Lamar Jackson contends Ken Francis “never tried to negotiate for me”

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has developed a playbook for dealing with media reports that he doesn’t like.

True or not, he just denies them in a tweet.

That’s what he did in response to a tweet regarding the memo from the NFL alerting all teams to the fact that Ken Francis “may be contacting Clubs and attempting to persuade Club personnel to enter into negotiations with or concerning Lamar Jackson.”

“Stop Lying that man never tried to negotiate for me,” Jackson tweeted.

While it’s theoretically possible that Francis, whom Jackson has admitted is his business partner, may have contacted teams without Jackson’s knowledge, Francis has absolutely contacted multiple teams trying to spark negotiations toward an offer sheet.

It’s also believed Francis has been communicating with reporters regarding Lamar’s situation. Which would help explain how so quickly tracked Francis down and secured a predictable denial.

I don’t speak for Lamar,” Francis told

It’s unclear why Jackson and Francis would so fervently deny something that is true. Maybe Jackson, who has held himself out stubbornly and resolutely as being self-represented, wants to continue to perpetuate that perception. Or maybe he doesn’t want to anger the NFL Players Association, which has been helping him negotiate with the Ravens.

Regardless, Francis contacted multiple teams in an effort to entice them to pursue Lamar. Now, all teams have been told to communicate only with Lamar, unless and until he hires an NFLPA-certified agent.

44 responses to “Lamar Jackson contends Ken Francis “never tried to negotiate for me”

  1. Honestly these repeated cases of poor judgment are why nobody is trying to sign him. Nobody wants to pay about $250 million to a player who makes such bad decisions.

  2. I’m a big time Lamar supporter since day 1 but come on Lamar get an agent!! End this circus

  3. Lamar never said he didn’t contact teams on his behalf. He said he wasn’t “negotiating”. Lamar may have the idea that Francis was just getting teams information and nothing more. That’s the first part of negotiating in my mind, but Lamar may see it differently.

  4. Lamar displays all of the qualities of a franchise QB. He has sound judgement and decision making ability, integrity, and intelligence. The man is a complete moron and is costing himself money every day. I love watching this ship sink.

  5. Jackson is an embarrassment to himself and all the other dudes in the league trying to earn a buck.

  6. Greed is crippling. This dude is sealing his fate in the NFL.

    Always hire a good plumber, an electrician, a mechanic, a CPA, and if you’re an NFL franchise quarterback, an agent.

    He is losing millions by the week.

    This is really sad.

  7. If his injuries occurred at the start of his career and then played 3 full problem. But for a qb that running is a huge weapon of his game the bangs and hits are catching up and he’ll probably never play more the 12-13 games a year now…that Lamar is why teams have no interest

  8. Lamar doesn’t want to put forth the effort required to represent himself in a proper fashion – which is exactly why he should have an agent doing the work on his behalf.

  9. Baltimore thought they were the smartest people in the room on draft day 5 years ago.

  10. So Lamar had the NFLPA operating in his interests, almost performing agent duties. Then, Lamar turns around and violates the NFLPAs rules. Loyalty is wanting and selfishness is mushrooming. This is all Lamar.

  11. I would think you could easily get a 3% value added by having an experienced agent so it doesn’t make sense not to have one. I seriously thought they got like 10% so seems like a bargain to me.

  12. Just more evidence that Jackson has open questions about how he handles – or doesn’t – his business and lack of sound judgment. On top of questions about his durability, commitment, QB characteristics and abysmal playoff record. Far too many questions and issues relative to what he’s asking for.

  13. RMABC says:
    March 23, 2023 at 7:35 pm

    Lamar is a dummy; just pay the 1-3% to maximize your value.

    So, everyone who doesn’t have an agent is dummy? Or only when the contract doesn’t work out 10 seconds. You guys need to stay out of Lamar’s business. Maybe he doesn’t have an agent because he and his mother want to build something together. Or maybe this is her path to open her own agency someday. You don’t know! Just because a deal hasn’t been worked doesn’t mean it’s a catastrophe or Lamar is an idiot. It’s called negotiationing and it is a very unique situation with many variables. I’m a devout Ravens’ fan and I’m patient to let this play out and not count another man’s money. Chill, people, chill.

