Competition Committee has no proposals to ban hip-drop tackles

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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After injuries to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Cowboys running back Tony Pollard during the playoffs, questions were raised about whether so-called “hip-drop tackles” should be banned. But it appears that the NFL plans to take no action against the technique.

The NFL Competition Committee has released its rule change proposals for this year, and nothing about hip-drop tackles was included. No team proposed a ban on hip-drop tackles either. It’s possible that the owners could make a rule change on their own, but there’s been no indication that any owners plan to propose such a rule.

Hip-drop tackles, in which the defender grabs the ball carrier from behind and then pulls him down while dropping the tackler’s own body to the ground, was banned by the National Rugby League in Australia because of the injuries it caused. But a rule against the technique in football has been criticized as difficult to define clearly and enforce consistently.

The NFL Players Association came out against any ban, saying it “places defensive players in an impossible position by creating indecision in the mind of any tackling player, puts officials in an unreasonable situation that will result in inconsistent calls on the field, and confuses our fans.”

It appears that that’s the consensus opinion, and no such rule change is coming, at least not this year.

16 responses to “Competition Committee has no proposals to ban hip-drop tackles

  1. It’s a good non rule change. The defender is merely trying to bring the ball carrier to the ground.

    All tackles can injure players, including the Hawk Roll tackle, which is taught by USA football.

    I think the Hip drop tackle would almost be impossible to determine on the field.

  2. I was starting to think defenders would need to levitate in the air to make a tackle!

  3. Or flag football and they can use different color flags to support breast cancer and pride month etc.

  4. If Mahomes had his UCL torn getting hit in the arm in the Super Bowl, you could be there would be talk of rule changes as well. Anyhow, I’m glad NFL not creating a dumb rule because a Cowboys player got hurt in the playoffs.

  5. Uh….please no. I get helmet to helmet, leading with helmet, and horse collar, but this would basically ruin the game.

  6. THey’re too focused on tweaking the replay challenge rules to waste their time on a rule that would actually prevent injuries to their property.

  7. This is another example of the rules committee looking at changing a rule due to an injury to a star player. Lots of hip drop tackles happen where nobody gets injured. Had Pollard and Mahomes not been injured this wouldn’t have even come up.

  8. Why is it all the changes seem to affect the defensive side of the ball. It’s a good thing you didn’t change it because once again, the defense will have to change the way how they play.

  9. Hip Drop tackles are dangerous. Seems like common sense to me to outlaw that kind of tackle.

  10. “Remember that one bizarre injury a few years back” shouldn’t be enough to change the rulebook.

  11. Defensive players are already put at a huge disadvantage. I don’t get the defenseless player rule. Like the DB is supposed to let the receiver catch the ball before he tries to tackle him? Or the helmet to helmet hit when the runner actually lowers his helmet and the defense still gets called for it. (and before I get thumbs down, I do get the safety implications here.) Or when the defensive player brushes the QB and gets called for roughing. Or when the QB runs the ball and no one is allowed to touch him. And I’m a Bills fan with Josh Allen. I get it that the league wants more scoring. But really, why would anyone want to play defense?

  12. I’m glad they don’t want to make this change, if they want to reconsider, maybe they should penalize the runner for fighting too hard. You can’t put it all on the defenders, well i guess you can but its not fair to the defense.

  13. Just wait for the hip hop tackle, when the defender busts a move and the ball carrier can’t control themselves and have to join in , like in the end zone.

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