Given NFL’s plan to flex Thursday night games, maybe Mark Cuban was right, after all

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Mark Cuban may have been right all along.

Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.

That’s what the billionaire and NBA owner said about the NFL, nearly nine years ago to the day.

“I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion,” Cuban said on March 23, 2014. “I’m just telling you, pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they’re getting hoggy. Just watch. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. When you try to take it too far, people turn the other way.”

I dismissed Cuban’s warning at the time. He’s just jealous that the NFL has permanently eclipsed the NBA, I thought. The NFL is too big to ever get slaughtered, I believed. It’s far too popular to implode, I reasoned.

And while my initial reaction still may be right, the NFL is standing at a Rubicon that could eventually lead to the slaughterhouse.

The dramatic acceleration of the league office’s willingness to push owners to permit flexing of late-season Thursday night games makes it hard not to conclude that the NFL’s North Star is the Big Mamoo.

That’s hardly a revelation. We’ve known for decades that the NFL is a for-profit endeavor. That it’s all about making as much money as possible. That football is business but they say “football is family” because it’s good for business to say “football is family.”

This one feels like a bridge too far. The league’s desperation to boost the Amazon streaming experiment by replacing potentially bad late-season Thursday night games with better games from the following Sunday shows no regard for players who will have not one but two short-week games in a given season, no regard for team employees who must alter flight and travel arrangements on the fly, and — perhaps most importantly — no regard for fans who may have long-settled travel plans for either the Thursday night game that gets moved to Sunday, or the Sunday game that gets moved to Thursday night.

The Thursday night flexing, if adopted, would potentially apply in Weeks 14 through 17. In 2023, it will cover eight different dates in the period of December 8 through December 31.

What if a group of fans decides as a holiday excursion to fly to Las Vegas for a late-season Raiders game, set for a Sunday afternoon? What if, as the season goes along, it becomes clear that this will be a pretty good game? What if the NFL and/or Amazon decide the Thursday night game for that week is not good? What if the Raiders game is then picked to move to Thursday, two weeks before kickoff?

Yes, tickets can be resold. Yes, airline tickets can be refunded (or at least swapped for credit that the fans may not use before the credit expires). And, yes, hotel reservations can be canceled. But the experience is gone, and it’s not coming back.

The NFL, if it adopts Thursday night flexing, doesn’t care about this obvious potential inconvenience to fans who attend games. The NFL is prioritizing the entertainment of those who watch on TV (or not TV), in order to generate bigger ratings for the nascent pivot to streaming.

Who knows what the next wave of TV deals will entail? ABC, CBS, Fox, and/or NBC could be replaced by Amazon, YouTube, and/or Netflix. The better Thursday Night Football does on Amazon, the more the NFL will be able to squeeze out of its partners when the next set of deals is negotiated.

That’s what it’s all about. Boosting ratings for this new age of viewing platforms, in order to justify charging higher prices for those companies.

And that’s fine. The purpose of this item isn’t to persuade nine owners to vote against Thursday night flexing. They’re most likely going to do it, if they can engineer a path around the NFL Players Association.

So get ready. And don’t forget.

Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.

Football is family.

Sorry if your family has to scramble to change plans or dump tickets for that game you’ve been waiting for months to attend.

96 responses to “Given NFL’s plan to flex Thursday night games, maybe Mark Cuban was right, after all

  1. This is not a new issue. The fan in the stands is an afterthought to the television audience. That’s been true since they started taking tv timeouts, which are interminable at the stadium.

  2. I hate Thursday night games. Either do a Monday night double header or do a Tuesday night game. Makes more sense.

  3. Thursday night flexing is obviously a horrible thing for the fans and players. However, it is amazingly hypocritical that the same people here who constantly quote Cuban also repeatedly post that they hate the NBA. You simply cannot cannot praise Cuban’s wisdom and at the same time claim that his sport is terrible.

  4. Cuban and his friends also just got a massive-bailout from the SVB incident.

    The NFL probably feels the same way. Too big to fail.

  5. Right now Mark Cuban has his own set of problems. He’s got a league where probably 95% of the refs are corrupt and owned by the gambling companies. Yes, that’s right. The overwhelming majority of NBA refs are on the take. It’s right there out in front for everyone to see every night. Right now Mark is trying to get the team fired that screwed up that game recently. He’s trying to get them all tossed out but he’ll settle for those three.

