Mecole Hardman: Playing with Allen Lazard, Garrett Wilson made the Jets attractive to me

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs
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Having signed with the Jets this week, Mecole Hardman will presumably be playing with Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback in 2023.

But he told reporters on Thursday that Rodgers’ presence at QB wasn’t the only reason he wanted to join the AFC East club.

“I think the Jets were a good situation,” Hardman said, via SNY. “I think that they’ve got a great foundation here, they’ve got some nice pieces. I think Allen Lazard, him signing — I think playing alongside him will be great, too. And they’ve got a great second-year player now in Garrett Wilson who had an absolutely unbelievable year. So just guys with those names, just to play alongside them definitely is attractive.

“And obviously the news with A-Rod and everything like that, we still don’t know what’s going on with that. But obviously, that’s something you can think about. But as far as besides that, it was more so thinking the Jets [themselves] were the right fit for me.”

Hardman also noted that he hopes to be fully healthy for OTAs after undergoing core muscle surgery a month ago. He missed nine regular-season games last year due to injury, finishing with 25 catches for 297 yards with four touchdowns.

Before that, Hardman had not missed a game in his first three seasons.

In 57 games with 26 starts, Hardman has 151 receptions for 2,088 yards with 16 touchdowns. He’s also taken 20 carries for 125 yards with two TDs.

14 responses to “Mecole Hardman: Playing with Allen Lazard, Garrett Wilson made the Jets attractive to me

  1. It wouldn’t be below Rodgers to stiff the Jets after making them spend all this money…

  2. Trade for Rodgers, then sign his list of players.

    By signing all the players and telling them Rodgers will be the QB, it gives the Packers more reason to ask for more. If they don’t get Rodgers the GM will be compared to the Vikings GM who traded for Hershel.

  3. Great attitude, let’s see if it’s changed by mid-season catching passes from Zach Wilson, or whoever the Jets snag in the draft. 😳

  4. I bet every player that’s said “this was the right fit” would be elsewhere if another team offered the same amount or just a bit more. It’s always about the money. You don’t take a 1-year contract with an average team, that currently doesn’t have a QB because it’s the right fit. It’s all you had, that would pay you that much, nothing else!

  5. The irony in the Jets adding Hardman, Lazard, and possibly OBJ to support Rodgers is that the Packers should’ve already been doing this years ago. Completely missed their Super Bowl window trotting out backup and rookie receivers and tight ends.

    The Packers top tight end last year is now the backup on the Bears. It’s malpractice by GB’s front office.

  6. Inconsistent and unimpressive with Mahomes, and likely to be more of the same with Rodgers. If not worse…

  7. It’s a shame you didn’t really show out during your time with KC, Mecole. You’d be sitting on a really nice 2nd contract, playing for SB rings on the yearly and hanging out with the rest of the Mahomies.

    Instead, this is where your lackadasical attitude has brought you. Thanks for bringing the speed ‘sometimes’.

  8. I feel like KC went into last year expecting Juju or Mecole to break out and earn the #1 spot. Both played closer to #2 type guys, Mecole closer to a 3, and KC didn’t see the need to offer #1 money to either. MVS was signed for 3 years and although he played closer to a 3 than a 2, KC now has Toney, Justyn and John Ross and Sky Moore. All of which can be 2-4 type WR’s. If Toney could stay healthy he could be a 1, but in the meantime they have a cheap player with a big upside.

  9. The Jets are buying all the spare parts for a car that in the end will not sign with them. RODGERS is just toying with them. Same ol JETS

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