  14. The fact that he refuses to admit his mistake by not hiring a guy and paying him 1-3 percent to negotiate his deal is telling. Refusing to admit your mistakes hinders growth and knowledge. It’s becoming apparent that Lamar doesn’t understand that.

  15. “Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise.” But it’s too late for that.

  16. Lamar didn’t say “Stop lyin that man never contacted teams for me.”.. he said “negotiate”

  17. The only thing this sad reality story is lacking is a Kardashian which might provide the best path to the financial security he is seeking!

  18. Ravens are probably asking themselves “Why did we tag this guy, we actually may get stuck with him”.

  19. We always this athlete or that athlete is a great businessman. I thought it was overused or a throwaway comment. The Lamar contract journey has changed my opinion.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, has there ever been a worse businessman in sports than Lamar. He has an MVP, doesn’t get in trouble, great player. He has been blowing this for two years.

    Has anyone asked Demaurice if the nflpa has recommended Lamar get an agent? He does not appear capable of getting what he wants.

  20. Keep in mind this is in addition to the reports he did meet with agents. The overall impressions were he had no intention of signing and was using the meetings to extract free ideas. This is quite a wake of wreckage he’s leaving behind him.I absolve the Ravens now. They bent over backwards to make his limited skillset function in the NFL. God only knows what they were dealing with behind the scenes. They are stuck with him now—nobody gives 2 firsts for him.

  21. A die hard Ravens fan who sick this sh.t show Bottom line is the Ravens season for ’23 is over before it gets started. Jackson is holding up any signings of good free agents. My opinion of him is getting worse with each passing day. Probably wont end until July 17. GO RAVENS!!

  22. He quit on his team when they could have gone to the playoffs, no team is gonna sign him because of the, plus he has been hurt the past 2 seasons, he is all about the money not the game.

  23. Uncle Charlie has got a guy. He’ll get you the deal… OMG!!!! Maybe Kodak Black is the head negotiator. Lamar could not have botched this whole situation any worse. All this to save 2-3 %?
    That’s why you should have hired an agent. Now everyone knows you’re not smart enough to make very basic simple decisions. I am sure all NFL teams will be lining up to sign you now. Unbelievable!!!

  24. And then LJ tweets out an advert selling fitness equipment with the very same person who ‘isnt’ representing him! Starting to seriously question Lamar’s sanity now!

  25. For some reason I have a really bad feeling that Lamar thinks that what he has done up to this point contract wise is utter pure genius. I can totally see Lamar going the not sign the franchise tag and hold out like another genius named Laveon Bell. I hope for the guy that this isn’t the case, but then again this the same guy who refuses to get a legitimate agent for 3% or less and looks to his mommy business advice that really should be taken care of for him by a real professional with skin in the game. We’ll see what happens next with this clown show staring Lamar Jackson, should be fun to watch the dumpster fire burn.

  26. Players are not only “required” to have an agent to negotiate, the agent must be “certified” by the Shield which represents the teams with which they must negotiate? RIGGED!!

  27. This was easily foreseeable when his momma was squawking for him before the draft.

  28. The NFL is actually looking out for Lamar on this one.

    Lamar has a fitness equipment salesman trying to negotiating a quarter of a billion dollar contract for Lamar? Against a bunch of real biollionaires?

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Again, Lamar should THANK the NFL for sending out that memo.

  29. guitarkevin says:
    March 24, 2023 at 10:58 am
    If he ends up holding out, Ravens fans will never forgive him.


    This is a point no one really talks about yet. His reputation is getting trashed by the day and he has no public relations help. There will be quite a few Ravens fans (this one included) who will have a hard time welcoming him back. Forget any endorsements. What company is going to want him, with the reputation he is building, to be their spokesperson?

  30. Just take the 2 #1’s when an offer is submitted, and run like Hell Baltimore. Its getting just a tad over the Top, Don’t ya think? The point of no return has arrived. There is no way that this guy will win back the majority of the fans unless he leads them to Lombardi Land. Now, the question is, Do you really think that’s gonna happen? Really?

  31. If Lamar wants a “Desean Watson”-deal, then he should hire an agent, because Desean’s worked his situation like an artist and Lamar’s finger painting on twitter. He couldve reset the market, but he thought the team would do it for him.

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