  6. The NFL needs some fresh thinking. Examples:
    – Get rid of Thursday night games and replace with Tuesday night games.

    -Work with college football to compromisr and have one late night Saturday night NFL game per week.

    – Move the Super Bowl to Saturday, or lobby Congress to make the Monday after a National Holiday.

    – Start the season in August and add 2-3 bye weeks to the season, including a mid-season week off for all teams.

    – Bring back the structure where the top two seeds in each Conference get a bye.

  7. Premier league games get rescheduled all the time. Fans adjust to it — it’s honestly not that big of a deal.

  8. The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  9. Thursday night flex games make absolutely no sense, and I can’t imagine this passing muster with the owners, players or fans. That said, 18 game schedules on 20 week seasons (each team gets two byes) makes a hell of a lot of sense and would probably make the NFL a ton more money than flexing a few Thursday night games late in the season.

  10. Not so bad if you’re flying into Vegas and your game gets flexed, but what if you’ve now got a long weekend to kill in Cincinnati?

  11. The NFL stop caring for the fans once Goodell became Commissioner in 2006. Every since he has become Commissioner, the NFL has been led by the almighty dollar to squeeze as much from the fans in the name of entertainment of a water down sport called football.

  12. It’s getting to a point that only wealthy fans can attend games so if they get screwed, very few main stream fans care

  13. Well said but it won’t change anything. It’s just like the European games which make no logistical sense whatsoever. That will be the final nail in the coffin. When Goodell and his chiefs relocate a team or teams to somewhere in Europe. Then the players will be forced to fly 10 hours or more for a game then have to play on the following Thursday night……don’t laugh. It’s coming, just wait and see. Anyway, as already noted, it’s all about greed. Goodell and the owners will try to make you believe it’s for the fans. LOL

  14. I am not one of the “wah, wah, wah” dudes when it comes to the NFL but this is just an awful idea. If the players have a say (and we all know their union is the weakest) there is not a single chance that they agree to this… they have absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose from this. The NFL already has its 17th game and the 18th will probably be here for the 2024 season. Enough already. But then when it is time for the next rounds of CBA, fans will be attacking the players for being ‘greedy’

  15. I know the NFL has its eyes and ears all over the web. I agree in toto with Mike Florio’s analysis. NFL guy google “Icarus paradox in Greek mythology”. That’s what is next if the league doesn’t step back from this obvious precipice.

  16. For 11 seasons I had season tickets to the Dolphins and would fly from Boston. Then in 2009 I bought a house and stopped with the season tickets. A few years later I got tickets for a chargers game in Miami. I had airplane tickets and accommodations. They simply move that game from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. . But that meant that I could not make my 7:00 p.m. flight home. So I didn’t go, and swallowed the loss. I still have not been to a game in Miami since the ’09 season. It is sad that the NFL tries to go for Max dollars through individual payment. And not by lesser payments but with a broader reach. I was really hoping the Sunday ticket package would be cheaper streaming and that maybe we could pick just one team to follow. Oh well …

  17. If the players don’t like it then they should let the league know. Otherwise, there are too many meaningless games by that time of the season to cause worry over replacing them with something more interesting.

  18. Realize that the topic is flexing Thursday night games – which is a big problem for me as an out of town fan that travels to games – but another contributor to the pig getting fatter is the centralization of supporting services to individual NFL teams that once had their own personality. That includes merchandise management through Fanatics, web site design, etc. Everything is similar – and I for one am much less likely to be a continuing fan of a conglomerate NFL than with the team I grew up following. I continue to be a fan of that specific team, but their unique personality continues to morph further toward a mega NFL experience.

  19. I’ll just continue watching on TV. Won’t spend any money to go to a stadium. If the league crashes and burns, so be it.

  20. Watching preseason football for the first 3-4 weeks of the REGULAR season due in part to the added regular season game is another indication of the “Hog” coming to fruition. A watered down NFL isn’t good for business in the long term unless the fake smile network can continue to get people to believe their hype.

