Elijah Moore: I’ve been studying Amari Cooper since I was young, excited to play with him

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New Browns receiver Elijah Moore says that as a student of the receiving position, there’s been no better teacher than his new teammate Amari Cooper.

The 22-year-old Moore says he’s been watching the 28-year-old Cooper for many years and has always looked up to him. After the Jets traded Moore to the Browns this week, they’re teammates.

“I heard about [Cooper] when I was young,” Moore said, via Chris Easterling of the Akron Beacon Journal. “So hearing him do his thing as far as how he moves and just his dedication to football is how we’re built over there. So major respect.”

Moore said he takes pride in running good routes and has learned that in part by watching Cooper.

“My strengths, I feel like I’m a route runner, so wherever they need me, I can do it,” Moore said. “That’s why I feel like I can go outside and in. I’ve been practicing this since I was 15 years old. This is something I try to craft on, this something I hold as you would say Coop holds. He’s known for being a route runner. I’ve been studying Coop since I was little.”

Moore fell out of favor with the Jets last season, but he says he’s confident he’s going to be on the same page with everyone in Cleveland.

“Yeah, man, I’m super excited to play the role that they want me to play,” Moore said. “Talking with the coaches and everything, I feel like we on the same page. I’m just grateful to be here.”

If Moore can emulate Cooper, Cleveland will be glad to have him.

8 responses to “Elijah Moore: I’ve been studying Amari Cooper since I was young, excited to play with him

  1. Browns are building a respectable receiving corps, but their success will be dependent upon Watson returning to form.

  2. Cleveland is really good at collecting selfish/me players who are not as good as they think.

  3. He lost focus with terribleQB play, acted immature during a 5 game winning streak, and had some head scrathing plays at the end of the season where he dropped easy passes and inexplicably didnt get his feet down in bounds. Showed great ceiling in his rookie yr, but the coaching staff was done after his antics last yr. I’d like to see how he does with an actual NFL qb throwing him the ball instead of z wilson and the coordinator ignoring his existence. Never understood why every play they called for brian berrios was not for Elijah instead.

  4. Good young potential with speed to burn…Jets are still screwed up in the front office but they got their coach right…

  5. Since he was young? He thinks he’s “old” at 22? And Cooper is only 6 years older.

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