Report: Ezekiel Elliott deciding between Jets, Bengals, and Eagles

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Earlier on Thursday, free agent running back Ezekiel Elliott posted on Twitter that he’d like to wear No. 15 next year.

Of course, Elliott will need a new team for that. But to this point, there’s been limited reports of interest in him on the open market.

Now, that’s changed.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Elliott is deciding between the Bengals, Jets, and Eagles and wants to choose a team by the end of next week.

The Cowboys released Elliott earlier this month rather than paying him a $10.9 million base salary for 2023 with a cap number of $16.72 million.

A source told PFT earlier this month that the chances of Elliott returning to Dallas were “slim.”

Elliott rushed for 876 yards with 12 touchdowns in 15 games last season and caught 17 passes for 92 yards. It was the first time Elliott, who turns 28 in July, finished a season with fewer than 1,200 yards from scrimmage.

Fortunately for Elliott, the Bengals and Eagles don’t currently have a No. 15 on their roster and the Jets’ No. 15 is quarterback Chris Streveler.

49 responses to “Report: Ezekiel Elliott deciding between Jets, Bengals, and Eagles

  1. The Eagles don’t have a #15 on their roster because the great Steve Van Buren wore it and its retired.

  2. Eagles? Please no! I still remember Demarco Murray sliding to avoid contact in an Eagle uniform. Hopefully it’s just his agent blowing smoke to create a market.

  3. Since he wants his #15 back, the Jets are the only team with a player currently using it. A-Aron might like Zeke’s blocking but who know what he will look like in a new system? He’s got the OSU connection to the Bengals and Burrow. The Eagles might actually be a decent fit. It all depends on what he’s willing to accept contract wise. For $5M and incentives that could take it to $7-10 he would be a good pick-up.

  4. He may be interested in those teams, but are those teams interested in him??

  5. Hope he chooses Jets and they pay insane amount for him only to trade/cut him next year

  6. I hope the Jets get Rodgers and Zeke and OBJ. Too many egos. Playing with fire. Gonna get burned.

  7. I really doubt it that the Eagles are seriously considering him. The Fanbase would have trouble excepting it and it’s not like we really need him. I would be fine with Boston Scott and Penny not to mention Gainwell.

  8. graysobr says:
    March 23, 2023 at 4:01 pm

    The Eagles don’t have a #15 on their roster because the great Steve Van Buren wore it and its retired.


    Zeke don’t care. He never heard of Steve Van Buren. Besides, Zeke says that was way back in the 1900’s. Nobody remembers anybody from the 1900’s. Give me my No.15.

  9. Bungles are a poverty franchise. Good luck taking a school bus to a university practice field!

  10. He might be 27 but with all of those carries his body is more like a 30-32 year old running back.

    The Eagles would allow him to play the Cowboys at least twice a year. The Bengles would bring him back to the state where he played in college and the Jets would be the opportunity to maybe get some marketing money. I don’t have a team out of these three. It would be interesting if he played with Rodgers and Odell in NY but I think it would be more fun to see him play against the Cowboys. Even with all of the carries that he has had he still finds a way to get into the end zone.

  11. He can say that, but it means nothing. His agent will be hard-pressed to find someone who actually wants HIM.

  12. I’d rather see the Bengal’s take a 3rd rounder to replace Perine, but his experience is certainly valuable.

    The Jets are trying to be the new Rams of buying games, so don’t go there, best fit is Philly.

  13. Per Reuben Frank: Former Cowboys have historically never worked out for the Eagles – Orlando Scandrick, Miles Austin, Herschel Walker, Chris Boniol, Felix Jones, DeMarco Murray, Darrin Smith, Kelvin Martin and George Hegamin, to name a few. Stay away Zeke

  14. Hard pass. Eagles don’t need another washed up Cowboys RB that wants to take a year off paid (looking at you DeMarco Murray).

    Howie going to break tendencies and take Bijan Robinson in the draft.

  15. Running back going into his Age 28 season who had 3.8 yards/attempt last season with over 200 carries and under 100 yards receiving on the year in 15 games. He’s not a guy that plays special teams.

    I wouldn’t take him on my roster for the NFL minimum.

  16. If he were a replacement for Perine, I’d be find with him coming to the Bengals, but he’s not going to get paid much. He’s a great blocker and we need that. If he’s in it for a potential ring, he might not mind the pay cut.

  17. Please fly Eagles. Can you imagine old Jerry’s face if Elliott ran for 3 td’s in a game? It would be priceless!!

  18. He shouldn’t even make a roster unless he’s a clear #2, and he wouldn’t be a #1 on any NFL team. He doesn’t contribute in any way that a UDFA couldn’t do on minimum rookie salary.

  19. As some have mentioned here, pairing with Rodgers in NY probably is the best fit. It’s clear he’s lost a step as a runner and avoids contact more than he looks for it now, but he’s still one of the best pass blocking RBs, a capable pass catcher and above average short yardage / goal line back. His biggest issue in Dallas was his oversized contract. That and the fact Pollard is a boss.

  20. As a Bengals fan this is a hard pass for me. Zeke hasn’t been productive with one of the best lines in football. Draft a young RB in the draft and let’s go.

  21. As a Bengals & OSU fan I live Zeke but would rather see if Bijan falls to us in the draft or give some of the younger players we already have a shot. RB is a young man’s game.

  22. jmscooby says:
    March 23, 2023 at 4:35 pm
    The Cowboy fanbase will turn on you if you sign with Philly

    No they won’t. At this point it’s pretty much irrelevant where Zeke goes, he’s not a difference maker any more. Hard to believe he’s still only 27, just turning 28 in July. He already has a 7 year career under his belt. That’s long enough for a feature back, which he was for the first several years. Time to heal up and go enjoy the rest of your life Zeke.

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