  21. The bottom line is that teams are playing too many games in too small a window of time with rosters that are too small! That’s a major factor in the games stinking. It’s not just Thursdays, it’s Monday night and overseas games. Expand rosters, extend the season and never, ever have another team play multiple games in under a two week period again!

  22. The obvious solution is to book your Vegas trip from a Thurs – Mon. Solved it!

  23. LMAO The NBA is a 3rd tier American sport clearly behind the NFL, College Football, and NCAA Basketball. Maybe they are big in Europe. Thursday night rando NFL games draw about as much as the NBA finals. The World Series outdraws the NFL finals in almost every year. The hogs are guys like Ben Smith and Kyrie Irving shedding fans in city after city. Eventually they can take 82 maintenance days off a year because no one will be watching.

  24. Lets say Bezos buys the Washington team. Late in the season, the Commanders are in the playoff race. Amazon [Bezos] says they want one of the Commanders competitors for a playoff spot to move their game to Thurday night, allowing less time for a star player to recover and be less healthy than they would be on Sunday. Seems like a conflict of interest to me and a clear competitive advantage if a team owner has a hand in moving other team’s games around.

  25. The NBA is a sinking ship so I wouldn’t take Cuban’s words too seriously. The NFL will do what it wants and we will watch it.

  26. dobreshunka says:
    March 24, 2023 at 5:31 pm

    Not so bad if you’re flying into Vegas and your game gets flexed, but what if you’ve now got a long weekend to kill in Cincinnati?


    If you get stuck in Cincinnati there’s always Skyline Chili.

  27. “Premier league games get rescheduled all the time. Fans adjust to it — it’s honestly not that big of a deal.”

    England is the size of Alabama and they have a robust train system. The games are not flexed the week before; they are postponed and shifted as soon as it’s known there will be conflict. This is a poor comparison made with little knowledge of the actual logistics.

  28. Football is family. What you neglected to mention is the families that the statement refers to…are the Kraft family, the Rooney family, the Jones’, etc…

  29. auntbeeishot says:
    March 24, 2023 at 6:01 pm
    Lets say Bezos buys the Washington team. Late in the season, the Commanders are in the playoff race. Amazon [Bezos] says they want one of the Commanders competitors for a playoff spot to move their game to Thurday night, allowing less time for a star player to recover and be less healthy than they would be on Sunday. Seems like a conflict of interest to me and a clear competitive advantage if a team owner has a hand in moving other team’s games around.

    Bezos does not own Amazon. In fact, he holds less than 10% of the company’s stock. He also is not the CEO, having stepped down from that position in July, 2021.

  30. The problem could be solved by the schedule makers being a bit sharper in assigning teams to Thursday night.

    I’m still ripped about sending it over to Amazon. They assume the NFL fan is stupid enough to keep paying more and more and more. I might be the only person who thinks this is a ripoff and I firmly believe what Mark Cuban is saying.

  31. Cuban said the NFL would implode in 2024. How long are we going to give him before we say he had no idea what he was talking about? And how are we defining “implosion”? If he means the League folding, I’m pretty confident that’s not going to happen in the next year, or the next 20 years.

    Or is this going to be one of those predictions where 30 years from now NFL revenues still increase – but increase less than the year before – and people start gloating “He was right! He was right!”

    My guess is that Cuban will get reminded of his statement about this time next year, and rather than admit he was wrong (Never!) he’ll say it’s still going to happen, it’s just that the NFL did this or that that moved it out a couple of years. “Just watch.”

  32. Florio is just now realizing that the NFL doesn’t really care about its fans? Most football fans can’t afford to fly around the country for an experience. Hell, the average fan can’t even afford to attend a game. Never mind that we can’t have the privileged fans being inconvenienced with changes to their flight plans.

  33. sportstfan says:
    March 24, 2023 at 6:03 pm

    The NBA is a sinking ship . . .

    – – – –

    Their true controllers, the People’s Republic of China, is not going to let that happen.

  34. I don’t agree with the league’s position on this but Cuban’s argument would hold More water if the NFL didn’t have record ratings. Also people should not be taking their kids to Vegas anyway so screw ’em.

  35. Watching preseason football for the first 3-4 weeks of the REGULAR season due in part to the added regular season game is another indication of the “Hog” coming to fruition


    Agreed, but that’s on the players, not the league.

