Panthers tout trade to No. 1 as partial justification for price hike

Tennessee Titans v Carolina Panthers
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The Carolina Panthers are increasing their ticket prices. The justification for doing so includes their recent move to the top of the 2023 draft.

Via Erik Spanberg of the Charlotte Business Journal, tickets will increase by an average of $6 per seat per game. Non-premium tickets will average $109 per game.

It amount to an increase of 5.8 percent over 2022.

The Panthers announced the price hike with a letter and video to season-ticket holders. The communication touts, among other things, the recent trade that pushed the Panthers from No. 9 to No. 1 in the draft.

Other selling points include the arrival of new head coach Frank Reich and a very strong group of assistant coaches.

Like everything else, proper price point is a product of supply and demand — along with reality that tickets routinely get resold for an even higher price, especially if the team is good.

18 responses to “Panthers tout trade to No. 1 as partial justification for price hike

  1. And they’ll be lowering the price once the reality of the lame pick that they’ll make shows itself.

  2. The rest of the NFC South Hoping the Panthers draft Stroud (the generic Cam Newton) and not Bryce Young (possibly the next Drew Brees)…

  3. They’ll blow the pick Any way .
    I’m sure they’ll draft an undersized defensive tackle

  4. Still have to pay a coach and trading draft picks doesn’t involve cash but good try though…

  5. I would take 5.8 percent a year….my team was 8.7 percent and in last 10 years is close to double the price. On the bright side, I dont have to stay up late on draft day as they usually pick top 10.

  6. I will always believe that there should be a league rule that teams cannot raise their ticket prices if they had a losing season the season before.

  7. Why is everyone making a big deal about Tepper being there. If they paid attention he has been at every pro day and workouts for the most part years past and how has that worked out for them. Every since Tepper bought the team it has been a clown show. Let the people you hire do their job and if they don’t do it right get rid of them, simple as that.

  8. Tepper doesn’t know how to give us a winning team but he sure does know how to make a dollar. We haven’t had a winning season since he bought the team but this is the second time he has raised prices. The first time was the largest increase EVER. He also bought the parking lot I have parked in for the past 15 plus years. It was $15 then and it went up $15 over the years. Tepper buys it and it goes up $20 over night. I stopped going to every game 2 years ago. I sit in my seats now for the home opener and sell the rest. We have had a different starting QB every year he has owned the team and it looks like another one this year. Now he makes a crazy trade for a crap shoot for a QB. We have become the Browns of the NFC.

  9. Its a better bargain watching it on tv and Tepper can afford the price increases. I can’t.

  10. They already tried to screw the contractors that built their practice facility, so they may as well now try to screw their fans by increasing prices to watch an inferior product. Then again, at least Theilen is cashing in.

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