NFL directs teams to not negotiate with Ken Francis regarding Lamar Jackson

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As recently reported, a representative not certified by the NFL Players Association has been contacting teams on behalf of Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. The NFL sent a memo to all teams on Wednesday instructing them not to negotiate with this person.

“The NFLPA has informed us that a person by the name of Ken Francis, who is not an NFLPA certified agent, may be contacting Clubs and attempting to persuade Club personnel to enter into negotiations with or concerning Lamar Jackson, who is currently under a Nonexclusive Franchise Tender with the Baltimore Ravens,” the memo begins.

“As an uncertified person, Mr. Francis is prohibited from negotiating Offer Sheets or Player Contracts, or discussing potential trades on behalf of any NFL player or prospective player or assisting in or advising with respect to such negotiations.

“Clubs are reminded that, under Article 48 of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, an Offer Sheet, which may result in an NFL Player Contract, may only be negotiated with the player, if he is acting on his own behalf, or with the player’s NFLPA certified agent. To be clear, Mr. Jackson is not currently represented by an NFLPA certified agent.

“Violation of this rule may result in disapproval of any Offer Sheet or resulting Player Contract entered into by Mr. Jackson and the new Club.”

Although the memo uses the term “may be,” the truth is stronger than that. Francis is, or at least was, contacting teams. Multiple teams.

Teams may communicate only with Jackson, unless and until he hires an NFLPA-certified agent.

42 responses to “NFL directs teams to not negotiate with Ken Francis regarding Lamar Jackson

  1. Lamar Jackson out here single handedly sabotaging his own career. Can’t make this stuff up.

  2. At this point, this is pointless news. The media needs to report things that have substance. If PFT is telling me based on this article that an unauthorized person is trying negotiate contracts, then that’s like me trying to reach out to teams. Pleasez report LEGIT news about Lamar Jackson.

  3. Pretty clear that this is wanted by the NFL and NFLPA. Players do not have the right for just anyone to work on the player’s behalf. Maybe Lamar doesn’t care for this arrangement. Still, that’s what it is and him not trying to do everything the wrong way just shows he’s either extremely arrogant or extremely clueless…

  4. Lamar needs an agent. He would have so many more stories and reports out in his favor if he did, but as it is, all the stories i read portray him as being in over his head, and without any real offers as a result… im really rooting for him here but he needs to get out of his own way and take control of the narratives swirling around his name, and like us all, he needs help, and like us all, it’s hard to ask for it when we need it most. His time is now and i hope he gets all he can from it

  5. The owners and agents don’t like when a stranger like Saint Omni walks into the good ol boys club and disrupts the status quo. Agents like the deal they got right now.

  6. Such an amateur! LJ can afford a proper agent. He’s becoming more of a laughing stock by the minute.

  7. Lamar saves $6M on agent commissions but loses $60M on time and contract value. Dude could have had something similar to Josh Allen last year. You’re not making up that year in any savings from paying the agent fee.

  8. rumor has it that if Ken Francis doesn’t work out, Lamar has contacted Homer Simpson to represent him…

  9. It’s not nice to say, but Lamar Jackson is not a smart man. He simply cannot see how penny-wise and pound foolish he is.

  10. You mean a player can’t just have Uncle Kenny call and negotiate a $200 million contract? This has become so stupid that I truly believe he would rather sit out this year than take hire an agent and get a deal done.

  11. I get the whole collective bargaining thing but a man should be able to hire any dang person he wants to represent him. Free country.

  12. This guy is not exactly a ringing endorsement for the quality of standards at the University of Louisville

  13. Wouldn’t any NFLPA-certified agent be willing to take a much lower percentage of a Lamar Jackson contract than what they would ordinarily take? Even if you only took 0.25%, you’d still make $500,000 on a $200 million contract. Even Lamar Jackson wouldn’t be so cheap to deny that percentage to an agent. Is there a rule that NFPLA-certified agents have to be paid a minimum percentage?

  14. This was the guy Roquan Smith had talking to the Bears. If he introduced Omni to Jackson, that’s like a poison pill Smith brought into that trade.

  15. The system is rigged Lamar. It sucks but that’s what it is. get somebody to get you the bag and give them their slice.

    100% of 0 is 0 after all.

  16. I’m beginning to think that the only reason the Ravens slapped the franchise tag on LJ is because they know there is value to be lost, but they’re probably secretly praying another team takes him off of their hands. He refuses to play through an injury, and now this? A respected ex-player needs to reach out to Lamar and set him straight before he ruins the rest of his career.

  17. I read somewhere Lamar wants to be a billionaire. Not going to make it. Not even close.

  18. If anyone wants Lamar, they aren’t going to abide by that memo if they think they can get an upper hand on other teams.

  19. So why do they have to be certified ? Has to be all about the almighty dollar, maybe the union gets a better cut from the player?

  20. Signing up with an agent now would in his mind admit he made a mistake. That is not going happen

  21. Lamar definitely hurt himself this year. It’s okay to recognize that Ravens don’t have a solid option behind him; however, he can’t expect an 100% guaranteed contract that Watson got (only because of the Browns making Browns level moves) due to his tendency for injury. He bet on himself this past season and started strong and then played only 12 games. Does someone who plays in only 12 out of 17 (technically 18 with playoffs last year) deserve a highly paid 100% guaranteed contract? I don’t think so unless he chops his pay to maybe 30 million a year. I think he wants both and won’t get both from any reasonable team.

  22. IMHO what IF anything can Goodell do to any team that has a conversation with Jackson’s appointed representative whether their certified or not? Even if Lamar Jackson says OJ Simpson is speaking on his behalf what is the problem? I personally don’t care how much Lamar loses by not using an NFL approved rep through inept negotiating – that’s entirely on him. The problem I have is the goofballs with the NFL & NFLPA getting upset because they’ve potentially been cut out of the dealings and have zero say to include receiving any financial “kickback”.

  23. Will the Shield further require Jackson to hire Drew Rose house, or does it have an alternative “certified” agent for him?

  24. cletusvandam says:
    March 23, 2023 at 6:22 pm
    Lamar Jackson isn’t just a clown show, he is the whole circus

    Popcorn included.

  25. donnymacjack says:
    March 23, 2023 at 6:24 pm
    I get the whole collective bargaining thing but a man should be able to hire any dang person he wants to represent him. Free country.
    The CBA is a binding legal document, also known as a contract. Would you be OK with the owners choosing to operate outside of the contract? Free Country and all…

  26. Will the Shield further require Jackson to hire Drew Rosenhouse, or does it have an alternative “certified” agent for him?

  27. NFL wants to ensure the only people negotiating are agents they know will not ask for anything too crazy contract-wise. Meanwhile, Lamar and other players want to spread the wealth and have Stringer Bell negotiate their contracts.

    I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

    However, people don’t realize that the NFL can dictate the terms. They are a closed shop. They can do what they want. There is no competition. They set the rules.

    Unfortunately, unless something crazy changes, I see Lamar continue to be used as a pawn by the NFLPA, his crew, and probably being out of the league sooner than later. As it stands now, this is setting up to only end with lawsuits.

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