Pat McAfee thought pre-lawsuit letters from Brett Favre’s lawyers were “fake”

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Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre has sued three different people, so far, for defamation arising from comments made regarding Favre’s role in a Mississippi welfare-fund controversy.

One of them thought the letters sent by Favre’s lawyers before the case was filed were a joke.

“Honestly, I was like, ‘Oh, this has gotta be fake,’” former NFL punter and current broadcaster Pat McAfee recently told A.J. Perez of “I thought it was like [WWE commentator] Michael Cole or maybe [former NFL kicker Adam] Vinatieri. There are humans in my life who would certainly go through a lot of things just to be like, ‘Oh, I got you.’ I thought it was a rib. . . . But I guess this is real life. It’s part of my life now, you know?”

Indeed it is. McAfee officially removed the case against him from state court to federal court on Friday.

In the letters sent before the case was filed, Favre’s lawyers demanded that McAfee retract his comments and apologize to Favre. Favre’s lawyers also wanted any episodes mentioning Favre to be expunged.

McAfee, once he realized the letters were legitimate, declined to do so.

McAfee told Perez that 50 different lawyers offered to represent him. He eventually hired the firm of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, which has more than 600 lawyers in 10 offices in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and D.C.

The fight eventually will play out with Favre being questioned under oath in a deposition, and with McAfee also being interrogated under oath. There will be other efforts to delve into McAfee’s comments about Favre and, most importantly, whether the comments were true.

McAfee’s lawyers also will explore all aspects of Favre’s reputation before McAfee made his statements, since damages are determined by comparing his reputation before the alleged defamation and after it.

It could be protracted, and if so it will be expensive. Barring a settlement or a dismissal, it will eventually play out in court. While every court has its own timeline, it would make sense for now to expect a potential trial within the next twelve to eighteen months.

27 responses to “Pat McAfee thought pre-lawsuit letters from Brett Favre’s lawyers were “fake”

  1. Brett, if this ever goes to trial it will be must watch TV. Not a good look for you buddy.

  2. Favre is an idiot. He’s been a longtime public personality. Practically anything he does, good or bad, will be reported on. He just doesn’t want the “bad” stuff out there. It seems to me he’s dangerously trying to trample on McAfee’s free speech rights. He wants shows with any mention of his name to be removed? Seriously? Good luck with that.

  3. Feel like those of us in North East Wisconsin knew Brett was kind of a scummy dude already. People kept it quiet because the super bowl win was fairly fresh. Good luck to Pat.

  4. Yeah, the guys who has allegedly multiple times been to rehab for drinking issues, who tried to hook up with a couple of massage therapists from the Jets and sent Jen Sterger some dong pics – all while married to Deanna. yeah, that’s the guy filing a defamation suit?

    Allegedly, a complete garbage bag human.

  5. I am trying to comprehend the level of alpha-male entitlement that assumes a letter warning legal action is just a prank by one of his bros.

  6. If I’m Brett Favre, there’s now way I even think about filing this suit until the federal investigation has concluded and my name cleared. If he’s indicted for illegally using welfare funds there’s no way he wins a lawsuit like this. He’s putting the cart before the horse.

  7. Mr. Favre is going to take this clown to the bank. Maybe his lawyer will give him a deal when he has to file for bankruptcy next.

  8. The scum bag lasers are the only ones who will win. Favre and Macafee will be lighter on the wallet no matter who wins on the end.

  9. They lawsuit might not be fake.. but it sure is a joke haha… McAfee is gonna have content for a year, his lawyers are gonna get a fat paycheck from the Favre family.. and Brett is gonna look like a fool when it’s thrown out of court with an order to pay all court and lawyer fee’s…. karma comes for everyone.

  10. Imagine the resources of a 600 lawyer firm versus the yokel Favre hired.

  11. “Allegedly, a complete garbage bag human.”

    Ha! This is a pretty solid thread overall.

  12. The only way McAfee loses is if the judge is some cheese-head fanboi. Because any rational person would know that Favre’s reputation has been garbage for years.

  13. Be funny if Favre is found innocent of the charges. It will be cha and ching all over the place for him.

  14. Know people who worked on the Wrangler commercials. He is the scumbag you think he is. Probably worse than you think.

  15. I’m not going to defend what Favre may or may not have done,… but the point of the lawsuit is what these guys said on air. I thought what Sharpe said was the worst of it. You can’t say that. They had Favre guilty without a doubt and carried on like a gang fight 2 on 1. Some pretty rough stuff said in that podcast. Let the man have his day in court. Until then,.. I think there’s some validity to Favres suit. I’m not sure which way it goes though.

  16. Settlement is easiest solution for all. “If I offended… I apologize” Both sides claim victory. Alternative is a HUGE paid day… For the lawyers.

  17. If Brett Favre doesn’t stop digging his own grave…

    He is going to hit lava soon.

  18. Favre can still be criminally charged. McAfee’s lawyers should notice his deposition ASAP and force him to decide whether to plead the Fifth in the civil case.

  19. Favre’s reputation before this included sending junk shots and texts to a team employee while married. What’s his lawyer going to argue, now people think he’s a giant scumbag instead of a run of the mill kind?

  20. Lots of athletes and celebrities get involved in business deals that they barely investigate. They get paid by some group to stick their name on it. Very common. Look what’s going on now with Russell Wilson and his “foundation”. Brett could be a crook or just a clueless ex athlete who didn’t look into anything. But this case is about a media guy with a very broad reach blatantly accusing him of crap that he himself didn’t look into, he just went for quick laughs and clicks. If Brett really did something crooked, by all means rip him, but Pat possibly jumped the gun. Podcasts today are legitimate media platforms and need to act responsible, or there’ll be consequences.

  21. There is no way that this case will be ready for trial in twelve to eighteen months. The amount of written discovery and depositions that will be needed make that timeline unrealistic. There is also the probable summary judgement motion from McAfee’s team that will have to be decided. Additionally, there is the mandatory settlement process to go through.

  22. Many many many years ago Favre had the football worlds respect …..not anymore. Say his name to anyone and they think of him as crooked person. Your reputation is EVERYTHING

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