Tom Brady becomes a minority owner in the Las Vegas Aces

Connecticut Sky v Las Vegas Aces
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Last year, Tom Brady’s path to unretirement consisted, temporarily, of buying a minority stake in the Dolphins before eventually becoming the team’s quarterback.

This year, the retired seven-time Super Bowl champion has acquired an ownership interest in a team owned by Raiders owner Mark Davis.

Via Logan Reever of in Las Vegas, Davis announced on Thursday that Brady has purchased a piece of the WNBA franchise.

“My love for women’s sports began at a young age when I would tag along to all my older sisters’ games,” Brady said. “They were by far the best athletes in our house! We celebrated their accomplishments together as a family, and they remain a great inspiration to me.”

In 2022, UFC president Dana White claimed that he brokered a deal to bring Brady to the Raiders in 2020, but that former head coach Jon Gruden vetoed it. And while Brady currently is retired — and may believe he’s retired — Brady has shown that he’s willing and able to change his mind, at any time.

At the Scouting Combine, Raiders coach Josh McDaniels told PFT Live that he believes Brady is definitely retired this time. But what if Brady changes his mind? The contract that the team gave to Jimmy Garoppolo wouldn’t prevent the Raiders for signing Brady to a team-friendly deal.

Wouldn’t that be something? Jimmy G, who has notoriously has been offered free sex for life in Sin City, would be getting screwed in a very different way.

28 responses to “Tom Brady becomes a minority owner in the Las Vegas Aces

  1. Brady should totally be Jimmy G’s backup just so Jimmy can say in his deepest voice, “the circle is now complete. when I left you I was but a learner. now I am the master.”

  2. I cannot comprehend how the WNBA is still in existence. I get that the NBA funds it, but still. I have 7 girls, and they all played sports growing up in the 90’s and 00’s…and I have yet to watch a WNBA game. I dont think that any of my daughters have either.

  3. LOL purchasing equity in a franchise that is a part of a league that loses $100 million/year and is fully subsidized by the NBA? Another stupid investment for the GOAT.

  4. MJ, Babe Ruth, and Ali combined at 45 years old didn’t generate as many headlines as Brady. Maybe it’s just the times we’re in, but for a fairly vanilla personality, he sure stirs up a lot of interest.

  5. Anything that Tom invests in must be a sure bet, didn’t he make a fortune from his 1M shares in FTX crypto exchange? Oh wait…

  6. My question is, does the Vegas WNBA owner get any priority in a Vegas NBA team?

  7. I’m guessing this fast tracks him into a possible NBA team in Las Vegas. Wonder how bad the refs will be in those games if it happens.

  8. Brady was never going to play in Miami. Maybe become a Dolphins owner? Sure, but the Buccaneers had his playing rights for one more season and proved that they would have let him retire before trading away those rights.
    You right these articles like him playing in Miami was the plan, but there was no way to make that happe in 2022

  9. “Look at me! Look at me! Am I in the headlines again??”

    Brady triggers all the right people.

  10. Makes no sense to buy a piece of a team that loses money and has to be subsidized by the NBA unless it’s a path to owning a piece of the Raiders or possibly some NBA team.

  11. He should have invested in a soccer team. That’s where the money is but Brady has proven to be a lousy investor after his crypto currency debacle.

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