  36. “Alex says:
    March 24, 2023 at 5:27 pm

    Premier league games get rescheduled all the time. Fans adjust to it — it’s honestly not that big of a deal.”

    Um, Texas is almost 3 times the size of England. Premier League fans can all drive, take fan charter busses and/or take a quick train ride to the game lol.

    I agree, the NFL is definitely getting fat and pissing off fans, but life will go on for the league. The bigger worry for them is players taking more control. It’s already happening with demanding trades, bigger contracts, not going to the combine, etc, etc.

  37. And NFL teams wonder why they can’t sell season tickets! It’s all about TV folks, screw the fans in the stands

  38. kurtlaughlin says:
    March 24, 2023 at 6:32 pm
    sportstfan says:
    March 24, 2023 at 6:03 pm

    The NBA is a sinking ship . . .

    – – – –

    Their true controllers, the People’s Republic of China, is not going to let that happen.

    Oh great, another China conspiracy theorist. I guess you also believe that TikTok is spying on you. Some day you will realize that politicians are using the China fear to control you.

  39. The Thursday games will be flexed in advance to remove 4-10 vs 5-9 games. They are not going to decide on a flex on a Sunday for the following Thursday.

  40. Starting to like watching baseball more and more now a days. I can actually afford to watch a few games and not just in the nose bleed seats. Plus my game won’t get flexed after I’ve made plans and drove that far to see it.

  41. Simple solution for fans who want to go to Thursday games weeks 14 – 17: Accept the risk, plan ahead for possible changes, and have a plan B and a plan C.

  42. Alex says:
    March 24, 2023 at 5:27 pm

    Premier league games get rescheduled all the time. Fans adjust to it — it’s honestly not that big of a deal.


    As someone who lives over 800 miles from her favorite team, I can assure you that it is a very big deal for those of us who spend hundreds of dollars to travel to see a game.

  43. Two TNF, unless you are in the league opener, is unfair to a team. Can’t the Union object or Mo busy politicking? Simple, every player takes a cut of about$150k per year and get rid of TNF (their share of additional revenue). Funny, never have heard Union or players agree to reduce salary for TNF elimination.

  44. Stepping on the little guy? That’s been going on since a big cave dude looked into another cave and saw a small cave dude. Also might be how Utah was founded. 🙂

  45. Thursday Night football has ruined the game. 90% of Thursday night games are complete garbage. Painful to watch. 3 days to recover and travel is just not enough.

  46. One aspect that is at odds with these last second schedule changes are the local neighborhoods (as these stadiums are typically located in commercial/industrial areas). These changes then impact people who work and live in these areas by increases in traffic and reduction in available parking.

  47. The NFL made their Commissioner one of them: A Billionaire.
    So, when do we actually think Goodell is going to listen or even care about players? The rookie hug? They get to hug a billionaire. Unique experience.

  48. Oh the irony. Fans that seek out everything that PFT writes about the nfl, telling PFT that football is dying. You people have no idea that you wrote one thing but keep the nfl alive all the while.

  49. The initial sales pitch for TNF was that each team, no matter how bad, would get a prime time night game. Get ready for more Chiefs, Cowboys, Steelers crammed down you throats.

  50. I haven’t researched, but I bet it’s right around nine years ago, to the day, the NFL told Cuban he’s never going to be an NFL owner.

  51. We all know 90% of the fans will be all for this. If Cuban had an NFL franchise he’d be all for it too.
    The fans will adjust as long as they are aware of it. Of course there will be a few who don’t agree.

  52. It’s anecdotal but I know more people now that don’t watch the nfl anymore than I’ve ever known at any point in my life. I know I’m in the minority but because of them constantly adding more games and watering down the product and making awful rule changes I just watch my team play and that’s it.

  53. Everybody complains … but NFL TV ratings keep going up. Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Europe, Mexico, whatever. When ratings decline for 3-4 years in a row, that’s a trend, the owners will panic. That hasn’t happened yet

  54. Cuban should know. The NBA went to slaughter when they sold out the sport to make entertainment (circa Jordan). The NBA tried to recoup their losses and made a deal with the devil. Goodell has been making inroads in Europe for the day when middle class Americans abandon the NFL.

