18. He’s 27, which isn’t yet 30.

    sonoran71cat says:

    not a big market for 30-yr old RBs

  19. not a big market for 30-yr old RBs

    Except he’s 27, so there’s that.

  20. He’s starting the Adrian Peterson multi-team rotation preceding a forced retirement, the difference being of course that Peterson was actually an NFL MVP before he inevitably went downhill.

  21. Maybe he can get career advice from playoff Lenny how he can turn himself into playoff Zeke.

  22. There’s nothing Zeke can do that a mid-round pick in the draft can do, and for about 1/10 of what Zeke will ask for.

  23. As an Eagles fan & I may catch some heat 4 this but I’d sign em 2 a 2 year deal as I think he has something left in the tank!!!

  24. Hahaha, it almost sounds as if Lamar Jackson is his agent… Those 3 will not be calling you bruh… Time to start thinking RBBC type dollars with all the wear and tear on your legs

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