  55. Never let facts get in the way of a bad cold take. 16 NFL teams had 99% or higher attendance in 2022. 24 at 96% and 31 at 92%. DC was a joke owned by a pig and they still had 85.9%. Now lets talk NBA. 12 teams at 99%, 19 at 96%, 8 teams below 92%, and 5 teams below 90%. The last time I went to an NBA game was in 2008 after the Phillies parade because they were giving away 10 dollar seats from the bottom to the top. The last time I went to an NFL game was 2022.

  56. The NFL is Growing & doing great. The complaints here are really about how impactful changes to scheduling can be for everyone. So what? Thursday night gets a great contest for our entertainment. Putting the best product together is more important in the long term. That’s capitalism. I love TNF. I’m a huge fan of Sunday Night, MNF and the few times where Saturday has games. Holiday games are a must. Heck, more is better. Sorry everyone.

  57. Premier league games get rescheduled all the time. Fans adjust to it — it’s honestly not that big of a deal.
    Premier League…good one. This isn’t Ted Lasso. Nobody cares about guys who have no hands, say nil all the time because no one ever scores, and flop like they’ve been shot if someone looks at them. If a premier league game gets flexed and nobody is there to see it, did it really happen?

  58. Why worship Mark Cuban? The NFL is flawed for sure but using him as a prop that is supposedly more clever than average NFL officials and owners is reaching.

  59. The cost of everything that surrounds attending a game is what kills you: food, parking, etc. Ticket prices, even to games late in the season, can eat up the $. I was going to go see Steelers-Panthers week before Xmas, w/ both teams wallowing toward .500. An hr before game, decent tix were still $300-400. Crazy.

  60. It’s a love-hate relationship.

    Love the Bills, hate the NFL. If the Bills ever left Buffalo, I’d be able to count on one hand with fingers to spare, the number of games I’d watch per season. I don’t watch the Super Bowl unless the teams intrigue me, it’s not produced for football fans.

  61. I think it’s half right frankly that the NFL has permanently replaced the NBA. I’m not much of a fan of most of the culture around the NBA because the sports marketing in general landers more to tweens and teens and I don’t care about that stupid demographic- Steph Curry for example is probably ten times more popular than any NFL player combined. The NBA has true world wide superstars

  62. TNF games are bad largely because they are on Thursday. Players rarely perform well on three days rest. Flexing good games to TNF will only make those into poorly played games. And the bad game they replaced will still be bad on Sunday.

  63. Outstanding post. People spend a lot of money on trips to follow their teams. This would screw that all up

  64. If the NFL get slaughtered, it’s not going to be because of this. It’s going to be because the quality of the product. It’s just not the same. A joke of a preseason. Practice is a joke. You can’t hit any more. Officiating is terrible. Some rules are just ridiculous. Half the season is straight garbage as guys get in the shape they used to be in by September. Players sit out if they have a paper cut. That’s what will kill the golden goose.

  65. The in person stadium experience has already been terrible for many years and has only gotten worse. I quit going to games in the 90s and have zero regrets. Watching at home is the way to go.

  66. I already hate Thursday Night Football. The players hate it too. This is absolutely correct. A fairly large percentage of attendees are in town for a long weekend. Looking forward to your ‘big weekend’ only to have the game moved last minute and ruining your plans (and potentially losing you money) would be awful.

  67. The viewership numbers are tainted. Most bars and restaurants can report max capacity for their establishment even if there are only four people watching. In a time where cord cutters is at an all time high don’t believe what the NFL is reporting.

  68. I had season tix for Browns years ago . About $5,500 a yr for two seats. Dropped out when covid came. Just called about re-upping. Stadium sold out. They offered a package I could buy called “field seats” for $32,000.00 for two seats. Thanks I can remodel my den get a nice couch and a big TV and speakers with that…basically build my own climate control stadium at home just for me. They are obviously not hogs yet they can sell out stadiums but they are big pigs.

  69. You nailed it..If you have a beautiful wife but she wants cosmetic surgery, then another and another it goes bad. Now you have a fake plastic wife who was perfect b4 surgery. The NFL was PERFECT 20 yrs ago. Now it’s getting ridiculous. Player salaries make sure you have 3 guys eating 40% of your cap
    Ticket prices rise yearly.
    If you land on a QB’s 15 yards.
    Last but not least..there 4 dominant teams a year..20 average teams. 8 horrible parity.

  70. Looking at this from the UK where football fixtures aren’t confirmed until 1 month before so that tv games can be decided on later I don’t quite get why the prime time games for weeks 14-18 aren’t just decided later in the season. At week 8/10 pick the week 14 games and carry on through the year. It’s still 4/6 weeks to book everything for a fan and because it was never confirmed there aren’t any plans to move around.

  71. Ditch Thursday night games and move them to Saturday night. The NCAA mostly does their high profile games during the day, so they wouldn’t be hurting the NCAA much. Plus, players and coaches hate Thursday night games due to the quick turnaround. Saturday night games give them more time to prepare, which usually leads to a better product.

  72. You B. Crazy says:
    March 25, 2023 at 2:03 pm

    Ditch Thursday night games and move them to Saturday night. The NCAA mostly does their high profile games during the day, so they wouldn’t be hurting the NCAA much.

    Nope. To get the anti-trust exemption from Congress the NFL had to agree to steer clear of traditional NCAA and high school football periods, so no Friday, no Saturday, games during the amateur’s regular season.

  73. The greed factor of the owners is leading the league into a slow slope of decline. Thursday nite games need to be abandon. It’s not good for player safety and it’s over saturation of the game to the masses.

    Monday and Sunday games with two games on Thanksgiving should be the format for the regular season.

    Playoffs are fine when you have games on Saturday & Sunday..the way they have it now.

  74. I believe the NFL is peaking and has been for a while and will drop but not because of Thursday night games. Involving themselves in politics and forcing their way into Europe are going to be the end of them.

  75. I love Football… I coach Football..

    I don’t make a dime coaching the game.
    Nobody loves football more than me…

    Thursday night games are an ATROCITY.

    Forget flexing… thats insanity…just any Thursday night game. These guys aren’t 13 year olds… Ypubcan get ready to playbanFootball game on 3 days rest.

  76. The owners are too stupid to realize that Flexing games won’t get you a better product…

    The games stink because these players are beat up

  77. When Cuban first said that, my first thought was that he would eventually be proven right. It could happen.

  78. There will still be something better to watch than on Thursdays than NFL. Those games are always horrible, unless my lowly Panthers are on. I watch the score from my phone. If it is interesting, I may care to watch, in the 4th.

  79. It has gotten to the point where only fools buy season tickets. First the NFL rewarded their season ticket holder’s loyalty with money grabbing PSL’s just for the privilege to keep those season tickets. Then they introduced a flex schedule for national tv broadcasts…and then Monday Night Football….and now tossing in Thursday Night surprises. The NFL has become a rich man’s plaything. The inconveniences and impacts on the lives of the working class ticket holders mean nothing. Mark Cuban is right. This hog needs to be slaughtered. Football should not be a game that only the wealthy can attend.

  80. I think its a bit of a stretch saying this is bad for the game or league or whatever you’re saying. Personally, I would much rather watch a meaningful game on Thursday night late in the season as opposed to a game that has a total of 6 wins between the two teams. It will suck for the handful of people who have been planning a trip to watch the game on a Thursday just to have it flexed to a Sunday, but they’ll get over it.. Big picture though, I would think this is a good thing for the league. They might piss off a small group of people but the numbers in that group pale in comparison to the number of people who will be tuning in to watch a meaningful game who otherwise would simply find something else to watch.

  81. Some comments on here about the Premier League and how because we in England is a smaller country this somehow makes it better/OK. Fans of the PL in the UK absolutely hate games being moved, and the points are surely similar – travel has been booked, possibly hotels, other things moved around this, like meeting with friends. Some train lines and hotels do not allow cancellations here (in lieu of cheaper tickets), so the money is lost. The difference between a Saturday 3pm (traditional football kick off in the UK) and the same time 24 hours later are stark in terms of travel options. There’s commonly a quarter timetable on Sundays on the railway – and with work the next day sometimes fans are not getting back until late Sunday evening. Its still a 8 hour drive to get from north to south England…. Its simply greed and pandering to TV fans rather then real fans who go to games. I don’t see how it being a different sport changes things here, bottom line is fans are being disadvantaged.

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